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In this modern world of today, we take things for granted. For example, it is perfectly normal to have women training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with men on a regular basis. There’s nothing wrong about that and it is just the way it is supposed to be. However, most men do not recognize certain things that really affect the finer half of BJJ. To that extent, while men may be careful how much strength they use, they do not go much further than that (most often). There are a lot more Women’s BJJ issues that bother women other than having to deal with strength. One of those is breast size.

Nowadays there seems to be a solution for everything online, including some of the plaguing women’s BJJ issues. Well, okay, not all of them, but this one certainly has solutions, as long as you ladies know where to look for them. For all those that do not understand, breast size does matter for women training grappling. It impacts performance a lot more than those without this “issue” might think. To that extent, there are several aspects to it that well-endowed ladies need to consider.

Common Women’s BJJ Issues

Being a woman in any male-dominated area is not an easy task to do. In most martial arts, women are a regular presence, although their number is quite a lot smaller compared to that of men training. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, at least so far, is no different. That doesn’t mean, though, that some of the toughest grapplers out there are women. Still white or black belt, there are some women’s BJJ issues that all ladies face.

To begin with, BJJ is a contact sport trained at extremely close quarters. That means that one thing women need to overcome is the adversity of having to roll with sweaty people, mostly men, on a regular basis. This seems to be one of the challenges ladies have no problem overcoming if it is a challenge in the first place.

Women's BJJ Issues - Does Breast Size matter?Next up it is anatomy. This is a major one, as the ladies are built quite differently than men. That means they pose certain qualities men don’t have, but lack in others. A woman is never going to be as strong as a man unless there are steroids involved. However, women understand leverage much better, plus have an extended range of motion and crazy flexibility. Both of these are huge assets to have in BJJ.

Speaking of women’s BJJ issues, there’s breast size as well. For most ladies, a good sports bra does the trick, but those that have rather large breasts, actually face a real struggle. From training itself to competing and even choosing a Gi, there’s a whole host of issues that need to be resolved. Luckily there are answers for all of them.

The “Issue” Of Breast Size In Ju-Jitsu

When it comes to women’s BJJ issues, breast size is one that’s pretty much always relevant. To that extent, the anatomy of women is actually somewhat of an obstacle in this particular case. Especially when it comes to grappling with men, who are heavier and stronger. The issue here is mostly that of safety. Not only do men have no idea of the pain that breasts can cause, particularly during menses, but they have no idea how to keep ladies safe during rolling. From inadvertent strikes, so placing crazy amounts of weight, rolls can get really uncomfortable the bigger the size of your breasts is. To that extent, if you’re facing this issue, breast protection via specialized gear should be on the top of your priority list.

Next up is Gi acquisition. The thing with BJJ Gis’ is that there are simply not as many options for women as there are for men. That said, those that are available are usually of an athletic cut. That means that while they might fit perfectly at the level of the shoulder s and the waits, they oftentimes do not take into account cleavage. This can make choosing the right Gi a real headache unless you know where to look for the right GI. Keep in mind that certain brands do offer Gis that particular fit this type of needs.

Check out our guide to the best women’s Gis available out there today! Full Guide HERE!

Choosing The Right Bra

When it comes to breast size as one of the women’s BJJ issues, a great solution is to opt for a sports bra. However, given the size of your breasts, you can’t just go for any old piece of sportswear. BJJ is different than running or CrossFit and requires a different level of protection and support.

Women's BJJ Issues - Choosing the right training braWhen choosing a bra for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training, there are several things you need to pay close attention to. First of all the bras have no muscles and depend solely on one ligament. The heavier the breasts are, the more strain the ligament has to deal with. Throw in the exertions of BJJ and you have a recipe for disaster. To that extent, only high-grade specialized sports bras should be on your shopping list. Moreover, go for bras over braziers, as they provide a lot more protection and support. In fact, unless there are foam cups inside the bra, you probably shouldn’t consider it for grappling.

When it comes to straps, there are two things to consider. First, go for an X or Y shaped straps. This ensures they won’t be falling off during training, next, Make sure they’re large enough to bear the weight. To that extent, you should opt for straps that offer great adjustment without coming undone during rolling and training. Moreover, the closure has no impact sou feel free to choose front or back based on your preference. In terms of material, go for soft and elastic seem and straps, foam cups, and breathable material.

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In Conclusion

Breast size certainly is one of those women’s BJJ issues that deserve more recognition. And it is not just male training partners that need to be aware of it. Other female training partners also need to stay on top of this as it may prove to be a reason someone decides to quit Jiu-Jitsu.

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