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Best BJJ Battle Ropes 2019

Getting in the best shape of your life doesn’t always have to do a lot with grappling in particular. Sometimes you need to look indifferent, more general directions to get your conditioning up. Still, some training methods are much more beneficial for grapplers than others. It has to do more with the ability to train with an intensity that matches BJJ, than training specifically for grappling. Luckily, today we have a huge number of different tools to take conditioning to a world-class level.  One of those tools is something right out of a pirate movie – battle ropes. For that purpose, we’ll take a look at what they are, how to train and the best BJJ battle ropes you can get for yourself or your academy.

You’ve seen them on UFC previews, on BJJ training montages, and perhaps even in a Crossfit gym. Battle ropes look cool, but often raise the question of what exactly do they offer? Does moving ropes in circles really make you strong or better conditioned, especially for combat sports? The answer is obviously yes, as you’d be hard-pressed to find a world-class grappler or fighter that doesn’t use them. Still, you can’t just get any boat rope and hope for the same result. First of all, battle ropes have a specific design that makes training with them safe and efficient. In that sense, the best BJJ battle ropes are not hard to find, but we make that quest even easier. This is our 2020 shopping guide for BJJ battle ropes!

What Are Battle Ropes? 

Have you ever wondered what makes battle ropes such an exceptional conditioning tool? After all, they’re just a couple of big ropes, right? Wrong! There’s a lot more to battle ropes than meets the eye and you need to know what they’re made of before you look to acquire some for yourself.

First and foremost, safety. Remember that battle ropes are specially designed for training. For that purpose, they come with a secure anchor and are made of a material that can withstand repeated intense use. Remember to always anchor battle ropes as whiplash from a 40-50 lbs rope can knock you out. Battle ropes are mainly made from Polyester, Poley Dacron, Rubber, And/or Nylon. If any of these materials is the main building block, you can safely assume you’re on to one of the best BJJ battle ropes from 2020. Furthermore, battle ropes come in many different lengths and associated weights. This makes them highly versatile and fit for all athletes of all levels.

Battle ropes are the perfect tool to give your cardiovascular system a complete overhaul. Also, help with the coordination and development of functional strength that has great carryover to grappling. In terms of grappling, they not only provide high general levels of conditioning but have a specific impact as well. Namely, battle ropes help emulate a lot of grappling movements which helps to improve the power and output of specific movement patterns. In terms of dispelling a myth, battle ropes train the whole body and not just your arms and shoulders. As you’ll see later on, battle ropes offer many different ways in which you can train.

Best BJJ Battle Ropes Guide For 2020

So far, we know what battle ropes are, and we know they can help grapplers develop a better gas tank. We also saw some of the main materials of battle ropes. What’s left now is go through the very best BJJ battle ropes available in 2020. We have an in-depth guide, complete with reviews of every battle rope we consider to be perfect for grapplers. At the tail end of this article, we’ll also go over how you can organize battle rope training and even offer you a sample workout.

Battle ropes are fairly “new toys” in the conditioning world, but unlike some of their contemporaries, they actually do what they claim. the trick. Unlike BOSU balls and some wacky elastic training tools, battle ropes are only for serious athletes and grapplers. If your intention is to dominate the mats, there’s nothing more than you need apart from battle ropes and perhaps a kettlebell or two. If you want to be modern and train one-legged BOSU ball frisbee throws, by all means, do so. But do not expect any grappling improvements in return.

Bull Strength Anchor Kit Battle Ropes

Best BJJ Battle Ropes 2019We start with a pair of ropes that contain the term “anchor kit” because we like to point out the importance of anchoring your ropes when training. That said, Bull Strength’s set of battle ropes is probably the best way to begin our guide. They provide an immense full-body workout with an emphasis on the cardiovascular system.
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These battle ropes come in a black and red pattern, with an anchor and specialized handles included. The anchor consists of two nylon straps with double sewn nylon webbing and a carabiner to secure everything. These battle ropes are premium-quality ones, made from Poly Dacron material. This type of material allows for maximal flexibility and improves whipping motions. The handles area also Nylon and fit comfortably without any possibility of slipping. They come in 5 different lengths, and multiple weight options to challenge even the toughest people in Jiu-Jitsu.


Garage Fit Battle Ropes

Best BJJ Battle Ropes 2019Talk about a suitable name for a battle rope! Garage Fit’s battle ropes are the cream of the crop without a doubt, coming in at many different sizes and weights. With these ropes, you get not only different lengths and weights but also a few additional diameter options for really heavy-duty training.
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The ropes themselves are three strands, ultra-thick ropes, made from high-grade polyester. As far as durability goes, they’re hands down the best BJJ battle ropes you can get. The ropes are completely tear-resistant and offer immense tensile strength. They also feature extremely comfortable handles that are capped off with heat shrink caps. This eliminates any option of unraveling as well as provide a perfect gripping surface. They come in black color, with a blue tracking line running down the length of the rope. Lengths vary between 30 and 50 feet. The more experienced you are, the longer the rope you need.


ZENY Poly Dacron Undulation Training Rope 

Best BJJ Battle Ropes 2019The battle ropes by Zeny are also heavy-duty and available in a bunch of different versions. These are not for the faint of heart, as they’ll push you to the maximum, guaranteed! These ropes come in black color with a yellow tracking line and built-in Nylon handles. For grapplers, it can hardly get better than these highly versatile ropes.
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Options for these ropes include different diameters, lengths, weight, and even options for one or to anchor straps + the mandatory carabiner. They’re made from 100% Poly Dacron, feature three strong construction strands, and are resistant to any wear and tear. They designed to last even under the harshest condition, so you can train with them outside without ever seeing any damage. The ropes are extremely convenient for maintenance and feature waterproof sleeves. These sleeves actually help protect the ropes from friction and fray. Heat shrimp caps feature once again on the handles.


Trademark Innovations Battle Rope

Best BJJ Battle Ropes 2019In our west for the best BJJ battle ropes, we came across the Trademark Innovation battle rope. At first glance it looks just like the Zeny one, coming in black with a yellow tracking line. However, this rope is different in one very important aspect – price. With this rope, you get all the qualities of a high-end battle rope for a fraction of the price!
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The Trademark Innovations battle rope comes in at a thickness of 1.5″ and varying lengths of 30′-50′. Also includes an anchor that provides you with the possibility of attaching it to a huge variety of objects. This rope is perfect for training at home or in a garage, but can also do the trick at an academy as well. Handles are from nylon that’s heat shrank providing security and a tight grip. A perfect rope for beginners, especially in the lighter and shorter varieties.


NEXPro Battle Rope

Best BJJ Battle Ropes 2019NEXpro’s rope is another one that’s really worth the effort to purchase. This rope is as simple as it gets when it comes to design. It is black, tough, and is going to have you gasping for air. What it “lacks” infancy design it more than makes up for performance-wise.
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The material of this battle rope is a special blend of Polyester and Polypropylene, with immense tensile strength. That means that the ropes are durable and un-tearable, but it also means you’ll need strength to train with it. This includes training even with the lighter versions. Probably not the rope for people just getting into battle rope conditioning but a premier choice among BJJ competitors. Features the safe and sturdy three-strand design and has a waterproof 6000 Oxford coating for protection. Three sizes available, all at 1.5″ thickness. 


Giantex Strength Training Battle Rope 

Best BJJ Battle Ropes 2019On the subject of 1.5″ thick battle ropes that are perfect for grapplers, Giantex features very high on the list. An ergonomic design, durable build, and easy transport properties ensure it has its place among the best BJJ battle ropes for 2020. Not only that, but it’s our top choice for a battle rope from today’s selection.
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There are two lengths available, 30′ and 40′ with a common thickness of 1.5″. The perfect rope to start training with, but also a challenge for advanced athletes. There’s no chance of fraying or shedding fibers because of modern secure design. The handles are topped with heat shrink caps while the rope itself is 100% Poly Dacron. Protected by a waterproof sleeve, his rope features tensile strength like no other. A big caveat is the ease of transport of this rope and the easy attachment wherever you want. Great for nomadic grapplers that want to stay in shape. Extremely well priced as well.


EliteSRS Premium Battle Rope

Best BJJ Battle Ropes 2019This rope is a story on its own. It’s made from a unique combination of materials to provide the best battle rope training experience. It also offers a huge variety in every sense. From design and colors, down to lengths, width, and weight, you have a multitude of choices. In terms of BJJ, this is the perfect rope to anchor in a Jiu-JItsu academy for all students to use.
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The EliteSRS Premium battle rope is an 80 Poly Dacron and 20 % Polypropylene rope. This makes it uniquely tough and elastic, offering the opportunity for a very wide range of exercises. It also comes in 7 different colors, plus 6 different lengths and two different diameter versions. All in all, the perfect rope to customize for yourself. The handles are also unique in that they’re extra long at 10″ with the customary heat shrunk caps. Two nylon anchor straps accompany the rope, providing easy attachment anywhere at any time. 1-year warranty from the manufacturer with a full refund option.


Titan Fitness Poly Heavy Battle Rope 

Best BJJ Battle Ropes 2019The best BJJ battle ropes guide for 2020 concludes with a truly remarkable product. Titan’s heavy battle rope is a real man maker, for a lack of a better term. This rope is heavy-duty, indestructible, thicker than any other and the hardest one to manipulate in training. For grapplers, it’s just the sort of challenge needed to develop insane cardio.
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The rope comes in different lengths and up to three different diameters. It also features a really cool looking, metallic gray color that makes it stand out. It comes with a complete anchor system and can also include specialized Titan wall mounts if you’re interested. The weight of this rope is up to 40 lbs, which is more than enough to leave you exhausted after you first give it a try. Water-resistant, no-fray technology included, with heavy-duty nylon handles. Can double as a climbing rope. It is also one of the lower-priced battle ropes in our guide, affordable for anyone.


Battle Ropes Training For BJJ

For grappling, training with battle ropes has immense benefits. First of all, you get a full-body workout, Next, you get to throw in some very specific movements that’ll extremely improve your grappling. Furthermore, you’ll notice incremental strength gains, the heavier the rope, the greater the gains. There’s also the fact that training with battle ropes is easy to set up, requires little space, and can even be done on the outside.

For movement patterns, there are few general rules you need to remember. The first is to anchor the ropes really well. Next up, make sure you move in as many directions as possible. Training with battle ropes should not just be standing in place and making circles with your arms. On the contrary, you need to be moving from side to side, front, back, and everywhere to engage your entire body. That’ll help you build a core of steel in addition to your gas tank.

Also, try to use as many different movements as possible. Normally, this is not as easy when you’re just starting out but try to widen your arsenal as you progress. Use the ropes for everything, from specialized conditioning sessions to finishers after rolling or strength training. You can even warm up with them. The different resistance levels also provide you with a stimulus that keeps changing as you get stronger and used to the movements.

A Sample Workout

Now that you know which are the best BJJ battle ropes, let’s start using them. The workout below is an intermediate one, meaning everyone can do it. Beginners could adjust it by shaving off some of the work time or increasing rest time. Using a rope that you’re comfortable with is also very important. Advanced athletes can do the opposite, although a heavier rope with the same training parameters is your best bet.

The workout is in circuit training fashion, meaning you get no rest between exercises. That means 5 minutes of grueling work that’ll emulate the fatigue of a grappling match like nothing else can. Go for as many reps as you can during a one minute period and move on straight to the next exercise. After you complete the whole circuit, give yourself 2 minutes break. IF you can do 5 rounds of the circuit, you’re a complete beast and ready for anything.


1. Battle Ropes Double Wave – 5 rounds x 60 sec
2. Battle Ropes Alternating Wave – 5 rounds x 60 sec
3. Battle Ropes Reverse Grip Wave – 5 rounds x 60 sec
4. Battle Ropes Alternating Punch Wave – 5 rounds x 60 sec
5: Battle Ropes Hip Toss – 5 rounds x 60 sec

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