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John Danaher is a well-known Coach and Instructor in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Community. Since the first EBI (Eddie Bravo Invitational) hit the ground BJJ and Especially BJJ NO-Gi scene got into a new dimension. A dimension of submission only as, probably, the most interesting aspect of Jiu-Jitsu. And, now, we have John Danaher DVD Instructional coming up!

That was actually a starting point of raise of Danaher’s Death Squad and John Danaher himself. Danaher, Renzo Gracie Academy Coach, was able to show the brilliance of his Jiu-Jitsu through his students that were invincible in EBI tournaments.

If you watched the EBI’s you can’t get a pass by the match between Garry Tonon and Eddie Cummings. TeamMates at that time went through each other exchanging such a tremendous knowledge of leg locking skills that probably all of us realized that we have no any clue what these guys were doing at all. That was the point where interest in leglocks went through the roof. And Danaher Death Squad became an Iconic team together with their coach John Danaher. We can freely say that these guys had a huge influence on all Grappling Martial arts too.

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John Danaher was teaching a lot of great athletes. Some very well known like Gordon Ryan, Garry Tonon, Eddie Cummings, Travis Stevens, Tom DeBlass and all other great athletes. He’s also an instructor of an MMA legend Georges St-Pierre, Chris Weidman and many others.

Tom DeBlass also released some Great Instructionals. Submission Escapes, Half Domination, High Tech BJJ in The Gi Together with some Weight and Nutrition Programs, and they are all influenced by training with John Danaher. You can check all of Tom De Blass DVD Instructionals HERE.

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Travis Stevens Did a Great Job on Releasing Instructionals from what he learned in JUDO and Training with John Danaher. Travis did a lot of instructionals focused on every aspect of BJJ combining Judo and Jiu-Jitsu. Chokes, Armlocks, wristlocks and the great release of Fundamentals of BJJ

John Danaher DVD Announcement

Today, John Danaher announced on his Instagram Profile that he’ll be making a new DVD series. You will be Able to find John Danaher DVD Instructionals HERE so make sure you check it from time to time.

John Danaher said that till now he was only able to teach audience in front of him. And that he’s been doing it for 24 years. He was teaching in his sensei’s Dojo Renzo Gracie Academy.

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As Danaher is saying that’s not what he wants. He can’t have a huge influence in the knowledge of people around the world by training only people in front of him or doing seminars. He wants to teach the wider audience and actually to teach the world.

When people were asking John Danaher to come and teach them he usually didn’t have time for that. He was too preoccupied with his students and their own progress that he couldn’t help others to make progress. You could only come to his classes which are opened to everyone or wait for him to come to make a seminar.

Unfortunately for students around the world, John Danaher wasn’t able to travel a lot because of problems with his body. So that was even worse for people who wanted to learn from him. At the point when his knee was replaced after he got the hip replacement things were just going worse for him. He wasn’t able to travel at all and was in serious doubt of being able to demonstrate the moves at all. Not even on seminars but to his own students too.

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The good thing is his students were able to show us the moves Danaher taught them throughout the variety of competitions around the world. From Local tournaments to EBI, ADCC etc.

John Danaher DVD Instructionals Are Already Recorded!

Acknowledging all those problems that John Danaher has he decided to go for DVD series release. This will be the first John Danaher DVD ever and that’s something that you can’t miss.

John Danaher will produce these DVDs together with Bernardo Faria and Michael Zenga from BJJ Fanatics. As he said, Bernardo Faria, multiple World Champion made him do it. The John Danaher DVDs will at first have two systems. The first one will be Ashi Garami leg Locking system and the other one will be Back Attacks.

As Danaher is saying there will be a lot of it about leg attacks. He will show the full concept of Ashi Garami. He’ll show the full concept about leg attacks too. It will also contain philosophy, tactics, and techniques on all kind of leg attacks. Danaher will show everything that his students were doing in competition and on seminars for the last years.

Both John Danaher DVD instructionals are already filmed in the basement of BJJ Fanatics. Danaher is describing it as a marathon session that will make his DVD Instructional be very long and very educational.

Danaher also said that if people will be interested to see more from him that he will continue his work with BJJ Fanatics, Michael Zenga, and Bernardo Faria.

It’s finally time for us to learn everything that Danaher Death Squad was learning for years. Who knows, maybe these DVDs will change the way and direction that Jiu-jitsu is going to. Maybe it will raise some new athletes that were unknown before without real leg locking instructions. The time will tell.

And until this release is up, make sure you check the free preview of John Danaher DVD and the free techniques that we’ll be able to see on his Instructional.

Although the other great athletes like Craig Jones, Dean Lister, who influenced Danaher the most to go for leg locks training, Jay Wadsworth and others also made great Instructionals on leg locks. You can check The list of the BEST LEG LOCKS INSTRUCTIONALS.

Probably the most closest Instructional to Danaher Death Squad Leg Locking system is made by Craig Jones. He was very influenced by DDS leg attacks system and their presentation in tournaments. Craig Jones’ Leg Locking Instructional is so great that Danaher will have a hard time showing more than Craig Jones did. Craig Jones DVD Instructionals also made a huge influence on leg locks around the world and they’re definitely something you want to have in your Collection. Craig Jones also did an Awesome Z-Guard Instructional. The position where a lot of leg attacks are coming from. There are more instructionals from Craig Jones like Back Attacks etc…. You can Check all Craig Jones Instructionals HERE.

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