No-Gi Takedowns – The Best DVDs and Digital Instructionals

The best no gi takedowns dvds and digital instructionals
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Takedowns are a challenging part of BJJ, if not the most challenging. And, No-Gi takedowns are even more demanding. Of course, in BJJ terms, that just means that you absolutely have to learn how to do them. that, though, is no easy task. You will have to look not just into wrestling, but also Judo and Sambo modifications in order to really build a solid BJJ takedowns game without the Gi. Let us make that easier for you with our comprehensive BJJ No-Gi takedowns DVD instructionals collection. 

IN terms of No-Gi takedowns DVD instructionals, you will find plenty of options., However, finding ones that will help you integrate what you learn into your game, especially in terms of BJJ rulesets is a bit more challenging. That is why you need to be careful when you’re picking your learning sources. Better yet, only go for proven instructors and their work, as well as proven DVD instructionals that have helped others. The following list is exactly that!

The Best No-Gi Takedowns DVD Instructionals Collection

When it comes to No-Gi takedowns for BJJ, you need to understand the levels and angles that make everything possible. Seems simple when you read about it, and even simpler when you watch people do it. When it comes to executing them, though, suddenly it seems like you know nothing. So, first things first: grips.

When it comes to No-Gi takedowns, you need a proven grip combination to set everything up. Your best bets are underhooks, collar ties and wrist grips, or any combination of the above. Unless you achieve this, you’ll have limited success with No-Gi takedowns in BJJ.

Then we can talk about levels. In that sense, you have two major options – get the legs or go for the head. The first one works via ankle picks, single and double leg takedowns, and the high crotch. OF course, there are also some trips that work very well.

Going for the head, on the other hand, means trying to get a headlock, and launch attacks from there. Whether you’ll do snap downs pulling folks into turtle, or go for cradle takedowns is all a matter of choice after you establish a headlock.

Finally, there are angles to consider. Getting from the grips to the actual takedown is where the art of takedowns without a gi lie. Arm drags, duck unders and Russian ties are the perfect examples of how you can get to the legs, to a rear bodylock or a headlock, and then launch your takedown attacks. Note that everything written in this section is going to be present all throughout our best No-Gi takedown DVD instructionals.

The Top Ten 

Kicking things off are the top options that you have when it comes to throwing people around without a Gi. As I said, it all sounds really simple, until you need to put it into practice. That is where these DVDs will come in helpful.

1. No Gi Takedown Fundamentals by Andre Galvao

No-Gi-Takedown-Fundamentals-by-Andre-GalvaoAndre Galvao has been in ADCC uprights for the past few editions of the tournament. That means that since he won the absolute, nobody has been able to beat him in a super fight. Given how much of ADCC success is based on No-Gi takedowns, it is no wonder that he has one of the best instructionals on the subject. His four-volume instructional will take you through everything, from movement to setups and finishes.

2. High Level Takedowns and Mat Control for Grapplers by Henry Cejudo

Henry Cejudo DVD Review - High Level takedowns Adn Mat Control For grapplersCejudo is one of the best wrestlers to ever step in the octagon. He has a very unique style of wrestling but is also one of the best at explaining how wrestling actually works. In fact, it takes him 8 volumes to cover every aspect of his style in this No-Gi takedowns DVD. In it, you’ll find not just ways of taking people down, but also pins and some associated mat work that will make all your standing efforts count.

3. Mastering No Gi Takedowns by Travis Stevens

Mastering-No-Gi-Takedowns-by-Travis-StevensTravis Stevens, the Danaher black belt Olympic Judo medalist is probably one of the utmost authorities on takedowns for grappling. His No-Gi system is understandably Judo-based, but it has been modified to fit the needs of BJJ to perfection. Four volumes of Ronda Rousey level setups and throwing techniques that will get anyone to the ground.

4. Wrestling Fundamentals From The Bad Guy by Chael Sonnen

Chael Sonnen Wrestling Fundamentals DVDThe “Bad Boy” of MMA, Chael Sonnen is actually an awesome teacher, as he demonstrates yet again in this incredible No-Gi Takedowns DVD. In it, he shares the fundamentals of wrestling in a way that everyone, from novice to expert will understand and pick up on something new. Simply put, you’ll become as effective on the mat as he was in the octagon, if not more.

5. Ultimate Askren Wrestling by Ben Askren

Ultimate Wrestling Ben ASkren DVDThe man with the wrestling plan! Askren is the “creator” of the so-called funk wrestling style, a way of wrestling that had the highest level wrestlers confused as to what is going on. Since Askren was training mainly for MMA, his system is applicable to combat sports all over, including BJJ. An 8-part instructional that will teach you everything you’ll ever need about takedowns that work with and without a GI.

6. Defending No Gi Takedowns by Nick Rodriguez

Defending-No-Gi-Takedowns-by-Nick-RodriguezNick Rodriguez is one of Danaher’s secret weapons, or better said, was. HE really did come in like a wrecking ball at the 2019 ADCC, throwing around and beating seasoned black belts even though he was only a blue belt at the time. With a solid wrestling background and training every day with Gordon Ryan and tall the other beasts in the DDS, you can rest assured, this instructional will be more than worth your time, especially given that it will teach you how to resist being taken down.

7. The Pillars Clinch and Takedowns by Stephen Whittier

Stephen Whittier DVD Review Pillars Clinch And Takedowns 6 Part InstructionalWhittier is a Mat Thornton black belt, and one of the best instructors around. He won’t teach you moves, but rather teach you how and why they work. Conversely, he is one of the rare few that can conceptually teach takedowns. In his crazy 6-part instructional he focuses on how the clinch works for No-Gi BJJ and all the various ways in which you can take people down with it.

8. The 2 on 1 Encyclopedia by Georgi Ivanov

Georgi Ivanov DVD Review: "The 2 on 1 Encyclopedia"Let’s look at eastern Europe a bit. After all, some of the best wrestlers originate from there. Georgi Ivanov, a Bulgarian wrestling star, dissects the 2-on-1 position, AKA the Russian Tie. As I said before it is one of the absolute best positions to use for setting takedowns up, especially without a Gi. In other words, this No-Gi takedowns DVD is a must for anyone looking to avoid pulling guard in BJJ.

9. The Georgian Takedown System by Vladimer Khinchegashvili

The-Georgian-Takedown-System-by-Vladimer-KhinchegashviliStill in Eastern Europe, we’re looking at Georgia now, and a local wrestling style that is tailor-made for Jiu-Jitsu. It is fast, aggressive, based on tactical gripping and proven at the Olympic level. IN the four volumes of this instructional, Khinchegashvili shares some of the biggest secrets of Russian-style wrestling.

10. Slick Setups and Fundamental Finishes by Nahshon Garrett

Slick-Setups-and-Fundamental-Finishes-by-Nahshon-GarrettWrapping up the top ten we have the Nahshon Garett instructional that focuses on tying together setups and finishes. this is arguably the toughest aspect of No-Gi takedowns to master, and Garett has a great formula to solve it.

List Of Every No-Gi Takedowns DVD Instructional Out There

Following our top ten picks that offer everything, from fundamental positioning and gripping for beginners to the secrets of the most notorious wrestlers in the world for advanced grapplers, we go into a list of all other No-Gi takedowns DVD instructionals that are more than worth exploring when building a standup plan for grappling.

1. The Front Headlock System by John Danaher

Best BJJ DVD 2018 Danaher Front headlocksThe front headlock is integral to No-Gi takedowns, which means Danaher has a DVD out on the subject. his take on the front headlock goes beyond just guillotine chokes and shows an entire system you can use when standing.

  1. 2. Shoot To Kill: Wrestle, Scramble, Submit by Garry Tonon“Shoot To Kill: Wrestle, Scramble, Submit” Garry Tonon DVD Review
  2. Gary Tonon has a really good instructional on the subject of taking people down – wrestle, scramble, submit. As we all know, it works like a charm at the highest levels of grappling for him. Now, it can do the same for you.

  3. 4. Takedown Dominance by Andre GalvaoTakedown-Dominance-by-Andre-Galvao
  4. Another Andre Galvao DVD, this time going deeper in the world of No-Gi takedowns. This time, Galvao moves past the fundamentals to teach you how to be dominant from the first set of grips, until the opponent hits the ground.

  5. 5. No Gi Judo For Grapplers by Satoshi IshiiReview Of The "No Gi Judo For Grapplers" Satoshi Ishii DVD Instructional
  6. Satoshi Ishii is one of the best Japanese wrestlers as proven over and over again in MMA, grappling, and anything else you can think of. If you want to know how he approaches taking folks down, this two-part instructional will teach you all his signature moves.

  7. 6. The No Gi Judo Collection Digital+Download by Matt D’AquinoThe No Gi Judo Collection by Matt D'Aquino
  8. Matt D’Aquino is another top-level Judoka who knows a thing or two about throwing people around. His 6 part system of modules has everything organized in a way that no other No-Gi takedowns DVD out there offers. Fit for all levels.

  9. 7. Takedowns to Back Control by Nick RodriguezNick Rodriguez DVD Takedowns To Back Control
  10. Nick Rodgriguez once again offers his standing game secrets, this time in the sense of taking people down and going straight for the back.

  11. 8. No Gi Takedowns Made Easy by Rick HawnNo-Gi-Takedowns-Made-Easy-by-Rick-Hawn
  12. No-Gi takedowns can be easy, if you listen to Rick Hawn. He really has a way of breaking things down in a simple manner that will teach you takedowns in a matter of weeks.

  13. 9. Upper Body Takedowns For Grappling by Adam WheelerUpper Body Takedowns by adam wheelerAdam Wheeler’s upper body takedowns instructional is one of the best I’ve seen on the subject of takedowns for BJJ and I can’t recommend it highly enough!

  14. 10. Russian Grappling Hacks by Rustam ChsievRussian-Grappling-Hacks-by-Rustam-Chsiev

    Rustam teaches some high-level Russian hacks that will not only help your takedowns but also your submission game.

  15. 11. Secure BJJ Takedowns by Joao AssisSecure-BJJ-Takedowns-by-Joao-Assis
  16. A No-Gi takedown DVD that offers an insight into how to use body locks to win every standing exchange, even if it is a scramble.

  17. 12. Wrestling For BJJ by Hudson TaylorWrestling for BJJ DVD Hudson Taylor
  18. A DVD that has helped me personally a lot with wrestling for BJJ. Goes way past just takedowns, offering interesting ways of controlling people after you get the fight to the ground.

  19. 13. Dynamic Wrestling Takedowns For BJJ by J’Den Coxdynamic-wrestling-takedowns-for-bjj-by-j'den-cox
  20. This is one an approach to No-Gi takedowns fit for people that like to move around a lot when they grapple. Very effective!

  21. 14. Defense Wins Championships by Kyle DakeDefense-Wins-Championships-by-Kyle-DakeThere’s no point in taking people down if you can’t stay up on your feet. This defensive No-Gi takedowns DVD will teach you not only defense but also counter moves that turn into takedowns of your own.

  22. 15. The Russian Tie Formula by Dan VallimontBest Wrestling DVD Instructionals 2019 Russian tie Formula DVD
  23. Another volume covering the Russian tie and how you can utilize it to set up attacks and control people with ease.

  24. 16. Magic Mat Work by Hudson TaylorBest Wrestling DVD Instructionals 2019 Magic Mat Work DVD
  25. Hudson Taylor’s work again, this time covering what to do after you take people down so that they don’t get straight back up.

  26. 17. Gold Medal Wrestling by Henry CejudoBest Wrestling DVD Instructionals 2019 Gold Medal Wrestling DVD
  27. In this instructional, Henry Cejudo expands on his fundamentals DVD and goes into some higher gear, Olympic-level stuff.

  28. 18. Scientific Shots by Ed RuthAn In Depth Scientific Shots Ed Ruth DVD Review
  29. Ed Ruth turns wrestling into science with this instructional, offering some crazy concepts and principles that make takedowns tick.

  30. 19. The Single Leg Takedown by Jimmy SheptockThe-Single-Leg-Takedown-by-Jimmy-Sheptock
  31. A very in-depth study of the single-leg takedown, from fundamentals all the way to chain wrestling combinations.

  32. 20. Wrestling Entries for Grapplers by Kody SteeleWrestling-Entries-for-Grapplers-by-Kody-Steele
  33. Between getting grips and entering into a takedown, you have the whole world of wrestling. Kode Steele bring things into focus with this great release!

  34. 21. Judo Takedowns For No Gi by Valdir AraujoJudo-Takedowns-For-No-Gi-by-Valdir-Araujo
  35. More Judo takedowns modified for No-gi grappling. A four-part instructional by the highly experienced Valdir Araujo.

  36. 22. The Basic Building Blocks Of Wrestling by Jacob HarmanThe-Basic-Building-Blocks-Of-Wrestling-by-Jacob-Harman
  37. Fundamentals of wrestling. Learn how to wrestle from the very first things like stance, all the way to stringing takedowns together.

  38. 23.The Pressure Factory: Using Pressure Principles To Score Takedowns by Jacob Harman Using-Pressure-Principles-To-Score-Takedowns-by-Jacob-Harman
  39. Unusual, probably a little bit out there but effective none the less. Once you understand where to put pressure on the body, you’ll gain more than enough control to get someone to the ground.

  40. 24. Takedown to Breakdown by Ethan LizakTakedown-to-Breakdown-by-Ethan-LizakBreaking down takedowns is never easy unless you have access to the secret ways of achieving it.

  1.  25. World Championship Takedowns by Logan StieberWorld-Championship-Takedowns-by-Logan-Stieber
  2. Whether you end up winning the worlds with this set of No-Gi takedowns or not, your takedowns will end up being world-champion level.

  3. 26. Highlight Reel Takedowns by Reece HumphreyHighlight-Reel-Takedowns-by-Reece-Humphrey
  4. The takedowns in this one are so good, they’ll have people looking your way at both the gym and tournaments.

  5. 27. THE TAKEDOWN PASSPORT BY BEKZOD ABDURAKHMINOVBest Wrestling DVD Instructionals 2019 The Takedowns Passport DVD
  6. More Russian-style grappling hacks coming in the form of the methods and strategies that earned “The Uzbek Assasin” an Olympic medal.

  7. 28. The Takedown Playbook by Daniel DeShazerThe-Takedown-Playbook-by-Daniel-DeShazer
  8. Four volumes of playful techniques that range across all levels of takedowns. This is one No-Gi takedowns DVD instructional you must not miss out on!

  9. 29. Mastering Takedowns With Motion by Shelton MackMastering-Takedowns-With-Motion-by-Shelton-Mack
  10. A key aspect of getting anything while standing is the way you move to set up and finish. That is exactly what you’ll master with the help of this four-volume instructional by Shelton Mack. Click Here

In Conclusion

It is not hard finding No-Gi takedown DVD instructionals. It is far more difficult to find ones that can actually help you learn and retain knowledge. Even more challenging is teaching you in a way that you can put to practice after just several attempts. While drilling takedowns is a must, regardless of how well you know them, learning all the hacks and secrets associated with them is only possible through digital instructionals.

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