IBJJF Legal Leglocks DVD: Luiza Monteiro Review

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The IBJJF vs leglocks rivalry is one that won’t come to an end soon. The IBJJF likes to stand its ground when it comes to certain leg lock submission. People, on the other hand, like hell hooks. It is as simple as that, but common ground is hard to come by. Luckily, there are those in the grappling world that take it upon themselves to mediate this situation. One such example is the multiple-time world champion, Luiza Monteiro. The light and middleweight champ is known for her incredible submissions skills. Conversely, they include a vast knowledge of leglocks. Since Luiza is primarily an IBJJF competitor, she certainly knows all the little secret IBJJF legal leglocks. And now, she shares her knowledge with the rest of the grappling world with a brand new DVD instructional.

Luiza Monteiro – IBJJF Legal Leglocks (DVD/DIGITAL-OnDemand)

Luiza monteiro DVD IBJJF Legal leglocks Full REview
Techniques List

When it comes to learning BJJ, I’ve said it on multiple occasions that I prefer to learn from either lighter weight grapplers or, if possible, female grapplers. The reason is simple – they are all about technique. However, with the ladies, there’s also an unstoppable drive to go along with the pristine technical knowledge. Tha’s the reason why oftentimes the female matches end up much more exciting than the male ones. Particular at the highest levels of the sport. And, when it comes to learning foot locks from someone who is extremely technical, Luiza Monteiro should be on top of everyone’s list. Now, learning her take on they GI submission game is possible for everyone, thanks to her IBJJF Legal Leglocks BJJ DVD instructional. Quality-wise, for Gi practitioners, this is just like getting Danaher’s leg leglocks instructional for heel hooks.

Luiza Monteiro – FiveTimes BJJ World Champion

Luiza Monteiro si a Brazilan born BJJ black belt under the legendary Rodrigo Cavaca. She is currently a representative of the Atos competition team, one of the best in the world. She is one of the best lightweight and middleweight competitors of our age, with multiple significant titles to her name. Some of those titles include 2 Gi world Championships,. 3 No-Gi World Championships, 1 European title, 6 Pans titles, 5 Brazilian Nationals and many more. As you can see, Luzia is a fierce competitor and she is nowhere near to being done. IN fact, her last title is the 2019 European Open One in her weight class.

Born in Salvador – Bahia, Brazil in 1988, Luiza started with Muay Thai when she was 12. However, after a couple of years, she discovered JIu-Jitsu and made the switch almost immediately. Her first team was the Equipe Luiz Paulo, under Junior Duarte. After blue belt, she moved to Checkmat and to her purple from Fabricio Medeiros, and her brown belt from Leo Vieira. Finally, in 2010, Rodrigo Cavaca awarded her a black belt after she won pretty much everything of note as a brown belt. The most impressive thing is that she battled in a mixed brown and black belt division at the Pans and Mundials that year. Later on, she joined the PSLPB project, before eventually ending up at Atos in 2018.

The reason why Luiza Monteiro is one of the leading faces to teach IBJJF Legal Leglocks is not just her overall huge competition experience. The fact that she has bot hGi and N-Gi world titles, all under the IUBJJF ruleset make her the best authority on the subject. While she likes to go for chokes, particularly from the back she is no stranger to leglocks as well.

IBJJF Legal Leglocks – What Can You Do? 

While many people might thin that heir arsenal of leglocks under IBJJF rules pretty limited, this is not the case in reality. First of all, you need to be aware of which leglocks you can and cannot do at every belt level. Kneebars, toe holds and calf slicers, for example, are only available to brown and black belts. However, that doesn’t mean that white, blue and purple belts are out of options. Of course, there’s the straight foot lock, but that is not the only leg lock you can do. On the contrary, Luzia MOnetior’s arsenal of IBJJF legal Leglocks is as large as it is impressive.

The thing with leglocks is that there’s so much innovation in the field as of late, that options now include a lot more than just the straight foot lock. In fact, you now have a wide array of sneaky and unexpected leglocks available, most of which are legal across all belt levels. And, given that the IBJJF legal Leglcoks Luiza Monteiro DVD is brand new, you’ll definitely have an upper hand over your competition.

Luiza Monteiro: IBJJF Legal Leglocks DVD Review

For me, this is a first Luiza Monteiro DVD instructional. Talk about a great way to start! I am not aware if she has any other prior instructions, but once I’m through this one, I’ll definitely do my research. For now, the IBJJF legal leglocks are more than enough for me. Given that her eare four parts in this incredible instructional, I doubt I’ll be done with this one any time soon. Each of the four volumes in this instructional offers different leg lock options. Instead of exploring a different leglock in each part, Luzia decided to organize the attacks according to the position. This way, you get plenty of attacks that work from one single launching position. Perfect for competitors.

Volume one begins with an overview, followed by some spider gaur and Omoplata setups of IBJJF legal leglocks. Part two is all about looking for leg locks from the top, more particular from guard passes. The third volume is all about the X guard before part 4 warps ti all up by exploring the coveted 50/50 guard from both top and bottom. All in all, Luiza covers any position worth attacking from and then shares numerous different leg lock attacks. In terms of attacks, everyone, from white to black belt is going to find options inside.

Part 1 –Open Guard Leglocks

Opening the account is a short introduction before Luiza Monteiro moves on straight to one of her favorite position – the Spider guard. The Omoplata is the usual submission attack from here, which makes it something many people actually anticipate. What they won’t see coming, though are leglocks form the position. The first few attacks in the IBJJF legal leglocks DVD are kneebars.

Luiza monteiro DVD IBJJF Legal leglocksThe kneebars in this portion of the DVD start with a basic spider guard setup, followed by a slightly unusual one. Following suit is one of the best kneebar setups I’ve ever seen- one concerning the Omoplata. I already tested this one in the gym and it works perfectly. And, since you’re already attacking from the Omoplata, why not throw in a calf slicer as well, just for good measure? While she’s at it, Luiza also offers a toe hold setup to really round off leg lock attacking options from the Omoplata. A couple of kneebars from the Reverse De la Riva complete the first volume of this IBJJF Legal Leglocks DVD.

Part 2 – Leglcoks From the Top

Part two starts from the top. TO be more precise, it starts from the leg drag, which is expected given Luzia’s association with Atos. Once again the kneebar is the submission of focus here, with a couple of nasty setups available. they include on from the lag drag, and a second from a Torreando follow up. The Torrenado can also lead to a calf slicer, as Luiza Monteiro demonstrates.

the X guard gets a bit more attention in this one, with a detailed breakdown of how to hunt for leglocks from there. No surprise as the submissions available are kneebars and calf slicers.

Part 3 – X Guard Attacks

Luiza monteiro DVD IBJJF Legal leglocks REviewIn this section of the IBJJF Legal Leglocks DVD, Luiza Monteiro focuses on some modern BJJ leg locking. She offers her take on hunting for IBJJF legal leglocks from the X guard and all associated variations. She strats wit ha toe hold, and unsurprisingly, moves to kneebars from the X guard. However, it is her take on Single Leg X guard attacks that’ll turn heads, particularly since they’re legal. Once again, the toe holds a kneebar are the highest percentage things you can hunt for. However, the setups are really unique and they perfectly complement the heel hooking game, if you’re not really into legal attacks. Rounding things off is a beautiful calf slicer setup from the single leg X that’s pretty much inescapable.

Part 4 – The 50/50 And Modern Leglocks

As an IBJJF World Champion and Atos competitor, it was expected taht Liza would offer a lot of attention to the 50/50 guard. Once considered as the ultimate leg locking position, this guard still has plenty to offer. Especially when you’re bound by the rules of the IBJJF. Before Luiza goes into the 50/50, though, she offers several more X guard and butterfly guard attacks, serving as an introduction.

In terms of the 50/50 she like hunting for leg locks from the top. The kneebar is her weapon of choice. In fact, she likes to use the kneebars is basic counter leg lock against other guards taht entangle one of her legs. Thos include the half guard and the lapel guard. To be honest, the kneebar vs the lapel guard is nothing short of brilliant. It is the perfect secret weapon against worm guard players. Also worth mentioning is the closed guard kneebar setup that has you using lapels.


As one of the leading female competitors of today, Luiza Monteiro has a lot to offer. Her game is extremely well rounded and anything she puts on DVD is something worth exploring. However, her IBJJF Legal Leglocks DVD is something else. While it is a must-have for any brown and black belt competing in the IBJJF, everyone should at least take al ook at it. AS we’ve talked before, investing in leg locks is a smart move. As such, starting from white/blue will make you a formidable leg locker by the time you’re a brown belt. Especially if you follow Luiza’s advice.

Luiza Monteiro – IBJJF Legal Leglocks (DVD/DIGITAL-OnDemand)

Luiza monteiro DVD IBJJF Legal leglocks Full REview
Techniques List

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