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Best BJJ Rashguards 2019

Is No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu more interesting than Gi BJJ? Opinions are heavily spat on this subject, but we have the ultimate argument to turn the thing in No-gi’s favor! If there’s one thing that really makes No_Gi Ji-Jitsu stand out, it has to be rashguards. Yeah both top rashguards and bottom spats, wearing them can make Jiu-jitsu look and be way more fun! So far, very few gis have actually managed to even come close to some of the unique rashguard designs out there. However, it is not all about looks. Rashguards are a highly functional and necessary piece of equipment for grappling, regardless of Gi or No-Gi affiliation. It is time to see which ones are the best BJJ rashguards that you should be wearing in 2023! 

BJJ rashguards actually have many roles to play in grappling. They’re far from limited to being an interesting piece of gear you wear to No-gi class. Rashguards are first and foremost, a piece of gear that keeps you clean and safe during training. it even improves performance, based on the type you’re wearing. It can also help extend the life of your Gi if you’re wearing one underneath on a regular basis. Plus, it provides you with a great gripping surface to use when things get sweaty during rolls. All in all, you want the best BJJ rashguard you can get, in order to maximize your chances on the mats.

Best BJJ Rashguards

When it comes to choosing a BJJ rashguard, we recommend pairing it with spats as well. They don’t have to be part of the same series but are going to make a real difference. Also, when you’re looking for the best BJJ rashguards for you, have goals in mind during your selection. The IBJJF, for example, is notorious in that it only allows certain brands of rashguards in official competition. Plus, they have to be ranked according to the belt level. While this might take some of the fun out of it, you’re still free to choose the latest wacky design to train in or use in other competition formats. Furthermore, have a rashguard that’s simple and effective to wear under your Gi. This will add at least a couple of years to you Gi, guaranteed!

Hayabusa Metaru Charged

To start things off, we’re going to over one o the best regards in existence, period. Whether you want to wear it for No-Gi, under the Gi, surfing, for strength and conditioning or simply outside like Danaher does, Hayabusa has the rashguard for you! On top of everything, the Metaru is ranked and fully recognized by the IBJJF. All in all, one of the best BJJ rashguards all-around, if not the best!


Best BJJ Rashguards 2019You might consider this one to be the Holy grail of rashguards for grapplers. It is very cool looking, of great quality and very affordable! The Metaru is made of a polyester and elastane end, featuring special titanium-coated fibers, which guarantees compression and durability. It has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties as well as state-of-the-art moisture-wicking technology. This rashguard help regulate and optimize body temperature during rolling as well as provide maximal breathability. All in all, one of the best BJJ rashguards of all times and a piece you simply have to own!

Fuji IBJJF Freestyle Rashguard

Fuji is a brand that has been manufacturing high-grade Brazilian Jiu-jitsu equipment for decades now. It is one of the top companies for Gis in the world, so naturally, they also offer great options for rashguards. One such example is the FUJI Freestyle rashguard, AKA the Fuji IBJJF rashguard. As the name suggests, it is a ranked rashguard that is legal for use in IBJJF tournaments, Gi and No-Gi.


Best BJJ Rashguards 2019This rashguard features a Japanese-looking design on a very high-quality piece of grappling wear. The colors are in accordance with belt colors since it is a ranked rashguard. A key quality of this rashguard, apart from its price, is it;’s durability. Тhis is one of those rashguards that seem to last forever, without showing signs of decline. A lot of this is due to the double reinforced stitching and base materials. The Fuji Freestyle has anti-microbial properties and comes in a very large variety of sizes. There’s also a short and long-sleeved version of it.

Tesla Men’s Long Sleeve Rashguard

Here’s one for those that are not really into funky designs, or simply want a rash guard to wear under their Gi. The Tesla Long sleeve rashguard makes our list of best BJJ rashguards thanks to several key features.


Best BJJ Rashguards 2019To begin with, this rashguard offers the best value for your money. Coming in at a very cheap price, it offers quality to rival any of the much more expensive options. It is very durable, thanks to the special blend of 87% polyester and 13% Spandex. This makes it very flexible, yet breathable. Despite its flexibility, Tesla provides great compression to aid in the exertions of grappling. On the subject of comfort, this one is probably the most comfortable to wear on this list. Apart from moisture-wicking, this rashguard also features quick-dry technology. Comes in a huge variety of colors, and all the regular sizes.


Tatami Samurai Panda Rash Guard

Here we go! My own personal favorite! I’ll be honest, I love this rashguard, but that’s not the only reason it made the best BJJ rashguards list. This one is actually one of the best overall rashguards and arguably, Tatami’s very best! Plus, who doesn’t love pandas?

Best BJJ Rashguards 2019Tatami made a lot of heads turn with their gorilla and panda series rashguards. the collection features both long-sleeved rashguards and spats of various animal-inspired designs. Still, the Samurai Panda BJJ Rashguard is by far the most impressive of the bunch. It comes in a yellow red and brown color and a graphic that covers the entire rashguard. Just like with all Tatami products, the material is 80% polyester and 20% spandex. The rashguard provides enormous mat burn protection and is perfectly ventilated. It also has flatlock flexible seems which makes this rashguard very durable even during very tough rolls. Shoutout to Chris Evans, the man behind this fantastic design (and all other animal-themed tatami rashguards).


Venum Men’s Werewolf Long Sleeve Rash Guard

Venum is a brand that falls in a similar category as Fuji, apart from being a few years younger. They have everything related to BJJ that you might think of. Actually, they make a lot of combat sports gear in general, but they do pay a lot of attention to grappling. And rashguards feature quite high on their list with multiple of their products known as some of the most popular No-Gi uniforms ever. The Werewolf Long SLeeved Venum Rashguard is a clear example of why this is the case.

Best BJJ Rashguards 2019Key qualities of the Venum Werewolf BJJ Rashguard include ground-breaking compression technology that adds a huge safety feature to this rashguard. The design is one made for comfort, with an elastic waistband keeping it in place during rolls. There’s also modern quick-dry technology that allows sweat to pass easily through the material and helps keep it off. The design has predominantly grey and black colors, with red scatters along the sleeves. The design alone makes it one of the best BJJ rashguards out there, let alone its properties.


Anthem Athletics Helo-X BJJ Rashguard

Although Anthem might be a brand that you haven’t heard about so far, it still makes one of the best BJJ rashguards ever made! For starters, it comes in such a big variety of colors, that you can stock up only on versions of this rashguard and be set for a very long time. Plus, the price makes it a real steal!

Best BJJ Rashguards 2019To begin with, the Anthem Athletics Rashguard is a BJJ-specific product. Namely, it is IBJJF approved and comes in all ranks, on top of other colors and styles. Furthermore, there are both short and long sleeve options available. This rashguard also has the ever-present moisture-wicking technology. The material is lightweight, extremely strong, and offers great compression. Sublimated graphics mean there’s no chance of the color peeling or fading, even when washing often. The Anthem Athletics rashguard also has a great fit, thanks to multi-panel construction and flatlock stitching. Multiple sizes are available.


Elite Sports Full Long Sleeves Rashguard

Elite sports are among the top MMA brands out there. That means, as far as No-Gi is concerned, they’re a real authority. No wonder why their Elite Sports Full Rashguard is one of the best BJJ rashguards available in 2023. Apart from offering very modern performance technology, this rashguard also offers a minimalistic design. Perfect for both No-Gi training or wearing under the Gi.

Best BJJ Rashguards 2019This multipurpose rashguard works for just about anything, from BJJ to lifting weights. You could even go surfing in it. The lightweight design means it is very comfortable while providing maximum compression at the same time, which improves blood flow to the muscles. There’s a unique feature of honeycomb material under the arms and back for increased durability. Antifungal and antibacterial properties mean your skin is going to stay completely safe from potential infections. Oh, and the price is more than affordable! As an added bonus, it is another IBJJF-approved rashguard that comes ranked.


Bad Boy Men’s Sphere

As far as old-school brands that are still going hard, Bad Boy is right up there with the likes of Fuji. The Sphere Rashguard is a short-sleeve rashguard that’s right up there with the best BJJ rashguards of all time. It actually has one of the best designs in grappling.

Best BJJ Rashguards 2019While it is not an IBJJF-approved rashguard, it is a great one to own for No-Gi training or competition under different rules. The Sphere comes in blue color with white and black patterns and the Bad Boy logo. This rashguard is never going to roll up during training, thanks to the rubber grip it has on the bottom seam. It features stay-cool mesh on the back responsible for comfort and breathability. There are also ergonomic compression panels for improving blood flow. The material is 10 % Spandex and 90 % polyester. Key traits are reflective surfaces, meaning you can bike or run with it as well as a grapple.


Venum Gladiator 3.0 Long Sleeve ashguard

As I said, Venum has a huge collection of rashguards most of which are among the best BJJ rashguards of all time. However, in 2023 specifically, the best companion of the Venum Werewolf rashguard is the Gladiator 3.0 Long Sleeve Rashguard. Simply put, another Venum masterpiece for grapplers.

Best BJJ Rashguards 2019There’s no argument that the Gladiator 3.0 has one of the best designs ever! The rashguard comes in three variations: black & white, red, and full black, all featuring the same design. The graphics cover the rashguard entirely and are resistant to any sort of peeling or fading. The inevitable compression and moisture-wicking technologies are there, as is a rubber waistband to keep it in place. Seams are reinforced with double flatlock stitching. Quick-dry technology helps you regulate body temperature and stay increased comfortably.


Under Armour Men’s HeatGear

There’s no way we can do a rundown of the best BJJ rashguards and skip Under Armour. After all, to this day most people get an image of an Under Armour product when they think about a rashguard. Just so happens, they also have products that fit grappling needs perfectly.

Best BJJ Rashguards 2019As far as color options go, no other rashguard can beat the short sleeve Under Armour HeatGear rashguard. There are an astonishing 29 colors available for this model. If old school is your thing then this is the right BJ Jrashguard for you. Still, it is a very modern 84 % polyester and 16 % elastane rashguard, with stretch mesh underarm panels for ventilation. There is also a signature HeatGear fabric responsible for compression and comfort. As far as versatility goes, this rashguard goes as far as to offer UV 30+ protection for outdoor activities. Furthermore, they dry extremely fast and retain next to no moisture.


Sanabul Essentials

Sanabul is the last brand we’ll feature here today but is far from a last-ditch option. Actually, their rashguard is extremely high quality and is fit for grapplers of all levels. The Sanabul has all the features of most of the rashguards described above, and then some!

Best BJJ Rashguards 2019First of all, they’re approved by the IBJJF and come in ranked variations. Next up, they are notoriously durable, mostly as a result of the 4-dimensional stretch material with integrated compression they employ. There’s also a ventilated mesh underarm area providing swift ventilation. Similar to Under Armour, Sanabul also offers UV protection but takes it up to 50. Available in long sleeves, this rashguard is the ultimate grappling rashguard you can own.


The Birth Of The BJJ Rashguard

So how did rashguards come to play a role in BJJ? We all know that early on, it was all about grappling with the Gi. when things got too hot in Brazil like during the summer, people would discard the gi jacket and roll with Gi pants only. later on, as MMA burst onto the scene, people switched Gi pants with shorts and went on like that. So how exactly did BJJ rashguards come to dominate the No-gi scene?

First of all, let’s analyze another BJJ-specific thing. How did the Shaka sign, which almost every grappler alive does become the most common BJJ hand gesture? Wasn’t it originally a surfer thing? The answer is yes, and that’s exactly how it came into Jiu-Jitsu. Surfers and grapplers socialized a lot on the beaches of Brazil, and later on, Hawaii and similar spots. Just like grapplers took up surfing for fun, surfers sometimes went to the mats to learn how to roll. And, inevitably they brought some of their cultures along. the two most recognizable things they brought were the shaka sign and rashguards.

Naturally, rashguards soon proved to be highly effective and replaced cotton t-shirts and bare-chested grappling. Not long after, Gi and gear brands saw the potential and started manufacturing them for a larger market. As No-go boomed on the scene of BJJ, so did hundreds of brands coming up with numerous rashguard designs, making the task of figuring the best BJJ rashguards a real hassle. Until now.

The Perfect Rashguard For Grappling

What exactly is the role of BJJ rashguards? Well, they have plenty, to be honest. While most people think they’re just there to deal with sweat, they actually do a lot more than that. One of the main features is muscle compression, which improves muscle function. Compression translates to improved blood flow, meaning it makes muscle metabolism more effective while improving recovery and helping prevent injuries.

Then, there;’s the subject of hygiene. mats can be a real layer of bacteria and fungi, as can be certain training partners. Rashguards, especially long-sleeved pones, and full spats help keep you safe from various skin infections. Furthermore, they limit the spread of the infection, since many of the best BJJ rashguards have antimicrobial properties.

Performance-wise, moisture-wicking means your body temperature stays stable, and you can roll longer. Plus, rashguards improve your grips, whenever you grip your own body parts for leverage. A D’arce choke is a great example. Try finishing one with a short-sleeved rashguard after a 10-minute roll and you’ll understand what I mean. Last but not least, having a rashguard means you can wave goodbyes to those pesky, annoying mat burns.

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Is No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu more interesting than Gi BJJ? Opinions are heavily spat on this subject, but we have the ultimate argument to turn the thing in No-gi's favor! If there's one thing that really makes No_Gi Ji-Jitsu stand out, it has to be