Cryotherapy For BJJ And MMA Recovery

Cryotherapy for BJJ And MMA
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In today’s training people get the benefit of having science pave the way towards the best possible results. That holds true for both the professional MMA fighter and the recreational BJ guy/girl. The only problem is, science never stops exploring, so you while you might want to use it as a guide you don’t want to jump ship every time something new comes out. Still, some of the recent breakthroughs are definitely worth a try. One of those is cryotherapy. Speaking of it Cryotherapy for BJJ is probably the best possible way to rapidly recover from training.

In the quest for the utmost recovery system, athletes across the globe are willing to give anything a try. From proven stuff like massages and stretching to mumbo-jumbo like cupping. Wo where does Cryotherapy fit into all fo that. it is probably somewhere in the middle. Cryotherapy for BJJ, in particular, is an awesome recovery tool. The trick here is, doing it right. it is effective, albeit pretty new, and you can mess it up easily. That said if you can find a place that offers solid treatments. You’re going to recover faster compared to any other method.

Recovery And Grappling

During any kind of physical training, our bodies endure a lot of stress. All that stress causes damage to our muscles, which in turn, react by adapting and getting stronger. That is the main premise behind physical training in the first place. Well, with grappling you get a whole different type and amount of stress compared to any other physical endeavor.

Cryotherapy for BJJ And MMA recoveryBrazilian Jiu-=Jitsu is the art of controlling someone until such a time that you can apply a submission hold. Those submission holds are either moves that use leverage to cause a joint to break, or ways of choking someone unconscious, And that’s only the submission part of grappling. While we’re rolling, and in fact, even training, we get into a multitude of positions. During those, one person is on top and the other on the bottom. What people usually fail to factor in is pressure, awkward positioning of body parts, the inability to breathe, someone slipping, explosive movements going wrong, and a bunch of other stuff. All of this leads to soreness and inevitably injuries.

The strain from training is the main reason many grapplers turn to recovery methods even before they leave the mats. To that extent stretching or myofascial release are the usual suspects. Hot-Cold showers seem to be finding their way into grappling as well. However, the best possible thing you can do, scientifically proven, is Cryotherapy for BJJ.

What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy stands for treatment that uses freezing or near-freezing temperatures to enact changes in your body. It may be used for medicinal purposes, but mostly, ti is a recovery tool for high-level athletes. That said, nowadays, it is widely accessible to anyone in most spots in the world.

Basically, for cryotherapy sessions, you have two options that are spread worldwide. One is to get into a tank of sorts, where your head is sticking out. the rest of your body is in the tank and exposed to temperatures between -194 and -248 degrees Fahrenheit (-90 to -120 Celsius). The time spent inside varies but is usually between 2 and 5 minutes.

Apart from this type of cryo tank, there are also Cryotherapy chambers. In those, you go inside like in a sauna, with special gloves and a face mask on to prevent frostbite. The other parameters are pretty much the same, but this time, your entire body is exposed to the cold. in terms of Cryotherapy for BJJ athletes, both options work perfectly, but if you can get access to a full-body chamber, go for it!

Cryotherapy For BJJ And MMA Recovery

While Cryotherapy is still new and there’s a lot more to be learned about it, grapplers worldwide have been swearing by it. To that extent. Cryotherapy for BJJ does provide some benefits that are extremely desirable.

For starters, Cryotherapy helps relieve muscle pain and speed up muscle repair. If you’re a grappler that sounds like something too good to e true. Well, it is not. The cold causes your muscles and blood vessels to contract, flooding everything with blood when you get out. This means faster recovery and resolution of potential injuries. perfect!

Cryotherapy for BJJ And MMA fightersReducing inflammation is another big thing. Chronic inflammation is something every grappler that trains 5-6 a week has to worry about. Cryotherapy for BJJ is a great way of solving this particular issue. There’s ample research so far to back up this claim of cryotherapy, and this might be the most important benefit when it comes to grapplers.

Weight loss is another aspect of cryotherapy for BJJ that’s helpful. While you can’t expect to shed pounds in there like in a sauna, cryotherapy can help you both recover and drop some weight before a tournament which is something. No grappler is going to say “No” to that!

Final Thoughts

Cryotherapy might be one of the latest trends in the already questionable recovery world. Still, there’s science behind it and as much as more research is needed, it seems to work. To that extent, cryotherapy for BJJ and MMA fighters seems to be the ultimate solution to the recovery puzzle.

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