Find Out What’s Really Causing Pain in Your Lower Back (6 Reasons)

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Lower back pain, pardon the pun, can be a real pain and can inhibit your BJJ and your life. Based on extensive reading of research available, 6 reasons came out loud and clear for what’s causing it.

The very first reason, is one that almost nobody tells you about and you have to get it seen too, otherwise, you’re risking long-term damage. 85% to 94% of people are going to get hit with lower back pain, which may even be higher if you train BJJ.

Why is so important to know the causes of lower back pain? BJJ places such a high demand on the lower back, that pain can be caused by a number of areas both on the mat and off the mat. Yet, most solutions only target one area, mobility. Mobility is not enough. Yes, it’s important, as I point out in this video. Yet, there are 5 other areas YOU MUST take care of to address the pain in your lower back AND protect yourself from lower back pain.

The body is a system, that when the individual parts are not working correctly, other parts of the system need to take up the ‘slack’. If your lower back is taking up the ‘slack’ then that’s what’s probably causing your pain and stopping you from training BJJ. So, by knowing the different causes, you can start to address the correct solutions, a complete solution, a solution that will not just give you a short-term fix, but fix lower back pain for life.

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