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Reverse De La Riva DVD

The Reverse De la Riva guard is an advanced guard meant for the Gi and mostly fits smaller grapplers. Everything about that claim is wrong. The guard is actually something anyone can play and be proficient at, regardless of level. It is that easy to master, especially in the context of retaining it and sweeping from it. And no, those inverting moves are not the only ones available from the Reverse De la Riva. The following Reverse De la Riva Guard DVD instructionals will help you figure this “mysterious” guard out in next to no time. 

The Reverse De la Riva is a fun guard that anyone will try at a certain point. If you figure out a couple of main open guard principles though, you’ll have lots of fun with this guard. In fact, I’d go as far as claiming that it is way better, more versatile, and easier to play than the regular De La Riva guard. Plus, it is way safer in terms of injury risk, given the positioning of the knees and the entire body. But you don’t have to take my word for it. look at the Reverse De la Riva Guard DVD Instructionals below and learn from the experts!

The Best Reverse De La Riva Guard DVD Instructionals Collection

The Reverse De la Riva is a guard that is easy to figure out visually, but it does have a bunch of small details that make it work. The RDL is just another open guard, although it has the advantage of simplicity and effectiveness being on its side. The guard works perfectly well with and without the Gi and is highly versatile, depending on the grip configuration that you choose.

The formula for open guards is pretty simple though, and the Reverse De la Riva guard is the perfect one representative. Basically, with every open guard, you have an active leg and a passive one. The passive leg is the one that hooks and keeps you in pace. With the reverse De la Riva, the hook leg is obvious. The active leg is the one that is on the hips, on the knee, behind the knee, etc. Basically, it is the one that you use to execute attacks from and guard position, and especially the Reverse De la Riva.

The final part of the puzzle with any open guard is grips. Gi or No-Gi, the one common denominator of De La Riva guard variations is the grip on the leg that you have hooked. The other grip can literally go anywhere, and that is what provides most of the versatility when it comes to this popular open guard. In the following dozen or so Reverse De La Riva Guard DVD instructionals you will find all the resources that you will ever need to clear it up for you.

Top 3 RDLR Guard Instructionals

When you don’t know where to start, do so at the top! In terms of Reverse De la Riva DVD Instructionals, the following are the first three you should look into before you even think about becoming a true RDL player.

1. Dynamic Open Guard 3 DVD Set by Michael Langhi [DVD]

Dynamic_Open_Guard_3_DVD_Set_by_Michael_LanghiMichael Langhi is exactly one of those diminutively sized grapplers that dominate with the Reverse De la Riva guard in the Gi that makes people think the guard is only meant for a certain type of guard player. His instructional dispels this myth better than any other though, so it is a definite must if this is the guard you want to pursue.


REVERSE_DE_LA_RIVA_ALMANAC_SEPH_SMITHA Ryan hall black belt, Seph has a very conceptual and philosophical approach to things, meaning you won’t just get a series of inversions and unrelated moves from the position, but rather an entire system with all the explanations of why things work and how you should organize your training.


REVERSE_DE_LA_RIVA_GUARD_KRISTIAN_WOODMANSEEA cool instructional that will help you develop Reverse De la Riva guard attacks fast, even if you’ve never done it before. Wodmanse is a great instructor and has a knack for explaining those tiny little things most people miss that actually make the guard work at the highest levels of the sport.

List Of Every Reverse De La Riva Guard DVD Instructional Out There

The following instructionals are all awesome options when it comes to Reverse De La Riva DVD options, and they do offer different insight into the position as well as some of the fancier inverting and spinning stuff.

1. Systematically Attacking From Open Guard Seated Position by Gordon Ryan

Gordon Ryan Seated Guard Review: Systematically Attacking From Open Guard DVD

Gordon Ryan’s attacking open guard system is of course a full one with lots of different guards, but none feature more than the butterfly and Reverse De la Riva. As expected, you’ll see lots of unexpected attacks from the guard, given that it is Gordon Ryan doing the teaching.

2. The Upside Down: Inverted Attacks by Jon “Thor” Blank


A No-Gi system from the Reverse De La Riva guard that addresses all those spinning and inverting attacks that everyone wants to learn.

3. Reverse De La Riva Formula Made Easy by Dante Leon

reverse_de_la_riva_dante_leonDante is another one of those BJJ names that most people will recognize as one of the best competitors. He also happens to have an awesome RDLR, and has things to share on the subject that others don’t dress too much. Perfect for guard players of all levels.


jason_rau_reverse_de_la_rivaRau’s REverse De la Riva Guard DVD instructional is one of the best No-G DVDs on the subject and you shouldn’t skip it if you’re researching this guard, even if you’re a Gi player.


Tanquinho-guard-gameTanquinho’s DVD is the last one in our Reverse De La Riva Guard DVD instructionals collection that will help you develop a guard riddle that will be hard for most folks to solve.

In Conclusion

The collection of Reverse De la Riva Guard DVD instructionals we have here might not be the largest one, but it does contain everything you will need to figure the guard out, Gi and No-Gi. The guard will work for everyone, and demystifying it is the first step to understanding it!

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