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The guard is BJJ’s signature position. Looking back, we’ve come a long way from the original trio of the closed guard, half guard, and the De La Riva, as the most utilized open guard variation out there. Today, lapel guards and X guards have a claim over the “most widely utilized open guard” title. And even then, there are certain guards that are akin to really annoying riddles. One of them is the Lasso Guard, which, when mastered can be your not-so-secret weapon that takes care of everyone you roll with. Use the following BJJ Lasso Guard DVD instructional to achieve this, and much more.

I personally don’t really like the Lasso Guard. I don’t hate it either, but I don’t spend too much doing it anymore. Getting caught in it, though, can still present a challenge, particularly when the bottom person knows exactly what they’re doing. Some people have taken the lass guard to new heights, and it is exactly those experts that you want to be learning the trick of the trade from. Below you’ll find all of their work in our comprehensive and detailed BJJ Lasso Guard DVD instructional collection.

The Best Lasso Guard DVD Instructionals Collection

Speaking of the lasso guard, the essentials behind it are quite simple. However, the devil is in the details, as usual, and that is exactly what you will need in order to become a feared Lasso guard player. Figuring those details out, though, is what takes a lot of time, effort, and drilling.

The drilling part is something you can’t change. You’ll simply have to relentlessly drill all the aspects of the lass guard, form control to sweeps and submissions, and guard retention. However, in terms of cutting down the time you need to develop a deadly lasso guard game, as well as the effort you need to put into it, turning towards video instructionals is the best solution.

There’s also an important step-by-step methodology you need to understand in order to master the lass guard in record time. The hierarchy goes like this: first, you need to learn the positional nuances of the lasso guard, like grips, hip alignment, angles, feet placement, and the likes. Then comes what is arguably the most important aspect of any guard – retention. Unless you can stay in the position, there’s really no point in trying and play it offensively, is there?

Finally, you can think about looking into attacks, which will be based upon your ability to affect the opponent’s posture and base, whether it is a sweep or a submission. Surprisingly for some, entries into the guard come last. If you use this formula of learning in addition to all the BJJ lasso guard DVD instructionals.

The Top 3 

Let’s start with the top three picks we have on the subject of BJJ lasso guard DVD instructionals. Even though all the DVDs in our collection feature experts in the field, the top 3 are complete instructional from every standpoint.

1. The Complete Lasso Guard System by Marcos Tinoco

The-Complete-Lasso-Guard-System-by-Marcos-TinocoMarco Tinoco is one of the utmost experts on the lasso guard in the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  His four-part instructional is the perfect, complete video guide to everything lass guard-related fit for everyone, from people who have no idea what it is, to black belt experts that have been using it for years.


Tarsis Humphreys: Lasso Complete Game Plan DVD ReviewTarsis Humphreys is another GI lapel guard enthusiast that has helped evolve the lasso game a lot. His instructional features about two dozen chapters that cover every aspect of the guard learning formula we covered above.

3. The Lazy Lasso by Bernardo Tavolaro

The-Lazy-Lasso-by-Bernardo-TavolaroThis is a real treat. it is a somewhat more advanced BJJ lasso guard DVD, but that doesn’t mean anyone can’t learn from it. It is the lazier approach to playing the guard, which in BJJ vocabulary means the most effective way of doing so. This four-part instructional offers a slightly different take on the lasso guard which will definitely help you become better with it.

List Of Every Lasso Guard DVD Instructional Out There

Apart from the top three picks, there are plenty of other great BJJ lasso guard DVD instructionals out there that are more than worth looking into.

1. Open Guard: BJJ Fundamentals – Go Further Faster by John Danaher

Danaher Open Guard BJJ Fundamentals DVD ReviewDanaher has a great open guard DVD series, which as usual is 8-volumes long. Among the guards covered in it, there’s a huge portion that addresses that Lasso, and all associations systems.

2. Mastering The Lasso Guard by Marcos Tinoco

Marcos Tinoco Lasso Guard DVD Digital InstructionalMarco Tinoco, as the avid lasso guard player he is, has more than just one instructional on the subject. Mastering the lasso guard builds upon his initial “Complete Lasso Guard System” instructional, and if you master both of these four-part DVDs you’ll be a real force to be reckoned with.

3. Next Level Lasso Guard by Jonnatas Gracie

Next-Level-Lasso-Guard-by-Jonnatas-GracieJonnatas Gracie really does take the lasso guard to the next level in this instructional, offering some very interesting attacking options that not many others dare to do.

4. The Lightweight Guard by Matheus Gonzaga

The-Lightweight-Guard-by-Matheus-GonzagaMatheus Gonzaga has a very unusual variation of the Lasso he likes to call the lightweight guard. It is a lasso guard-based formula perfect for smaller people that are looking to make a name for themselves in the absolute divisions.

5. The Lasso Queen by Nathiely De JesusThe-Lasso-Queen-by-Nathiely-De-JesusNatheily De Jesus is literally the queen of the Lasso guard, and this instructional is a real testament as to why the guard is such a hit among the ladies off the Gentle Art.

6. The Snake Lasso Guard by Hiago Gama

The-Snake-Lasso-Guard-by-Hiago-GamaMy favorite BJJ Lasso guard DVD of the bunch, the snake lasso is a sneaky way of entangling people deeper into the lasso guard. Yes, it is possible and it is highly effective!

7. Lasso Guard by Raphael Carneiro

Lasso-Guard-by-Raphael-CarneiroRaphael Carneiro is yet another lasso guard expert that has lots of details to tech about the position. For those of you looking to understand the grips of the lasso guard, this is the perfect instructional.

8. Collar & Sleeve Guard a Systematic Approach by Isaac Doederlein

Collar_Sleeve_Guard_a_Systematic_Approach_by_Isaac_DoederleinIsaac Doederlein’s approach to the lasso is somewhat specific. He likes to use that collar and sleeve guard as his “base of operations”. that said, he does venture often into lasso guard waters given how connected these two guards are.

9. Playing Guard Against Big Guys by Michael Liera Jr.

Playing_Guard_Against_Big_Guys_by_Michael_Liera_Jr.Another DVD on how you can set up and use the lasso guard to beat bigger opponents without having to endure their weight and pressure.


TARSIS-HUMPHREYS-LASSO-GAME-PLAN-PREQUELTarsis Humphreys second DVD on teh subject of the lass guard actually serves as a prequel to his first one. In other words, all the questions you might be left with after watching the first DVD, will be answered in this one.

In Conclusion

Wrapping things up, if you want to learn the lass guard you need two things. The first is a methodological approach to the learning process which clearly identifies the hierarchy of lessons. The second is one or more of the BJJ Lasso guard DVD instructional we reviewed here today. Give this formula a try and one day, maybe you’ll even have your own release featured here. Who knows?

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