Rodrigo Cavaca DVD – Wiseman BJJ Detailed REVIEW

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There is no one universally best strategy to use in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. There are, however, certain tactics that can ensure you get the most out of every situation. Sometimes these tactics can be seen as stalling by people who enjoy doing flips and inversions. This misunderstanding is understandable as many matches have run their entire course in one position without anyone getting the edge. When you add in certain attacking elements that are very high percentage though, things get a very different direction. Basic and secure positions now have the added benefit of an attacking threat. It is simply, the wise thing to do. And who better to give you this knowledge the Wiseman himself, Rodrigo Cavaca. On Rodrigo Cavaca’s DVD, Wiseman BJJ, he offers an insight into the competitive strategies of a truly seasoned grappler.

The Wiseman BJJ DVD is primarily intended for two groups of grapplers. First and foremost, older practitioners or Masters are going to benefit greatly from this release. Secondly, it is a great guide for anyone actively competing in grappling martial arts. The Wiseman BJJ DVD is all about the most effective strategy to win a match without any exertion whatsoever!  You’ve never seen so effective uses of the closed guard before, especially not in conjunction with the most devastating submissions in grappling – leg locks. It took a Wiseman to put this together, but now that it’s out there, you have no excuse for not getting it straight away!

Rodrigo “Wiseman” Cavaca – A Masterful Grappler

Rodrigo Cavaca was one of the main coaches in the famed Checkmat academy. He is a highly accomplished grappler with many world titles to his name. Now he is associated with Zenith BJJ alongside grappling standout Robert Drysdale. Cavaca is a 36-year-old grappler who qualifies as a Masters 2 competitor under IBJJF rules. However, so far he is still competing in the adult division, dominating everyone. He is not an exceptional athlete or the strongest person on the mats. He is, however, wise and is especially adept at devising cunning strategies that are simple and effective.

One great quality of Cavaca is his exceptional knowledge of footlocks. Early on he understood the advantage leg locks offer and started developing his own system. In that sense, his methodology is different from Danaher’s legendary system in that it is legal under IBJJF rules. That said, the Wiseman BJJ DVD offers leg locking attacks that are anything but ineffective. Footlocks are very powerful submissions that can catch everyone, once they’re understood and used correctly. Cavaca’s recognition of this fact resulted in the development of a very efficient leg locking system that competitors can apply without much effort. It is one of the reasons he is successfully competing in adult divisions to this day.

The second main part of Cavaca’s effective strategy is working from a position of dominance without being at risk. One such position is the fundamentally closed guard. Without the need for fancy experiments, Wiseman offers strategies in two distinct directions. One is offensive, exploring attacking opportunities from the closed guard. The second one is counterattacking, focusing on how to retain the guard by countering your opponents. Combine this with the footlock concepts and you have a world title-winning combination, all in one Wiseman BJJ DVD set.

Rodrigo Cavaca DVD Wiseman BJJ – An Instructional For Every Occasion

The secret behind Cavaca’s footlock success? He has his own variations of the legal leg locks that are brutally effective. Remember that he tapped Cyborg in 10 seconds with a move nobody had seen before? Now you can see all the details of the footlock that took down an ADCC champion. Cavaca has a clear system in place to provide you with the best opportunity to beat bigger, faster and younger opponents. It is all about being smart.

The Wiseman BJJ DVD set is split right down the middle. Two volumes focus on Cavaca’s top-class footlock strategies. IN order to ensure that you can reach victory from anywhere, he offers setups and finishes from both the top and bottom. Even better, he offers footlock sequences that contain up to 5 moves. This means no opponent is going to have the ability to resist for long, no matter what they try. The second part of this series is all about being as effective from the bottom as possible. In that sense, Cavaca goes over closed guard strategies and counters to the most common passes.

Rodrigo Cavaca DVD – Wiseman BJJ vol.1

Introduction to footlocks. Contrary to most of the latest leg lock DVD instructionals, Cavaca starts his off from the top. He offers crucial details on finishing the straight footlock, most of them never heard of before. Without wasting any time he offers a multi-threat attacking sequence to demolish the feet of an opponent in closed guard. Yeah, you read that right, he discovered a way to attack the closed guard with footlocks.  Also featuring in the volume are counter-attacking sequences against one of the most annoying guard positions in Jiu-Jitsu – the deep half guard. Capping things off is a fantastic footlock sequence off of the Torreando guard pass. Brilliant stuff by a real Jiu-Jitsu genius.

Rodrigo Cavaca DVD – Wiseman BJJ vol. 2

This is where things get really interesting. DVD number two has only three chapters. However, each of them is so much more than just a demonstration of a technique. Namely, the focus is on three distinct sequences of footlocks, each starting from a different bottom position. The lasso guard is one of the toughest guards to pass as has been proven over and over again at the highest levels. Now Cavaca makes it even more dangerous by including a multi-attacking system of footlock submissions. Your opponents won’t know what hit them when you master this system.

Furthermore, if you like to attack from the single leg, you can attack footlocks. Yes, nobody has thought of that before, but once you see Cavacas take on it, you’ll realize how effective it can be. Again, it’s not just a move it is a whole sequence of them. Finally, Wiseman introduces the closed guard by demonstrating a very cool footlock sequence. It all starts from the closed guard and ends up in the 50/50 with 5 submission options along the way.

Rodrigo Cavaca DVD – Wiseman BJJ vol.3

Closed guard magic. This is the best description of this Wiseman BJJ DVD volume. Just like with the footlocks, Cavaca takes an unusual route when attacking from the closed guard. He likes to use an overhook control, which is very rare in BJJ. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why it is so effective. It opens up Oomoplata attacks so fast and tight that you won’t believe how easy you get the tap.

For me, the real winner of the complete Wiseman BJJ DVD set is at the end of this particular volume. The Brabo grip system from the closed guard is nothing short of astonishing. I am a big proponent of Brabo chokes and had no idea they could be set up perfectly from the closed guard. Cavaca’s system utilizes lapel grips to great success, with multiple follow-ups available. And of course, the octopus series from closed guard is going to confuse even the most experienced opponents you meet.

Rodrigo Cavaca DVD – Wiseman BJJ vol.4

The icing on the cake comes in the form of a series of counterattacks from the bottom. Although it is highly unlikely, in some instances the guard system just won’t work. No matter if you go for the Brabo sequence or a footlocking one, sometimes things just don’t go your way. In case of such situations, Cavaca has a complete system to help you submit your opponent by baiting them into attacking. Instead of defensive options, Cavaca offers high-percentage counters to most passing sequences. From Ttorreandopassess to pressure passes like the over-under, you’ll brush them all off with ease thanks to one Wiseman’s innovative efforts.

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