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ADCC Results 2019 Exclusive Results And Content
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Arguably the best two days of Jiu-Jitsu in the past two years just concluded. What just happened? Well, the ADCC 2019 is over and boy did it deliver! We’ve never seen and ADCC so stacked, which is probably why it was so entertaining! That said, even though you might already know who won the absolute and all, three was a lot of action and interesting moments that might’ve slipped past you. That’s why we did a comprehensive play-by-play run of the ADCC results and highlights, as the action happened. Moreover, we’ve got some exclusive information on what happened inside, including behind the scenes info!

The ADCC is a competition that has never disappointed the BJJ community so far. Whatever happens in the 2021 edition of the event remains to be seen but the 2019 edition sure raised the bar sky high! This time around, the ADCC had everything – expected results, upsets, historical achievements, and certainly some fight to look forward to! As you’ll see from the detailed ADCC results below, ADCC 2019 was as crazy as anyone could’ve guessed. It’ll take a long time until the dust settles on this one and we see what its starts have ready for us next. Until such time, let’s see what happened in California this past weekend.

The Jiu-Jitsu Olympics 2019

The 2019 edition of the ADCC took place in California. The event was held at the Anaheim Convention center on 28 and 29 September. Beforehand, there was a complete run of the 16 competitors in each male division (8 in both female divisions). AS the names of everyone to be involved emerged, the speculation started. However, this was not the boiling point. The craziness with this year’s ADCC started about a week out of the event. That’s when we saw some major changes to the competitor’s lists.

Similarly to some highly anticipated UFC events, thee ADCc underwent major changes just days before the event. Some of the biggest names pulled out of the event due to different reasons. Some had legitimate ones, like Keenan Cornelius who had to withdraw due to a nasty eye infection. Others, like Dillon Danis never really gave a clear reason as to why the dropped out. Still, it wasn’t just the dropouts that influenced the brackets. Trying to avoid fights themselves, teammates also went up and down in weight. As a result, the final outlay of the divisions was much different than originally expected. Still, everyone gave it their all, and every substitute that stepped in really justified being there.

The brackets were released on Friday, September 27. And that’s when all the fun began. There was a live ceremony in which all the competitors were announced and the brackets presented. Suffice to say people couldn’t wait to see some of the matches put together. In fact, some of the early matchups were higher level than final matches in past ADCC events. As surprising as the reshuffling and brackets were, though, the ADCC results came in as the ultimate surprise.

Complete ADCC Results: All The Action As It Happened

During the two days, we saw a bunch of highly entertaining matches. The statistics aren’t in yet, but there were lots of submission finishes throughout. That said, the usual point and decision wins were present as well, so I’d say it was 50/50 this time. However, when it comes to the level of the competitors, such a high number of submissions only proves how hungry everyone was for the coveted ADCC gold. The Danaher Death Squad had a very strong presence, as did No-Gi specialists Absolute MMA, also known as Craig Jones’ gym.

Other more “traditional;” grapplers were there as well, in the form of Buchecha, Tanquinho, the always entertaining Paolo Miyao, etc. Of course, all the new blood only helped raise the bar, with young Kennedy Macial, in particular, catching the eye. It seems that Cobrinha’s decision to send his son in his spot was the right call. Without further ado elt’s get into the highlights first, and then all the ADCC results of this year’s edition.

Major ADCC Highlights

There’s no way we can skip over some of the most interesting moments of the competition. So, before we go into the ADCC results match by match, let’s talk about some of the most entertaining moments of the event.

ADCC Results 2019 - Young Prospect Tye RuotoloOf course, the number one man of the moment is the “King”, Gordon Ryan. This time around, he captured double gold, beating everyone who stepped on the mats opposite of him. What’s scary is that this is only months after his knee surgery and I doubt he was at a hundred percent. Also interesting was the fact that the relied on rear naked chokes from the back a lot more than his leg lock submissions. It probably had to do with that aforementioned knee injury.

Speaking of knee injuries, I bet Ryan would wish to have Miyao’s knees. In the fight for third place, Miyao faced off one of the hottest prospects of the show – Atos’ Tye Ruotolo. The youngster managed to lap on a what seemed to be an ultra-tight kneebar with Miyao’s leg pointing the other way. In one of the most cringe-worthy images of the night, Miyao actually looks calm and even managed to break out and eventually beat Tye to get the bronze. He did have trouble walking afterward, though.

In the female division, Gabi Garcia made history by becoming the first grappler ever to win the ADCC on four different occasions. That said, the female divisions were’ not short on cringe-worthy situations of their own. The worst one was of the 2017 champ Bea Mesquite, when she suffered a broken arm at the hands of Ffion Davis, ending her run in the semifinals.

There’s a lot more action that took place, but  all your answers will be answered in the play-by-play ADCC result below:

ADCC 2019 Results:

  • Male, -66kg

In the -66 kg division, there was a who is who of major grappling names. Moreover, there aware a couple of young names not many people expected will get far. Among the youngsters that were held in high regard, though, was Nicky Ryan. Unfortunately for him, he did not manage to medal in this edition of the ADCC but got further than in his debut outing. The winner was somewhat unexpected, given the pool of talent in the division, but thoroughly deserved.

Opening Round

  • Paulo Miyao SCORE Kenta Iwamoto 5-0 10:00
    Nicky Ryan SCORE Shane Jamil Hill-Taylor 2-0 10:00
    Augusto Mendes SUB Keith Krikorian 5-0 7:55
    Matheus Gabriel REF Geo Martinez 0-0 15:00
    Pablo Mantovani SCORE Thomas Halpin 13-0 10:00
    Tye Ruotolo SCORE Bruno Frazatto 2-0 15:00
    Richard Alarcon SCORE Gianni Grippo 4-2 15:00
    Kennedy Maciel SUB Ruan Alvarenga 3-2 8:54

As the tournament opened, there were only two submission victories in this division. The first one was a head and arm choke by Augusto “Tanquinho” Mendes over 10th Planet’s Keith Krikorian. The second was young Kennedy Macial’s triangle win over Ruan Alvarenga. Other matches saw Miyao cruise past Kent Iwaoto on points, Nicky Ryan outpointed Jamil Hill, and Pablo Mantovani got the most points (13) defeating Thomas Halpin. 10th Planet’s most high profile grappler, Geo Martinez lost in the first round via a decision, after an interesting match with Matheus Gabriel. Young Tye Ruotolo surprised from the get-go, beating Bruno Frazatto 2×0, as Gianni Grippo fell in overtime to Richard Alcorn.


  • Paulo Miyao SCORE Nicky Ryan 2-0 10:00
    Augusto Mendes REF Matheus Gabriel 0-0 15:00
    Tye Ruotolo REF Pablo Mantovani 0-0 15:00
    Kennedy Maciel SCORE Richard Alarcon 2-0 10:00

As the quarter-finals took place, the stakes were even higher. And it started with a bang, with Nicky Ryan facing off against Paulo Miyao, something everyone was stoked about. The experience ended up winning the fight, as Miyao pulled guard and managed to score sweep to counter the negative point he had. It was enough to see out a very active Nicky Ryan.

Tye Ruotolo’s second outing was no less impressive than his first beating Pablo Mantovani via decision. Augusto Mendes calmly defeated Matheus Gabriel by decision, after his guard passes earned him an advantage in the referee’s eyes.

Kenedy Macial also got his second win in a row on his ADCC debut, outpointing Richard Alacorn by a single sweep. This concluded the -66 ADCC results for day 1.


  • Augusto Mendes REF Paulo Miyao 0-0 15:00
    Kennedy Maciel SUB Tye Ruotolo 3-0 14:40

On the second day, Tye Ruotolo and Kennedy Macial met up in the clash of the young ADCC debutants. The match went Macial’s way, with an impressive submission. On the other side of the brackets, Augusto Mendes ensured a spot in the finals by getting past Miyao in overtime.

ADCC Results 2019 Tye Ruotolo kneebar Paulo Miyao
Tye Ruotolo tries to kneebar Paulo Miyao

The third-place match, which took place right before the finals was actually a real barnburner. Miyao and tye went back and forth, with Miyao playing guard. He did get a winning sweep in overtime but had to fight out of that deep kneebar that he miraculously survived.


  • Paulo Miyao SCORE Tye Ruotolo 4-0 15:00


  • Augusto Mendes SCORE Kennedy Maciel 3-0 20:00

Wrapping up the -66 kg division ADCC results was the standoff between Augusto Mendes and Kennedy Maciel. However, youth found a stumbling block in experience here, as Mendes proved too much for the newcomer. It was an explosive match with plenty of action, which went Tnaquinho’s way when he got the back of Macial with a minute on the clock.

  • Male, -77 kg

With Gary Tonon stepping in for Nicky Ryan, who went one division down, this was bound to be an exciting division. Seeing as it featured champ JT Torres, Renato Canuto and Lucas Lepri, among others hope were high. And the grapplers delivered.

Opening Round

  • JT Torres SCORE Ross Nicholls 0-0 15:00
    Dj Jackson SCORE John Combs 5-0 10:00
    Garry Tonon SUB Mateusz Gamrot 3-0 7:01
    Renato Canuto SCORE Oliver Taza 2-0 15:00
    Lucas Lepri SCORE Lachlan Giles 3-0 10:00
    Dante Leon SCORE Jonathan Satava 3-0 15:00
    Vagner Rocha REF Servio Tulio 0-0 11:04
    Celso Vinicius REF Edwin Najmi 0-0 15:00

Opening this division was a matchup between JT Torres and Ross Nichols which the 2017 ADCC champion won by a negative point. DJ Jackson got past Josh Combs via points, before Gary Tonon dispatched Mateusz Gamrot by way of submission. A takedown decides the matchup between Oliver Taza and Canuto in Renato’s favor. In what was arguably the best match of the first round of the division, Lepri outpointed Lachlan Giles 3×0 to open his account. following that, Dante Leon beat Jonathan Satava via overtime points and Vagner Rocha arm barred Servio Tulio. Edwin Najmi go surprised in the first round as he lost a decision to Celso Vinicius after a long half guard battle.


  • JT Torres SCORE Dj Jackson 3-0 10:00
    Garry Tonon REF Renato Canuto 0-0 15:00
    Dante Leon SCORE Lucas Lepri 3-0 10:00
    Vagner Rocha SCORE Celso Vinicius 0-0 15:00

The quarter-finals also managed to introduce some excitement in the ADCC results. Namely, there were no surprises to start with, as JT Torres disposed of DJ Jackson by taking him down and eventually getting the back. The second -77 kg quarter-final matchup saw Gary Tonon go against Renato Canuto in one of the best matches in this edition fo the ADCC. In a firework display, it came down to a negative point which granted Tonon a tight victory after probably the most scrambles in a single match.

In the remaining two bouts, Lepri surprisingly ended his run, falling prey to Dante Leon’s back taking skills. On the other side, Vagner Rocha scores a decision win over Celso Vinicius in a match that had doctors intervene because of cuts.


ADCC Results 2019 - Gary Tonon Loses To JT Torres
Gary Tonon Loses To JT Torres
  • JT Torres SCORE Garry Tonon 2-0 15:00
    Vagner Rocha REF Dante Leon 0-0 15:00

In the semifinals of the -77 kg division, Vagner Rocha got past the ultra-tough Dante Leon via yet another decision victory. Tonnon suffered an unexpected defeat at the hands of lat time’s champ JT Torres, who managed to secure winning points from the mount.

The third-place match between Gary Tonon and Dante Leon saw Tonon pull one back, as he managed to score a submission finish for the bronze medal.


  • Garry Tonon SUB Dante Leon 0-0 5:22


  • Jt Torres SCORE Vagner Rocha 3-0 20:00

In an extremely exciting final, Torres faced Rocha in a rematch between the two. Similarly to their last encounter in F2W, it was Torres that emerged victoriously. He managed to get Rocha’s back in regulation time and held on for a second ADCC title in a row.

  • Male, -88 kg

With Gordon Ryan moving up a weight class, people were turning to Craig Jones as the new favorite. Well, the charismatic Aussie did not disappoint with his performances but still finished just short of the gold medal. Matheus Diniz, on the other hand, did everything right to win the division after some very tough and equally as impressive matches. below are the -88 division ADCC results in detail.

Opening Round

  • Craig Jones SUB Ben Dyson 0-0 6:22
    Mason Fowler REF Valdir Araujo 0-0 15:00
    Jon Blank SUB Rustam Chsiev 0-0 6:32
    Murilo Santana SCORE Keller Locke-Sodhi 0-0 10:00
    Josh Hinger SUB Gabriel Almedia 3-0 9:39
    Adam Wardzinski REF Mike Perez 0-0 15:00
    Matheus Diniz SCORE Pedro Marinho 5-0 10:00
    Gabriel Arges SCORE Alec Baulding 5-0 10:00

Day one kicked off with a heel hook, and, you guessed it, it was Craig Jones delivering it. He subbed Ben Dyson after sitting to guard and immediately going for the legs. After a few successful escapes, Dyson succumbed to the pressure. In the second bout, Mason Fowler won a decision over Valdir Araujo in an outstanding match. Rustem Chisiev who is extraordinary in No-Gi fell short in the very first round to Jon Thor Blank’s heel hook attacks. A negative point gave Murilo Santana a hard-earned win over Keller Locke-Sochi. Man of the moment Josh Hinger got his first tap of the day with a rear-naked choke over Gabriel Almeida.

Polish phenom Adam Wardzinksi seemed to justify all expectations, beating Mike Perez via a refs decision after a difficult match. Matheus Diniz went easily past Pedro Marinho, taking him down in a very impressive manner and passing the guard to win by points. Finally, Gabriel Arges welcomed newcomer Alec Baulding to the big leagues with a nasty inverted guard. A Berimbolo got him to the back and a choke attempt that he couldn’t complete. Victory by points.

  1. Quarter-Finals

  • Craig Jones SUB Mason Fowler 0-0 9:28
    Jon Blank REF Murilo Santana 0-0 15:00
    Josh Hinger SUB Adam Wardzinski 3-0 9:17
    Matheus Diniz REF Gabriel Arges 0-0 15:0

Wrapping up the ADCC results for day 1 were the quarter-finals of the -88kg division. Once again, Craig Jones got a tap, this time from Mike Fowler. In a tribute to Keenan, he almost pulled off a Diesel Squeezel choke. However, he had to settle for a guillotine. Jon Thor Blank got a decision over Murilo Santana in a very high-level match with lots of sneaky exchanges and traps.

On the other side of the bracket, Adam Wardzinski did not live up to the hype, facing a very motivated Josh Hinger. Josh managed to get score from a pass baiting Warzdinski to open up and sinking in a signature guillotine choke. Two in two for Hinger.

Gabriel Arges his hands full as he got Matheus Diniz into overtime, but couldn’t see him off. Instead, Diniz got the nod in a match with lots of stalling.

  1. Semi-Finals

ADCC Reults 2019 Craig Jones Heel Hook Finish
Craig Jones Heel Hook Finish
  • Craig Jones SUB Jon Blank 0-0 2:00
    Matheus Diniz SCORE Josh Hinger 3-0 10:00

Day two brought about the semi-finals and a crazy match between Craig Jones and Jon Thor Blank. It was the Aussie that got the tap, but it easily could’ve been the other way around, a highly entertaining match. The Diniz vs. Hinger’s semi-final was no less of a nail biter, with Diniz pulling off a miracle guard pass in the very last possible second to get the final spot.

  1. Bronze

  • Josh Hinger SCORE Jon Blank 3-0 10:00

Facing off for bronze helped Hinger improve on his ADCC submission-rate. Once again, it was a guillotine that tapped Jon Thor Blank, and brought Hinger a submission in every match he fought in and won. Not to mention the bronze medal as well.

  1. Final

  • Matheus Diniz SCORE Craig Jones 2-0 30:00

Matheus Diniz and Craig Jones were definitely the two most impressive grapplers in the division and deserved to face off in the final. The final itself was extremely lively as this rematch went the way of Diniz in overtime, via points. So far, Diniz is the most successful man at shutting down Craig Jones.

  • Male, -99kg

Needless to say, apart from the absolute, most eyes were on the -99kg division and the ADCC results do clearly show why. First of all, it is a division where Gordon Ryan competed, so you could expect a show from the get-go. The “King” easily proved his worth by finishing all but one of his opponents.

  1. Opening Round

  • Gordon Ryan SUB Ben Hodgkinson 0-0 1:47
    Tim Spriggs SUB Fellipe Andrew 0-0 1:56
    Lucas Barbosa SCORE Perttu Tepponen 3-0 10:00
    Patrick Gaudio SCORE Mraz Avdoyan 8-0 10: 00
    Vinny Magalhaes SCORE Dan Martinez 4-0 10:00
    James Puopolo SCORE Aaron Johnson 3-0 10:00
    Jackson Sousa REF Paulo Jose Barauna 0-0 15:00
    Vinicius Gazola SCORE Paul Ardila 0-0 15:00

Mr. Ryan opened up his account, and the ADCC results in the -88 division by catching Ben Hodgkinson in a rear-naked choke early in the first period. Tim Spriggs did the same to Felipe Andrews, only used a guillotine choke instead. Lucas Barbosa then outpointed Perttu Tepponen smash passing his way to victory. Patrick Gaudio got the better of Mraz Avdoyan in an aggressive match that he controlled to the end winning 8-0. Vini Magalesh also opened his 2019 ADCC tab by scoring a 4-0 victory over Dan Martinez after a takedown and sweep. James Puopolo makes his ADCC debut and proves he was a good choice by submitting the tough Tex Johnson via guillotine just as the second portion of the match started.

  1. Quarter-Finals

  • Gordon Ryan SUB Tim Spriggs 3-0 7:12
    Lucas Barbosa REF Patrick Gaudio 0-0 15:00
    Vinny Magalhaes SCORE James Puopolo 2-0 10:00
    Vinicius Gazola REF Jackson Sousa 0-0 15:00

As this division kicked off, it was all Gordon Ryan. However, before his first matchup, Vinni Magalesh pulled an impressive takedown to send late replacement James Puopolo home early. Lucas Barbosa, always entertaining as he is, did the same to Patrick Gaudio in a match with a lot of standing exchanges and a slow pace. As such, it went down to a decision. Gordon Ryan’s next outing was against Tim Spriggs. As expected, the “King” wasted no time and finished with a rear-naked choke after a total of 6 minutes. Wrapping up, Jackson Sousa lost a decision to Vinicius Gazola in a match reserved for a pass vs. guard battle.

  1. Semi-Finals

  • Gordon Ryan SCORE Lucas Barbosa 3-0 15:00
    Vinicius Gazola SCORE Vinny Magalhaes 2-0 10:00

Day two and everyone’s stoked to see how far Gordon Ryan can get. He answers by disposing of Lucas Barbosa, again from back control. This time though, he did not get the tap and had to settle for points. In the second semi-final match, Magalhesh fell prey to Vinicius Gazola, much to the surprise of many.

  1. Bronze

  • Lucas Barbosa FOR Vinny Magalhaes

Vinny really had a tough time with the loss and didn’t even try to emerge for the third-place match, allowing Barbosa an uncontested way to the bronze medal.

  1. Final

  • Gordon Ryan SUB Vinicius Gazola 0-0 9:17

No surprises here, except perhaps the man facing Gordon Ryan in the final. That said. Vinicius Gazola certainly deserved the shot. Unsurprisingly, he fell short, even though Marcelo Garcia was in his corner. Once again, it was the back control with yet another rear-naked choke for the victory.

  • Male, +99 kg

At last, we’re in the heavyweight division where it is a literal clash of giants. Will Buchecha be able to add yet another ADCC title to his name or will some other grappler prevail? The correct answer turned out to be the former as Kaynan Duarte ruled all with a true monster display.

  1. Opening Round

  • Marcus Buchecha Almeida SCORE Antonio Braga Neto 2-0 10:00
    Victor Hugo SCORE Jared Dopp 4-0 10:00
    Yuri Simoes SUB Eliot Marshall 3-0 8:07
    Kaynan Duarte SUB Eldar Rafigaev (0-0 1:33
    Orlando Sanchez SCORE Mateusz Juskowiak 2-0 15:00
    Nick Rodriguez REF Mahamed Aly 0-0 15:00
    Roberto Abreu SCORE Hudson Taylor 2-0 10:00
    John Hansen REF Max Gimenis 0-0 15:00

Kicking things off, Buchecha managed to outpoint Antonio Braga Neto playing his signature half guard game. It was enough to land him a sweep and two points that brought him victory. Next up ti was Jarred Dopp and Victor Hugo in an unexpectedly interesting match. After lots of scrambles, Hugo got the nod thanks to 4 points for a successful takedown.

ADCC Resutls 2019 Nicky Rod vs Mahamad Aly
Nicky Rod vs Mahamad Aly

Grappling Veteran Yuri Simoes also started off bright catching Eliot Marshal in a tight armbar. Duarte welcomed up and comer Eldar Rafigaev to the ADCC with a  submission from back mount late in the match. Orlando Sanchez put his usual dominant performance in scoring a takedown in overtime to get past Mateusz Juskowiak. In one of the craziest matches in this division, Nick Rodriguez and Mahmed Aly put on a show which went Rodriguez’s way. With a lot of takedown changes, one of which nearly took out a photographer, one would think a takedown would decide this match. However, it had to go to a decision despite all the aggressive exchanges. 2013 absolute ADCC champion Cyborg also started bright, beating Hudson Taylor 2-0 in a very difficult match. Max Gimenis lost a referee’s decision to John Nasen to wrap up the first round of the 2019 ADCC in the +99kg division.

  1. Quarter-Finals

  • Marcus Buchecha Almeida SCORE Victor Hugo 3-0 10:00
    Kaynan Duarte Pederneiras SCORE Yuri Simoes 3-0 10:00
    Nick Rodriguez SCORE Orlando Sanchez 0-0 10:00
    Roberto Abreu SCORE John Hansen 6-0 10:00

Marcus Buchecha Almeida opens up the second round too, and emerges victorious yet again, this time beating Victor Hugo in a dominant fashion. Nick Rodriguez slays yet another huge name when he beat Orlando Sanchez in a match full of headbutts and blood. A negative point for Orlando decides the outcome. Meanwhile, Cyborg wins another one, getting Hansen’s back and eventually winning 6-0. Finally, Duarte makes a huge statement again, beating Yuri Simoes 3-0 by way of back control. The controversy was afoot in this one, as doctors had to react to a knee injury to Simoes as a result of both grapplers rolling off the mats. They restart with Duarte on the back which sparks the controversy, as Yuri had a rally bad injury there. With that, we conclude the day one ADCC results in the division of giants.

  1. Semi-Finals

  • Kaynan Duarte REF Marcus Buchecha Almeida 0-0 15:00
    Nick Rodriguez REF Roberto Abreu 0-0 15:00

Bright and early on day 2 it was a bad day for the champions of 2013. Back then, Buchecha got the gold in the division, and Cyborg conquered the absolute, this time around, though, they both lost in the semi-final. Duarte managed to beat Buchecha via decision, once again making a huge statement. Conversely, Nick Rodriguez continued with his run of upsets, also scoring a decision win against Cyborg.


  • Marcus Buchecha Almeida FOR Roberto Abreu

Due to both Buchecha and Cyborg sulking and thinking they won the semi-final matches, there was no rematch of the 2013 absolute final for third place here. Bronze medal for huge egos here.


  • Kaynan Duarte SCORE Nick Rodriguez 3-0 20:00

In the final, it was all Kaynan Duarte once again. It is safe to say that Duarte has never struggled so much to beat a blue belt as he did with Nick. In fact, a mere 3 points and to suffice for Duarte, who had to take a huge breath of relief once time ran out.

  • Female, -60 kg

When it comes to the ladies, matches area always actin packed. This year, though, things went on even further, with some crazy upsets and even some cringe-worthy moments. The 2017 champion Bea Mesquita was the favorite once again but did not manage to get to the finals. Lots of talent in this division as the ADCC results demonstrate:

Opening Round

  • Beatriz Mesquita SUB Jena Bishop 0-0 1:46
    Ffion Davies SCORE Rikako Yuasa 12-0 10:00
    Bianca Basilio SUB Livia Giles 0-0 2:17
    Elvira Karppinen SCORE Catherine Perret 2-0 10:00

Opening the account, champion Bea Mesquita squared off with Jena Bishop, getting one of the fastest submissions of the tournament. Ffion Davies followed up with an impressive victory over Riakko Yuasa as she started dominating early. By the time points are introduced, Ffion is already on a run and ends up winning 10-0. Always on Bea’s tail, Bianca Basilio scores an early win over Lidia Giles by way of rear-naked choke.

It is then time for Elvira Karppinen, who got famous last time around by beating Mackenzie Dern in the opening round. She managed to repat that, albeit against Catherine Perret, winning by points.


ADCC Results 2019 Fion Davis Breaks Bea Mesquita's Arm
Fion Davis Breaks Bea Mesquita’s Arm
  • Ffion Davies SUB Beatriz Mesquita 0-0 5:13
    Bianca Basilio SCORE Elvira Karppinen 2-0 15:00

Since the ladies’ divisions feature only 8 competitors, it is straight to the semi-finals. Ffion Davis has been on a great run this past couple of years. During the time she met Bea Mesquita before, and it was time for a rematch. Bea started off in closed guard, but Ffion was having none of it, forcing scrambles that led her to an inverted triangle. Form there, she got the nastiest submission of the tournament, braking Bea’s arm clean off with a crazy armbar.

On the other side of the bracket, Elvira was back as the only 10th Planet representative to reach this stage. However, Bianca Basilio’s more traditional style proved to be better here, as she got he mount and won by points. No third match spot as a result of Bea’s injury meant automatic bronze for Elvira.


  • Elvira Karppinen Tampere FOR Beatriz Mesquita

On the other side of the bracket, Elvira was back as the only 10th Planet representative to reach this stage. However, Bianca Basilio’s more traditional style proved to be better here, as she got he mount and won by points. No third match spot as a result of Bea’s injury meant automatic bronze for Elvira.


  • Bianca Basilio SUB Ffion Davies 0-0 2:43

Wrapping up the -60 kg female division it was a war between Bianca Basilio and Ffion Davies. Suffice to say it was one everybody was looking forward to. The match was pretty much a leg lock exchange from the get-go, with Basilio managing to pull off the winning one in the form of a toe hold.

  • Female, +60 kg

Finally, it is time fort he +60 female division, and a piece of modern grappling history. Gabi Garcia managed to get a fourth ADCC title, something nobody has been able to do before. Once agin there was no lack of excitement in all matches of this division, as clearly shown in the ADCC results.

Opening Round

  • Gabi Garcia SCORE Stephanie Egger 2-0 15:00
    Ana Carolina Vieira SUB Amanda Leve 0-0 13:11
    Tayane Porfirio REF Jessica Flowers 0-0 15:00
    Carina Santi SCORE Nathiely De Jesus 8-0 10:00

Amanda Leve started bright and early against the very tough Ana Carolina Vieira. It was not enough though, as Vieira seemed in better shape and managed to sink in a choke from the back in overtime. Tayane Porfirio also dominated her bout with Jessica Flowers, although the match was slow and marked by extremely cautious exchanges. Tayane got the decision. Nathely de Jesus and Carina Santi came up next, with Santi coming off strong. She demonstrated a very powerful pressure passing game, eventually finishing on Nathely’s back for a victory via points. Gabi Garcia got a tough opening match in Stephanie Egger but managed to see her off by scoring a takedown and back mount in overtime.


  • Gabi Garcia REF Ana Carolina Vieira 0-0 15:00
    Carina Santi REF Tayane Porfirio 0-0 15:00

In the semi-finals, Garcia smash passed her way through Ana Carolina Vieira, as Tayane barely lost to Carian Santi by way of negative points.


  • Tayane Porfirio SCORE Ana Carolina Vieira 5-0 10:00

Tayane and Ana Carolina met up in the third-place match, with Tayane emerging victorious thanks to her crazy pressure game.


  • Gabi Garcia SUB Carina Santi 0-0 7:35
ADCC Results 2019 - Gabi Garcia Fourth ADCC Title
Gabi Garcia Fourth ADCC Title

Without any surprises, Gabi Garcia managed to steamroll and completely control Santi throughout the match. A Kimura attempt proved too much for Santi and Gabi got her historic title via a submission victory. 


The Best Of The Best: Absolute Division ADCC 2019 Results

After the super fight took place, it was time for the cream of the crop to face off against each other. In other words, it was time for the ADCC 2019 absolute division. Suffice to say, it was a stacked one, and it ended in a surprising fashion with Gordon Ryan on the top. Check out the full ADCC results from the absolute division:

Opening Round

  • Marcus Buchecha SCORE Aaron Johnson 3-0 10:00
    Gordon Ryan SUB Garry Tonon 0-0 3:11
    Mahamed Aly SCORE Tim Spriggs 0-0 10:00
    Lachlan Giles SUB Patrick Gaudio 0-0 3:25

The absolute kicked off with real fireworks, as Buchecha glided past Keith Krikprian with an armbar, as Tex Johnson tapped Jon Thor Blank with a leg lock. Hansen also fell toa leg lock, tapping to Mahamed Aly’s heel hooks, as Tim Spriggs got past Jarred Dopp. Gordon Ryan then switched gears and got a heel hook submission over Perdo Marinho, not even looking for the back. His teammate Gary Tonan also got a heel hook tap victory over Edwin Najmi who crashed out in the first round yet again. In a division ruled by heel hooks, Lachlan Giles got his own over Duarte. Finally, Patrick Gaudio got the only points victory, beating Mike Perez.


  • Marcus Buchecha SCORE Aaron Johnson 3-0 10:00
    Gordon Ryan SUB Garry Tonon 0-0 3:11
    Mahamed Aly SCORE Tim Spriggs 0-0 10:00
    Lachlan Giles SUB Patrick Gaudio 0-0 3:25

The quarter-finals also brought about some crazy matches and unexpected ADCC results. For example, there was an unexpected matchup between teammates and friends Gary Tonon and Gordon Ryan. The “King” got yet another submission victory, once again via rear-naked choke. Buchecha also got past Tex Johnson, although by points. Lachlan Giles got another heel hook victory, this time over Patric Gaudio and Aly beat Tim Spriggs on points.


  • Marcus Buchecha Almeida SUB Mahamed Aly 3-0 6:52
    Gordon Ryan SUB Lachlan Giles 3-0 7:47

With all eyes on the absolute, it was time for the semi-finals. In a very entertaining match, Buchecha secured a spot in the finals by choking out Mahamed Aly with a rear-naked choke. On the other side of the bracket, Gordon Ryan had one final hurdle to overcome before a much-anticipated match between him and Buchecha. He achieved that by disposing of Lachaln Giles via neck crank.

ADCC Results 2019 Lachlan Giles Heel Hooks Mahamad Aly
Lachlan Giles Heel Hooks Mahamad Aly


  • Lachlan Giles REF Mahamed Aly 0-0 7:12

In a battle for the third place, Lachaln Giles bounced back, once again via a heel hook finish. In a very interesting match, he immediately at to guard against Mahamd Aly and started attacking relentlessly until he got the tap.


  • Gordon Ryan SCORE Marcus Buchecha Almeida 0-0 30:00

As expected, the final was a match to behold. The two giants of grappling Gordon Ryan and Marcus Almeida faced off not disappointing the fans. First up Gordon tried to execute a takedown but then reconsidered after a few attempts, he opted to go to guard instead and managed to pull fo a sweep, however, points were still no in effect. With everything tied, the match went into overtime. In the first overtime, BUcheccah got a negative point. In the second he tried to heel hook Ryan which only ended up with Gordon in closed guard. The negative is all the difference between the two, but it’s plenty for Ryan to walk away with double gold and $40.000 in cash.

ADCC 2019 Superfight Result

  • Andre Galvao defeats Felipe Pena via points

The super-fight between last ADCC’s Absolute winner Felipe Pena and the legendary Andre Galvao took place right before the Absolute final. You could say it was a grudge match, as the two grapplers are far fro friendly to each other. It was Galvao that go the first takedown of the match, looking to pass Pena’s guard, Unfortunately, points are still no in effect by this time.

ADCC Results 2019 - SuperfightWinnerAfter the 10 minute mark, Galvao still kept attempting to pass, while Pena was looking for leg locks. In overtime, it was pretty much the same, with Galvao working actively while standing. 6 minutes left on the clock and Galvao manages to finally get Pena down and get two points after one of the most explosive scrambles of the entire tournament. Pena did seem to suffer a rib injury during the match, though. As the clock ran down, Galvao got his fourth super-fight victory, and two years’ time to prepare for yet another one, this time against Gordon Ryan. And with that. we conclude the entire ADCC results for the 2019 event.

In Summary

AS far as the ADCC goes, this was the most exciting one I’ve ever had the pleasure of witnessing. In terms of the ADCC results, there was also lots of variety. We saw upsets, we saw dominance and we saw some nasty injuries. We congratulate Lachlan on one of the craziest performances the ADCC has ever seen, and wish Bea a very fast recovery. Until the next ADCC in two years’ time, stay tuned for the results and highlights of the major trials as they take place.

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