Best MMA Shin Guards 2020 Guide And Reviews

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If you’ve never given or received a leg kick, this article is not for you. If you had the displeasure of having gone through such an experience, then you know the value of shin guards. Moreover, you’re aware that nothing but the best MMA shin guards can do the job. Even then you’ll feel the kicks and checks, but you’ll have enough protection. And protection is the only way to be able to do it for a lifetime. Oh and something else. if you’re just starting MMA and you’ve got amateur fights coming up, you’re going to kneed shin guards in the octagon as well. You might as well get the beery best. 

In all my years of martial arts, which is currently 27 years and counting, there’s nothing that comes even close to leg kicks. There are a few moments with leg kicks that stand out to everyone. the first one is the very first time you get one right. Hitting a bag or a pad makes you realize how powerful they are. Next, is the first time you receive one in training. That’s the first time you truly begin to give leg kicks their due respect. Finally, there’s the first moment you check a leg kick in sparring. It is a whole different world of pain, particularly if your shins are not conditioned. The answer is easy – get shin guards. Training MMA without the best MMA shin guards on is next to insane. So be smart about it and follow our guide.

Shin Guard Shopping 101

If you’ve never shopped for a shin guard, you’re going to need to understand the basic characteristics you’re looking for. On that note, do not confuse shin guards with gloves, because there’s a huge difference. When you’re looking for the best MMA shin guards for you, getting the first pair you get your hands on might prove to be the wrong decision.

The one most important thing to understand about shin guards is impact absorption. After all, their one role is to protect the bones in your leg. Not a small order of business. In terms of padding, there are a few options. Foam can be layered in a single or multiple layers, to begin with. Single layers are weaker than double-layered foam pads. Then, you have leather-bound foam padding which ensures longer life and a more compact shin guard. There’s also gel, offering some of the best impact absorption possible. Of course, there are also combinations of the above.

As far as materials are concerned there are two main options: leather or cotton. Leather ones are obviously better unless you have skin trouble and require cotton. That said, neoprene sleeves also work well, particularly for training.

Size is the next big thing. You need to make sure you find out the perfect size for you. Too small, and you won’t have enough protection. Too big and they’ll constantly wiggle and move, once again exposing your shins. As always, the best course of action is consulting the appropriate size chart.

Best MMA Shin Guards

Now that you understand what you’re looking for when choosing a shin guard, let’s look at the best MMA shin guards you can get in 2020. Make sure that when you’re shopping for your MMA equipment, you start with shin guards. Believe me, you need to get a pair of those even before you get a pair of gloves. Shin guards make all the difference, not just by directly protecting your shins. Healthy shins mean you can train and fight more often. Shin splints hurt like hell and make you take time off. You make the math.

On the subject of protecting your shins too much, do not worry. There are shin conditioning exercises that you should be doing to get ready for the real thing. However, live MMA/kickboxing sparring shouldn’t go live. You won’t do live rounds with MMA fight gloves on a daily basis, so why would your shins be any different? Get a pair of shin guards and start working on those checks. After a couple of those in a live fight and your opponent will reconsider if they want to attack your legs.

Venum Challenger Standup Shin Guards

gude for the beest MMA shin guards Of 2019 Venum Challenger

First up Venum’s Challenger Standup Shin Guards. These are practical, cool-looking, and inexpensive. Pretty much, they offer anything you could be looking for in a pair of the best MMA shin guards. They are available in different colors and offer plenty of variety in terms of size.
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The design of these MMA Shin Guards is not flashy but looks really cool. For starters, they all have a black background. For those that like minimalism, you can get them with black writing and art as well. others have the option of combining white, orange or neon yellow for the art and letters. The material is 100 % synthetic leather. This translates to long life, great durability, and effortless maintenance. There is high-density foam as padding, providing enhanced shock absorption. The padding runs the length of the shin but covers the instep as well. These shin guards are extremely lightweight and offer incredible mobility. The velcro straps have a customizable no-slip fit. They are available in sizes medium to extra large.

Fairtex Competition Shin Guards

gude for the beest MMA shin guards Of 2019 Fairtex

These are one of the coolest looking pairs of MMA shin guards you’ll ever find! They are high quality, they are durable, available in a bunch of colors and won’t set you back a lot. in short, these are shin guards that’ll last you for a very long time.
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I mentioned a bunch of colors. The design features a base color that can be black, blue, red, or yellow. Other than that, the Fairtex logo is at the front top and the outside half of the shin guards have a checkered pattern. These are very comfortable shin guards because they provide an unusually tight fit. In other words, they feel like they’re not there. The shin guards are made by hand in Thailand and are very sturdy. The foam padding is layered in three layers, and there’s dual protection (shin and instep.) Sizes available range between small and extra-large. Features velcro straps.

Hayabusa T3 MMA Shin Guards

gude for the beest MMA shin guards Of 2019 hayabusa

If I had to choose a pair of MMA shin guards to wear daily, I’d go for this one. The Hayabusa T3 MMA shin guards offer the most variety in every sense. They have an awesome design available in plenty of colors and sizes for everyone. Compared to the other best MMA shin guards in our 2020 guide, these have the most ergonomic design.
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There’s no better protection for your shins and your training partners’ heads and bodies than the Hayabusa T3 MMA shin guards. they contour perfectly on the leg and knee, providing a tight fit and maximum support. They are either full black or white, with different colored squares on the front, giving them a really aesthetic look. From a performance standpoint, there’s hardly a better pair of shin guards. The material is synthetic leather and they come pre-curved to provide maximal protection. There’s an inside silicone grip to ensure no movement during training. The closure system is via dual straps with Velcro. There’s also a system that ensures ventilation and moisture-wicking. Sizes include everything between small and extra-large.

Sanabul Essential Hybrid Shin Guards

gude for the beest MMA shin guards Of 2019 Sanabul

Sanabul is quickly rising to the very top of combat sports gear brands. They have literally everything you might think of for MMA and grappling. Moreover, they offer really high-quality stuff at a fraction of the price compared to others. Their Essential Hybrid shin guards are just another example of their prowess.
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There are eight different colored designs of these shin guards available for you in 2020. They include black, red, green, silver, copper, and more. These are both extremely great fitting and highly protective. They offer the mobility you need for MMA but also offer Muay Thai level protection. IN that sense, they’re as near to perfect as possible. They are one-piece shin guards that pride themselves on the specially developed foam padding. Once again, they provide protection for both instep and shin. There are two neoprene straps, one at the top and the other at the middle of your shin to ensure a snug and adjustable fit. These shin guards are triple stitched and will outlast any other rival product. Sizes include XS, S/M and L/XL.

KINGTOP Protector Shin Guards For MMA 

gude for the beest MMA shin guards Of 2019 Kingtop

Kington’s Protector shin guards are somewhat a surprising contender in our best MMA shin guards 2019 guide. they do, however, meet every criterion, and then some! This is an awesome pair of shin guards there ever was one! All shapes and sizes are available with these and they’re great for every possible occasion that requires shin pads.
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These have a very traditional Muay Thai style, making their design different from all the others in our guide. There’s extra padding in specific areas like under the kneecaps and around the lower leg muscles. There is a hook and loop Velcro closure. they come in 7 different designs that include two color combinations, the so-called “empowered” black and white and the unique snake gold and black design. Sizes range between S and XL. Protection extends to the instep.

Combat Sports Shin Guard Socks

gude for the beest MMA shin guards Of 2019

The final entry in our best MMA shin guards 2019 guide are the Combat Sports shin guards. These are different from all the above options in one main area – they’re sock-style pullover shin guards. As such, they offer different aspects in terms of protection and mobility compared to the strap on shin guards.
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The Combat Sports Shin Guard Socks come in black, red, blue, and grey versions. They are made out of a specialty compression material designed to fit your legs completely. They offer compression on top of ensuring protection. The foam pads are on the front and cover both the shins and instep. A key characteristic is that you can take the foam pads out since they’re fitted into special velcro pockets. The sizes go from S to XL but you need to make sure you really pay attention to the size chart. itis best that you measure your shin’s length and circumference before choosing because these can be very tight or loose and you can’t adjust them if you make a mistake.

MMA Shin guards FAQ

Of course, you might still be left with a few usual questions regarding shin guard selection. So far you know the criteria and you have in-depth reviews of the best MM shin guards ours there in 2019. let’s try and answer some of the most common questions that follow, even with the information you have at your disposal so far.

  • Closure 

The closure system of shin guards can vary, but most of them are based on a Velcro hook and loop system. This means they’re really easy to put on and get off, as well as adjust. However, the drawback is that Velcro can become loose with time. Very often, the Velcro is the first thing to go in high-quality shin guards. You can either have new velcro put in place or choose a sock-type shin guard.s However, there’s much more slippage with the sock type.

  • Maintenance

Of course, keeping your shin guards clean is of huge importance. Material plays the defining role here. Following the manufacturer’s recommendations is always the best. Moreover, we made a p[oint of only choosing those shun guards that are easy to cell for our guide. All shin guards made of synthetic leather, Vinyl, or similar, you’re safe to use soaps and detergents. Leather ones require more attention and some special cleaning products.

  • When To Wear Them

Yeah, this might sound like a stupid question but it does get asked often. Especially among beginners. The rule of thumb is to wear a shinguard any time you are sparring. that one is a given. In terms of training, you could wear one when drilling checks, but don’t make a habit of it. in terms of bag and pad work, I’d recommend that you give shin guards a rest.

  • Fitting

Finally, a few words on how to make sure your shin guards fit you perfectly. With most shin guards, there’s no left to right shin guard, as they conform perfectly to each leg. Some do have that distinction though, so keep an eye on it. Other than that, watch out for circulation when you tighten the straps. You need to feel loose and not restricted with shin guards on.

Final Thoughts

You can think that you’re tough as nails until you realize how much leg kicks hurt. Instead of having to go through all that pain for nothing, invest in some shin guards. moreover, choose a pair fro the best MMA shin guards available in 2019! that way, you’ll keep yourself and your partners safe, and you’ll still be able to move unassisted when you reach an older age.

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best-mma-shin-guardsIf you've never given or received a leg kick, this article is not for you. If you had the displeasure of having gone through such an experience, then you know the value of shin guards. Moreover, you're aware that nothing but the best MMA...