Angela Magana Lost Her Bra and a Fight against Amanda Cooper


Amanda Cooper is 2-3 in MMA with 3 submission losses and Angela Magana is 11-8 with 4 straight losses in Octagon.

Early in the match Cooper tries early Clinch and goes for a tekdown, but Magana Grabbed a fence to prevent it. After that cooper gets Magana down but Magana stand up in a second. Few moments after Magana gets Cooper down and ends up in full mount. As Maga turns her back Copper looks to set up a RNC but with no success. Cooper looses the position but soon after she regains the position until the rounds out. 10-8 for Cooper

Screenshot 60 - Angela Magana Lost Her Bra and a Fight against Amanda Cooper
Angela Magana nip slip photo

Round 2: Cooper gets another takedown and dictates the fight. She’s on Magana’s back again trying to apply RNC. She can’t get the RNC but she’s working with a lot of punches and fight is finally called off.

Amanda cooper via TKO in round 2.


As angela Magana was critcizes a lot for her fight she replayed to everyone on twitter

“In no way by wanting another round am I taking anything from Amanda, in fact her dominance of me could have been far worst I just wanted that opportunity to let that transpire and have another go.”

“As for haters will you ever have Bruce Buffer announCE your name? Or Jon Anik & Rogan aknoweledging improvement in your stand up? Have Rogan talk about how incredibly tough you are be entertained & amazed by pure will to struggle out of a choke? No you won’t & that’s why you hate”

She also criticized referees for sexism on her Facebook page:

I need to walk in the cage with a banana in my shorts and a crew cut then maybe the ref will let the fight go. Men can fucking tap out from strikes get hit and the ref wont stop it till 7 shots later after a near death expierence

Anyway, Angela Magana is one of the UFC fighters that is all the time talking about sexism and she has a lot of critics about it. But the fact is she’s using her almost naked body all the time to draw an attention. You can see her twerking on her social media profiles. She’s showing her naked butt, tits and it’s all uncensored.

As long as she keep posting picture like these below people won’t start asking if she’s in UFC for one and only reason. Her naked and uncensored pictures.


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