Lachlan Giles DVD Review: High Percentage Chokes: No-Gi

Lachlan Giles High Percentage Chokes No Gi
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After Danaher’s breathtaking release on leg locks, it is time to pay a little attention to your chokes as well. That’s where an incredible Lachlan Giles DVD comes in. A four DVD set, structured like no other, the “High Percentage Chokes: No-Gi” Lachlan Giles DVD is the holy grail of chokes. Do not be fooled that this release is No-Gi specific only! All the chokes you learn are compatible with any competitive Jiu-Jitsu format Instructional out there.

Lachlan Giles – High Percentage Chokes No-Gi (DVD, DIGITAL, Combo)
High Percentage Chokes No-Gi by Lachlan Giles (Techniques List, Free Videos)

Lachlan Giles DVD - High Prcentage Chokes No Gi
Techniques List

So it seems that this is the year of BJJ DVD releases by some of the most enigmatic coaches in the sport! The latest release is all about a figure that was very mysterious to the BJJ community until a short while ago. Well, to most of the community, at least. Lachlan Giles is very well known in the Australian grappling circuit but wasn’t a household name among Jiu-Jitsu athletes. Not that he is not a beast himself, having two ADCC trials victories among other notches. What brought him to the public eye was the meteoric rise of a fellow Australian grappler that is the hottest prospect in BJJ at the moment. Craig Jones is the man to beat in BJJ today, and he learned his trade from none other than Lachlan Giles himself. Now, there’s a highly specific Lachlan Giles DVD available for everyone!

Lachlan Giles is actually very open to the public in terms of his teaching. He has a very content-rich YouTube channel where he offers his knowledge for free. However, his YouTube material is just a drop compared to the first Lachlan Giles DVD release. The release is highly specific and covers chokes in such depth that it is an instant hit! Not many other digital releases can even come close, in both terms of content quality and structure. Furthermore, all the information from this amazing DVD set is intended for grapplers of all levels.

The Enigma That Is Lachlan Giles

Giles is a very accomplished Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt coach and competitor. He is an Australian born grappler, who holds plenty of high-level merits in the sport of Jiu-Jitsu. Not only that but his teaching abilities are as best as they come too. He is the mentor and coach of some of the most dominant grapplers of today. Lachlan is the head coach at Absolute MMA in Melbourne.

Giles began his Jiu-Jitsu journey like many before him. First, it was Kung Fu, before UFC 1 came along and he was awe-stricken. lachlan started BJJ at the age of 15 and never looked back! His progress was somewhat slow, due to reoccurring knee injuries. He got his black belt in 2012 by his coach John Simon, who is a black belt of the Jean Jacques Machado lineage.

Competition-wise, Lachlan holds victories over notables as Nathan Orchard, Edwin Najmi and others of that caliber. He had success in plenty of top-level tournaments like EBI, IBJJF No-GI Worlds, Pan Pacific Championship and more. Unfortunately, his competitive career was cut short because of debilitating injuries. This, in turn, resulted in his coaching career which is now on the same path as the careers of his top students. Livia Gluchowska and Craig Jones are just some of the top shelf grapplers competing under the Absolute MMA banner.

Innovative DVD Structure

What stands out in the Lachlan Giles DVD is the structure. It is apparent from the YouTube channel how deep Giles’ knowledge of Jiu-Jitsu is. Now, you see the same style of teaching through the “High Percentage Chokes: No-GI” Lachlan Giles DVD. The set has immaculate structure, unlike any previous release.

The set is comprised of four DVDs and this is as far as its similarity to other sets goes. Giles has everything structured in different parts in addition to the discs themselves. Every part is a perfect continuation of the previous one building up to a very elaborate system. The parts are connected to the positions from which the choking techniques are performed. In addition, every part is structured into smaller segments, each covering very specific subjects. All in all, there are 8 parts spread across the four DVDs.

In terms of quality, there’s the inescapable modern BJJ approach – concepts. Concepts are at the very beginning of the release and are highly present throughout. Lachlan is a very eloquent person (he has a Ph.D. in physiotherapy) and is a very knowledgeable coach. Lachlan presents everything that you need to know, and then some, in an orderly and easy to understand fashion. This Lachlan Giles DVD is to chokes what Dahaher’s DVD is to leg locks.

What You Get With This Lachlan Giles DVD

Apart from a perfectly structured set, with no technical errors whatsoever, this DVD set is a really high quality one in terms of BJJ content as well. Chokes are as complex as they’re a high percentage, and people tend to know how to counter/defend them. To that extent, Giles covers re-counters and offers polished details on finishing chokes from every position imaginable in Jiu-Jitsu.

Part 1 – Intro 

The first part of the “High Percentage Chokes: No-GI” Lachlan Giles DVD is all about what to expect. There’s a complete overview of the material that follows, as well as clear instructions on how to use it to build an effective choking system. The focus is mostly on front headlock chokes, although they’re not restricted to this position only. TO begin with, Giles covers the basic chokes and every position you might get the form. Featuring throughout are D’arce chokes, guillotines, neckties, Anaconda and a myriad of others. A basic systematization fo the concepts rounds off the first part, but not the first DVD.

Part 2- The Front Headlock

Here, Lachlan Giles focuses on the basic choking position for most of the chokes. Walk into most BJJ gyms around the world and people are going to be attempting the chokes mentioned above from the front headlock. While it is a very common position for all the chokes from this material, nobody covered this position in such depth before. Well, at least up until now.

Lachlan Giles DVD review
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The unique approach of Lachlan focuses on the basics of the position and a very uncommon theme in such instructionals. Instead of offering inescapable chokes and submission variations, he focuses on the opponent’s reactions. After obtaining the position you’ll need to be able to retain it. Giles covers the most common reactions of your opponent and how to prevent them. It is all about control and Giles goes a long way to describe how you can stay in the driver’s seat.

Of course, finishes are not far behind and there are great options for setting up Guillotine choke variations. Again, in an original fashion, he offers link-up options to fit everything together.

Part 3 – Guard Attacks

Time for some setups from the bottom. While most people only think about Guillotine chokes from the closed guard, Lachlan shows that there’s much more to it. Similarly to the previous parts, it all starts off with a basic concept. The had control details once in a guillotine are my favorite part of this section of the Lachlan Giles DVD.

Counter and re-counters feature heavily in this part. There are options for dealing with an opponent passing on both of your sides. There are also ways to deal with an opponent looking to roll away from you. And once again, the perfect ending to sum up the section – linking up the techniques. A masterpiece.

Part 4 – Top Half Chokes

Once again it is all about entries from the start. Submissions come next with plenty of variations. Despite the title of the top half, this part includes the mount as well. Actually, the mounted guillotine, which is not an easy choke to pull off, gets a lot of attention here. The level of detail is crazy here, and it’ll make you way better at this choke regardless of how good you think you are.

Connecting the dots is the rolling Anaconda choke, which is actually not that difficult and the Japanese Necktie. You get a complete top game system of chokes that you can pull off on anyone. Finishing things off are some ways of dealing with counters as well as linking everything together.

Part 5 – Inverted North-South

This is the most unique part of the whole Lachlan Giles DVD instructional. The inverted North-South position is one most people do not see as an attacking one. Inverted North-South is when you’re on your back as well while in the position. It may sound crazy but this position offers both lots of control and great choking options!

The entries are not rocket-science as it is very easy to get there from North-South, mount or top half guard. The Anaconda choke and Guillotine variation are the main threats to the position. There are also many counters and details on troubleshooting the chokes. What shows Giles’ originality once again is his tip on how to make sure you can fit the attack on your body type. Link-ups between the Anaconda and the mounted wrap things up.

Part 6 – The North-South Position

Chokes, more chokes, and even more chokes. That’s what you can expect to learn from Lachlan Giles in the North-South position. I love the D’arce choke but I’ve never thought of setting it up as Giles does. Furthermore, there are details on the North-South choke that even Marcelo Garcia would find useful. This is one of the simples chokes that most people find very hard to do. Well, watch this DVD and you’ll never lose the choke again. Linking up the techniques is of course there to wrap it all up.

Part 7 – Defense

The penultimate part is all about the art of staying safe. After all, you might not be the front headlock master in your academy, so figuring out how to stay safe might be your priority. If that’s the case, or if you simply want to have a well-rounded game, all the secrets are here. It is all about safety training and avoiding injuries, to begin with. Some basic concepts of defining frontal chokes follow suit.

There are some amazing concepts on how to choose the correct side to escape to. This is a tip that can also help you hunt better since you’ll know what the opponents are going to be looking for. Another crafty choke in the form of the Von Flue choke plays a big part of the instructional as well.

Part 8 – Narrated Rolls

This is the Part that puts everything together in a realistic fashion. Only one DVD instructional before this Lachlan Giles DVD has the same feature in it, and it is a Bernardo Faria DVD. In the final part, Lachlan narrates rolls, 7 in total, to be precise. He goes over everything that happens when you’re training live an explains how all the chokes actually work when rolling. All the rolls are covering attacking with the submissions and concepts from the previous material. The perfect ending to a perfect instructional.

But wait, that’s not all. There one last section that is as crucial as everything else in this release. The Q&A section covers everything that you might think about asking in regard to all the possible ways you can strangle somebody in BJJ.

Lachlan Giles – High Percentage Chokes No-Gi (DVD, DIGITAL, Combo)
High Percentage Chokes No-Gi by Lachlan Giles (Techniques List, Free Videos)

Lachlan Giles DVD - High Prcentage Chokes No Gi
Techniques List


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After Danaher's breathtaking release on leg locks, it is time to pay a little attention to your chokes as well. That's where an incredible Lachlan Giles DVD comes in. A four DVD set, structured like no other, the "High Percentage Chokes: No-Gi" Lachlan Giles DVD...lachlan-giles-dvd-high-percentage-chokes