The Best Guard Retention DVD and Digital Instructionals

The Best Guard Retention DVD and Digital Instructionals

One of the most underrated, yet essential skills of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has to be guard retention. What is the point of trying to attack from the guard if you can’t stay in the position? If you’ve ever tried to sweep or submit people while they are trying to pass your guard, you know what I mean. Guard retention is one of the key skills to develop if you’re looking to become a well-rounded grappler. The following guard retention DVD instructions are pretty much all you need to start getting known as the grappler with the “unpassable” guard. 

Guard retention DVD instructionals are not among those that you can collect with shovels. It takes a special kind of person to focus on the defensive aspects of guard because you will suffer a lot be for you manage to develop a system that helps you retain guard. It just so happens, these are the same people whose instructionals you’re should get in order to develop crazy guard skills. They’re not too many, but we did manage to put together the ultimate collection featuring each and everyone that you’ll ever need. Read on!

The Best Guard Retention DVD Instructionals Collection

It is the point of every guard to be able to stop people from passing your legs. You’ve probably heard that the legs are the strongest part of the body. Well, that one is true. They’re not just the strongest, but also the most dangerous body part. They are dexterous, flexible, you can use them to strike, you can use them to trip up folks, and much more. That is precisely why people that are on top have just one option in BJJ, apart from sitting back for leg locks – to get past the legs.

obviously, staying inside the guard is one of the top skills you need to develop, given that people will be looking to deal with them anytime you’re on your back. And no, you won’t get leg locked by focusing on guard retention because when you do it in a mechanically sound way, people won’t be able to get Ashi Garami positions and hunt for your legs.

On the subject of the best guard retention DVD instructionals, expect to see different directions in most of them. That is the best part about guard retention – most of the top instructors have their own take on it, and all of their stuff works. Of course, different things will work for different folks, which is precisely why we offer you such an in-depth selection of nothing but the very best guard retention DVD instructionals here today.

The Top 3

The following three-guard retention DVD instructionals are the ones you have to own. I’m not joking about this, these are not optional! You have to hear the stuff that’s in these volumes if you want to have any hope of playing guard against high-level folks in BJJ.

1. Guard Retention Anthology Bundle by Lachlan Giles & Ariel Tabak

Guard_Retention_Anthology_Bundle_by_Lachlan_Giles_Ariel_TabakLachlan Giles has the ultimate guard retention DVD. In fact, it is a bundle consisting of no less than 16 different volumes covering different aspects of guard retention. it is sufficient to say that going through all of them will mean that you have a fortress of a guard that will be hard to beat for everyone. The instructionals are both in Gi and No-Gi, which is yet another unique aspect of these DVD series.

2. Guard Retention: BJJ Fundamentals – Go Further Faster by John Danaher

John Danaher DVD Review - BJJ Fundamentals: Guard Retention Cover

Danaher has his take on guard retention in the Gi, of course, and it is your typical John Danaher instructional – it is 8-volume, with lots of conceptual and philosophical talk and an enormous amount of techniques and scenarios.

3. Framing Domination and Guard Recovery by Tom DeBlass

m DeBlass Instructional DVD Review: Framing Domination And Guard RecoveryAs far as staying in guard goes, most people have their formulas, but at a certain point, people will get close to passing it, or get past it. That is when you have to figure out guard recovery first, and then how to retain. The framing system Tom utilizes is a highly effective one but it will take you a few months to make it work.

List Of Every Guard Retention DVD Instructional Out There

Let’s look at several other options out there that should probably be in your guard retention DVD collection if you are looking to truly become a BJJ guard player.

1. The Grilled Chicken Guard Retention System by Priit Mihkelson

Priit Mihkelson Grilled Chicken Guard retention system

My personal favorite and the one that makes the most sense is Priit Mihkelson’s Grilled chicken guard retention system. As funny as it sounds it will keep literally everyone from passing your guard, Gi or no-Gi, white belt or black. On top of it all, it is extremely simple, which is I guess the reason it is so effective. Priit has a very original take on defensive BJJ and this guard retention DVD is the perfect representation of it.

2. The Encyclopedia of Guard Retention by Lucas Valente


A simple method of guard retention by Lucas Valente explained over four volumes and demonstrated in the Gi.

3. The guard Retention Anthology: Around and Under by Lachlan Giles & Ariel Tabak

REVIEW: Guard Retention Anthology Lachlan Giles Instructional DVD CoverThe Lachlan Giles bundle we covered in our top three can also be acquired separately 8 volume DVDs. This one, in particular, focuses on figuring out around and under in terms of guard retention.

4. The Guard Retention Anthology: Through The Legs and Close Range by Lachlan Giles & Ariel Tabak

The_Guard_Retention_Anthology_Through_The_Legs_and_Close_Range_by_Lachlan_Giles_Ariel_TabakAnother one of Lachlan’s guard retention DVD instructionals, this time all about the distance and preventing people from going through the legs.

5. Power Switch Guard Retention and Genius Back Takes by Mikey MusumeciMikey Musumeci DVD Guard RetentionMikey is one of the most famous guard players in the world, and he has one of the toughest guards to deal with. All his competitive secrets are laid out bare in this DVD.

6. Keeping the Guard by Alec Baulding

Alec Baulding DVD Review: Keeping The GuardThe ADCC veteran goes through an easy-to-follow and very organized system of retaining guard without the Gi.


Paul takes another route to most people, letting folks get to the half guard, but not leaving a way past it. This one is awesome for folks that like to do lazy BJJ or are injured.

8. Diamond Concept of Defense by Xande Ribeiro

Xande Ribeiro Diamond Concept Of Defense DVD ReviewThe Diamond concept of defense is a full-blown defense system, but, of course, it starts and ends with the guard. Xande is one of the folks you want to listen to very carefully when it comes to guards.

In Conclusion

Guard Retention DVD instructionals might not be the hottest prospect out there, but they are absolutely essential. Pick up any of the above, and make sure you get the top three, and you will be amazed at how good your guard gets in very little time!

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