Best BJJ Training Bra For 2019 – Guide And Reviews

Training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, we all accept the possibility (or better said, high probability) of injury. While we’re all ok with the odd bent finger or two, or perhaps even a tweaked elbow, there are certain parts of our anatomy that we have to give priority to. After all, as much as we claim otherwise, there are bigger things in life than BJJ. Certain parts of our bodies have functions that involve a lot of responsibility. Not to mention the pain that comes when we injure them. In these terms, both ladies and gentlemen have their own sensitive areas requiring protection during grappling. Today, we’re going to explore some protective gear aimed at the finer half of Jiu-Jitsu. If you’re looking for the  Best BJJ Training Bra to wear during class, rolling and competition, your search is over.  While training any contact sport or martial art can never be … Continue reading Best BJJ Training Bra For 2019 – Guide And Reviews