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What is on your mind when you’re rolling in BJJ? How about when you’re in a match? When the dust settles, it is your mindset that determines how well you did. You can know every move there is but it all comes down to how good you execute them under pressure and while the opponent is resisting. That is where your mind matters the most. Mental toughness and the ability to stay calm have become as big a part of the fighting puzzle as technical training or conditioning. To that extent, we complied the list of all the best BJJ mindset DVD instructional on the subject. 

BJJ mindset is a topic that everyone discusses. The thing with it is that it won’t work like an armbar for example – where certain principles are true for everyone. People have different characters and life experiences, which leads them to different decision-making paths. Cultivating a mindset that leads people towards doing their best when fighting another human being, even if it is “play-fighting” is not an easy task. that is why BJJ mindset DVD instructionals are rare, and one that can really help you develop a champion’s mindset are even harder to find. But we did!

The Best BJJ Mindset DVD Instructionals Collection

First of all, let’s tackle the myth about not being able to learn about BJJ mindset from instructional and videos. That’s about as true as the myth that you can’t learn BJJ from a DVD instructional or a book. Of course, you will need context, which means actually training, to understand what you’re after and the demands of the sport. However, when it comes to training, whether it is physical, or even more importantly, mental, DVDs have become an invaluable tool.

BJJ mindset expands a lot further than just keeping your composure when rolling or competing, though. It is about how you approach Jiu-Jitsu as a whole. The mindset has to do with how you conduct yourself on the mats, how you approach learning techniques, how you understand the art of Jujitsu and more. When all of it comes together, you can say that you have a Jiu-Jitsu mindset that is in sync with your tactical grappling game.

In truth, training mental toughness is something you should approach the way you approach training your body. You’ll need to understand what it is all about first. Next, you’ll need to set up your own goals that you want to reach. That will help you identify the best tools for the job, given that developing a competitive mindset is a vast subject. Next, you’ll need to put in the reps, just like you do with any physical exercise. It won’t be easy, it will even be harder than it is with physical training, but it will be worth it.

How do you go about organizing all of the above into a routine that will work? That is where our collection of tall the best BJJ mindset DVD instructional enters the frame.

Our TOP Pick

The one BJJ mindset DVD instructional you absolutely have to own if you are grappler is Tom DeBlass’ one. In it, he covers the entire BJJ journey, covering every imaginable subject. Start with this DVD and move on to explore the rest, which you will also find below.

The Road To Black Belt and Beyond by Tom DeBlassTom DeBlass DVD Review: The Road To Black Belt And Beyond

Tom DeBlass is one of the most charismatic people in BJJ and one of the all-time top professors. He has plenty of instructionals available, but this one is probably the first one you should get. In it, he explores how to develop your mindset from a beginner all the way up to a seasoned black belt. Everything, from training to competition si covered in detail across four-volume in this BJJ mindset DVD.

List Of Every BJJ Mindset DVD Instructional Out There

A few more titles out there deserve recognition as being the best possible options when it comes to BJJ mindset DVD instructional. You’ll also notice that behind them are some of the biggest and most successful names in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

1. Champions Mindset by Bernardo Faria

Champions-Mindset-by-Bernardo-FariaBernardo Faria, a 5xBJJ world champion knows a thing or two about the mindset of champions. He holds nothing back in this amazing four-part instructional that is a must for competitors.

2. Competition Preparation Masterclass by Matt D’Aquino

Competition-Preparation-Masterclass-by-Matt-D'AquinoMatt D’aquino is a legendary Judoka and a BJJ black belt that thas competed in grappling more than you have rolled. In this BJJ mindset DVD, eh shares a masterclass on how to prepare your mind for competition as much as you do your body.

3. The Sport of Kings: High Performance Mindset For Grappling by Gordon Ryan

The-Sport-of-Kings-Gordon-RyanThe man of the moment, the unstoppable Gordon Ryan also has a highly interesting instructional out on the subject of the BJJ mindset. He does not just cover his take on it but also explores some of his most notable matches, and how he thought, felt, and made decisions throughout them.

In Conclusion

The BJJ mindset is something that has to be cultivated with great care. You can, of course, turn to mediation, Yoga, or whatever else calms your mind. However, you’ll also have to train the sin and routes of making quick decisions while under pressure. that is where any of the BJJ mindset DVD instructional above will come in very useful!

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