Best Cheap MMA Gear 2020 Guide And Reviews

Combat sports training is unlike any other sport. Competing in mixed martial arts is pretty much an attempt to control the chaos. Well, training MMA has controlled chaos, but it is still chaos. Whenever there’s contact, there’s the potential for injuries and things going wrong. All the gear we wear during both fighting and training is not optional for a great reason – it reduces the effects of the chaos significantly. However, gearing up to head to toes for MMA sparring is not something that comes cheap. Yet, training without it is not an option at all. This is where our Best Cheap MMA Gear 2020 guide comes in. 

The math is simple. If you train MMA, you’ll need gear. If you train MMA for fighting, you’ll need even more gear, most of it highly specialized. In essence, this is mostly protective gear, focused on protecting both yourself and your training partner. However, all that gear does come at a price… a literal one. MMA training requires much more than just putting on UFC gloves and going berserk. The catch is that the cheaper MMA gear usually is, the worse protection it offers. In essence, you always know you’ve got quality if the price is high. Still, there’s a loophole here that you can use if you know-how. Budget MMA gear is out there and it provides the same, if not more, quality than regularly priced gear. Our best cheap MMA gear guide will help you find everything you need for a tiny fraction of the price.

The Bare Essentials Of MMA Gear

You would not head out running a marathon without proper running shoes, would you? Well, going into MMA training without the proper gear is just as dumb. That said, there are essential pieces of training gear that you can’t do without, optional pieces of gear, and some that are completely unnecessary. Before we look into the best cheap MMA gear you can get in 2020, let’s first clear up what are the bare essentials for mixed martial arts training.

The first thing people think of is gloves, but in reality, you need something even before you think about gloves. Without a pair of good length, durable hand wraps, your hands are quickly going to become increasingly painful, regardless of the type of gloves you wear. Only after wraps, you can think about gloves. On the subject of MMA gloves, you have two main options – fight gloves and MMA sparring gloves. FIhgt gloves are the real deal, but you can’t really do live striking with them. MMA sparring gloves, on the other hand, allow you to train both grappling and sparring with ease. Having both is the ideal combination.

On the subject of protective MMA gear, you can’t go without there are three more items. First up you need an MMA helmet for reasons that are more than obvious. Next up, shin guards are a must, especially if you’ve never done kickboxing before. Finally, a great mouthpiece is not only going to protect your teeth but also your jaw, neck, and even skull.

When it comes to optional MMA gear, fight shorts or a pair of spats (or both) come in really handy) However, you can also do without them if you have to. The same holds true for having your own focus mitts.

Best Cheap MMA Gear in 2020

Buying cheap usually equates to throwing money away. Essentially it is a much worse decision than that option to spend a bit more and actually get something that’s worth it. With low-quality MMA gear, though, the cost might be much bigger. Under the best of circumstances, MMA is a hazard to your health. As the ultimate contact combat sport, this is to be expected. MMA gear goes a long way in helping you prepare for the cage as safely and optimally as possible.

When you take all the marketing and jibberish out of the way, it is actually pretty simple. First, you want to protect yourself. Then, you want to protect your training partner. Finally, you want to have gear that will last and will help you improve your performance. If these are the only criteria you have, you’ll easily find the best possible MMA sparring gear in existence. However, if you factor in price as well, you’ll need something more. You’ll need the best cheap MMA gear 2020 guide we have ready for you.


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Hand wraps are essential to keeping your hands healthy. They’re actually much more important than the gloves themselves. With hand wraps, it’s not hard to find cheap ones, but it is a challenge to find real quality ones that won’t fall apart after a couple of weeks. Sanabul’s Pro hand wraps are one of the best choices you can make.
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Sanabuls ‘s Pro Elastic MMA Hand Wraps are available at a cut-price of just $6. What you get for the price is a pair of 180-inch hand wraps that are perfect for MMA, boxing, or Muay Thai. They are made from special polyester that makes them elastic and very durable. They retain their shape even after years of use. These hand wraps wick moisture flawlessly, offer great breathability, and dry extremely fast. They are available in 9 different colors, from full black to purple and silver. The size of 180″ covers everyone’s needs, all you need to know is how to wrap them correctly.

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The distinction between MMA fight gloves and MMA sparring gloves is not hard to make. If you spar with fight gloves, you won’t have a very long or successful career. However, fight gloves come in handy, particularly when you need to get used to grappling with them. Everlast MMA fight gloves are designed for precisely that purpose.
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Black or red, these gloves won’t set you back more than $20. That’s a bargain price for MMA gloves if ever there was one. Not to mention that these are Everlast gloves, made of premium synthetic leather and designed for durability. They feature a modern ergonomic design with refined padding that allows them to fit your hand perfectly. EverDri technology lining ensures that moisture is never an issue while training. The wrist strap is wide and provides superior wrist support. They are available in black and red color and come in sizes small/medium and large/extra large. One of the most essential pieces of the best cheap MMA gear of 2020!

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71MCQhIBXGL. SL1000  - Best Cheap MMA Gear 2020 Guide And ReviewsIf you have to choose between MMA fight gloves and MMA sparring gloves, you should definitely pick up a pair of the latter first. Specialized MMA sparring gloves, like the Sanabul Essential Hybrid MMA gloves, offer every benefit of MMA fight gloves, with none of the dangers. They come in slightly heavier, but also offer increased protection. One of the key components of our best cheap MMA gear 2020 guide!
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These 7oz MMA sparring gloves are available at an unbelievable $19! Given that they come in six different colored designs, from all black to black and silver or copper combinations, that is a pretty sweet deal. Performance engineered leather guarantees high quality and durability and makes cleaning really easy. The padding is Durasoft Impact Protection Foam which translates to superb protection and softness that helps keep your hand completely safe. The closure system is by a hook and loop system, providing a secure system that won’t come undone during training. The gloves are perfect for both striking and grappling training, allowing for live MMA sparring. Small/medium and large/extra-large sizes cover everyone’s needs.

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This might as well be on top of our best cheap MMA gear guide. There won’t be much training if you get your teeth knocked out during training. Even if you’re only doing grappling, you need to train with a mouth guard on. As you’re about to see, mouth guards provide much more protection than just your teeth. Shock Doctor is unrivaled as a brand that makes the best quality mouth guards for MMA, without a doubt!
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The Nano 3D Shock Doctor Convertible Mouthguard costs nothing more than $20. That means you get premium protection for your mouth, neck, and jaw for an incredible price! Plus, this is one of those pieces of gear that you buy once and you can use them forever. Designs come in three different versions: pearl carbon, pearl orange, and trans blue. There’s an exclusive NANO inner wall that ensures a perfect fit. The mouthpiece is lightweight, very thin, and extremely comfortable. Innovative Tri-bite stabilizers help align the upper and lower jaw, extending the protection. There are gel-fit inner custom molds that perfectly adhere to your teeth. Latex, BPA, and Phthalate free.

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Focus mitts are a piece of optional MMA gear, but if you can get a pair of them of your own, you really need to get them. Having your own mitts means you can always get a workout in, provided you find yourself a partner. Moreover, if you own your focus mitts you can make sure you get great ones that’ll last and actually help you perform and train better. Sanabul’s Essentials Curved Mitts are among the very best in the world.
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At a price of just $21 for a pair of these mitts, you’d be hard-pressed to find any better deal. In the spirit of our best cheap MMA gear 2020 guide, they’re also extremely high quality and very versatile. All black or black and metallic colored combinations are on offer, with a total of 5 different color variations available. These mats are hand molded from the get-go, following the natural curve of your hands. Senate Ultra-Light Foam means you can absorb even the hardest punches without even feeling them. They are extremely comfortable to wear and also very durable. Performance engineered leather guarantees years upon years of daily use.  Half-ball palm grips complete these perfect pairs of MMA focus mitts.

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Back to our MMA gear essentials. If you’ve never done kickboxing or Muay Thai so far, you’ll definitely need this piece of gear. MMA shin pads are basically gloves for your shins. If you think your shins are much tougher than your hands you need to think again. A pair of solid MMA shin guards can make all the difference in the world during MMA sparring. The Combat Sports MMA Shin Guards are the best budget shin pads you can find in 2020, no questions about it!
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How much for a pair of solid shin guards? Well, the Combat Sports MMA Shin Guards are only going to set you back around $10. That’s nothing, compared to some of the shin guard prices you might run into out there. Black, blue, red, and gray-colored designs ensure there’s enough variety for everyone’s taste. These shin guards are of the pull-over variety. Furthermore, the foam padding is easy to remove completely, so that the sleeve goes in the washing machine. A special velcro pocket ensures removal and re-insertion of the foam is a breeze. They feature a special compression material that ensures the shin guard won’t slip and provide an added compression. Sold as a pair, in sizes from small to extra large.

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Optional or essential MMA gear, you can be the judge of that. If you absolutely need to, you can train in your garden variety of board shorts. However, MMA requires movement that nothing apart from specialized gear can offer. When it comes to the best cheap MMA gear out there, Dr. Skin’s baselayer compression things ensure the most comfortable MMA training possible, Moreover, they can even positively impact your performance.
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As far as price goes, these spats only cost $9.79. That’s almost the cheapest entry in our best cheap MMA gear 2020 guide. Moreover, they come in a staggering 42 different colors and designs. But that’s not all. for a price of only $25, you can get a pack of three pairs. A combination of 92 Polyester and 8% Spandex ensures extreme comfort and training without any restrictions. They are extremely elastic and durable, resistant to odors, germs, and abrasions. The spats also provide great compression, which improves blood flow, and subsequently, performance and recovery. They include Quick time Dry technology as well as a TWO-WAY Air Circulation system for breathability. Available in 9 different sizes, from XXX-Small to XXX-Large.

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If you really can’t stand MMA spats, which is totally understandable you can always opt for MMA shorts. Or, given that this is the best cheap MMA gear 2020 guide, you can get both. Still, if shorts are your preference, there are MMA shorts that are far better than your usual board shorts. The Sanabul Essentials Series Fight Shorts fit that description to a T.
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When it comes to fighting shorts, you want comfort and unrestricted movement first. Well, you get all that, plus lots more for just $19.99 with the Sanabul Essentials Fight Shorts. There are 8 different designs in total, all of which are black, with a difference in the color of the waistband and seams. 6 different sizes just add even more versatility to the mix. These high-grade, high-functioning form-fitting shorts are specifically designed for the needs of MMA. The shorts feature a modern design, not as baggy as others, and able to stretch in four directions. There is reinforced stitching along the seams that guarantee an extended life. Resistant to germs, easy to wash in the machine, and quick to dry. A hook and loop closure system help keep them firmly in place.

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Finally, something to keep your head safe. Combined with a great mouthpiece, and MMA helmet is probably the most important thing you can wear for your protection. It is actually much easier more likely to get knocked out in training than in a fight unless you have a helmet on. The RDX head guard is high quality, cheap and perfect for all levels of MMA fighters. ALL in all the perfect way to wrap our best cheap MMA gear 2020 guide up.
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An MMA sparring helmet for just $35? Yes, please. However, what you get is not just a generic MMA headgear. On the contrary, the RDX Head Guard is a shell shock based, Tri-slab Max-Shock foam padding created for high impact absorption. An adjustable quick Ez hook and loop closure mean you can adjust it as much as you need to find the perfect fit. There’s also a high-quality plastic-encased face grill that you can remove at your convenience. Resilient Maya Hide leather ensures this helmet is going to last for years. There is also an integrated gel tech padding that provides the best possible levels of protection. Available in black, black and blue, black and pink, and black and red.

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Low Price, High Quality

In most situations, the combination of low price and high quality is not something we see often. When it comes to MMA gear, the sheer number of brands and different pieces of equipment can overwhelm even seasoned fighters that know what they’re looking for. And, let’s face it, until such time that you get a sponsorship deal, you’ll need to get your own gear.

In terms of quality though, there’s a lot of room for debate. Quality in terms of MMA gear is hugely variable, given the many different pieces you need. To that extent, material, of course, plays a huge role. Different pieces of gear require different materials, but the main properties you’re looking for are durability, comfort, and ease of maintenance. As you can see from our best cheap MMA gear guide, getting top quality material on a budget is more than possible.

Speaking of comfort, fit come next. In general, MMA gear needs to fit you perfectly, meaning no room for slack. However, you can’t just get ultra-tight gear that impedes your movement. The best MMA gear strikes a perfect balance between the two, regardless if it is a mouthguard or a pair of shin guards.

Easo of maintenance is another huge one. If your gear retains odors and is susceptible to the growth of microbes, that’s a sign of plain cheap gear. However, if you have resistant gear, with built-in ventilation, that’s easy to wash in a washing machine and dries instantly, then you’re looking at quality gear.

Finally, there’s the question of design or rather the quality of the design. Color that peels off and leath3er that cracks are just a couple of reasons why the best cheap MMA gear 2020 guide comes in useful.

In Conclusion

So what does the math of all the items in our best cheap MMA gear 2020 guide comes to? We did it for you, and it comes down to $160 for a piece of everything that we have above. That means that you can get outfitted for professional MMA training and sparring for the price of just one of these items if you buy it regularly. Time to capitalize on this deal land head straight to the gym!

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