Best MMA Shorts 2020 Guide And Reviews

As a long-time practitioner of martial arts, mostly traditional, I’m one of the biggest proponents of No-Gi in my school. Whether it is No-Gi grappling, MMA training, or Muay Thai work, I definitely choose shorts and a rashguard over a Gi. It probably has to do a lot with having spent near to 30 years in one sort of a Gi or another. It also has to do with mobility, comfort, and most importantly, range of motion. Well, the key piece of equipment here is shorts. And not just any shorts, but highly specialized ones, designed for Mixed Martial Arts. Still, even among specialized MMA shorts, there are differences. So, we went out and took a look at a whole bunch of them to figure out which are the best MMA shorts of 2020. 

MMA shorts are truly an essential part of MMA training. Many people choose to train with a rashguard, while just as many like to wear nothing on their upper body. Shorts, however, are mandatory, and not just for obvious reasons. They provide comfort, mobility, protection, help keep your cup in place, etc. You won’t know how much they aid in your day to day training until you have to train without them. If you’ve ever tried to train with regular shorts you know how much of a struggle they are. The best MMA short provides an extended range of motion, has integrated ventilation, does not retain odors and microbes, and come in every possible design and style. And those are just some of their top qualities.

Types of MMA Shorts

Before we go into what makes certain MMA shorts better than others, let’s take a look at types of shorts. After all, there are different types of MMA shorts out there that fit the needs of different people. While there are many more than three modifications out there, the foundational types are just three. And you can find all three of them in any MMA or grappling gym that you walk in.

The first type of shorts and the oldest one are board shorts. Well, they’re not exactly the board shorts you know, but slightly modified ones. After all, their intended use is MMA which requires so very specific properties. Moreover, they’re the type most often seen in competition or training. They are optimized for combat sports, thanks to the choice of material, overall design, and the mandatory sidecuts.

The second type of MAM shorts is something that was not seen too often in the past. Fedor used to be a fan of this type, but nowadays, they’re just as widespread as board shorts. These are the Vale Tudo type shorts or compression shorts. these allow by far the most range of motion and give a different level of protection. They’re comfortable to wear but not everyone likes to train and fight in them. Still, if they thick all the boxes of the best MMA shorts 2020 guide, only personal preference makes the difference.

The final type is a hybrid between the previous two. In appearance, these shorts are similar to board shorts but have the characteristics of both board and compression shorts.

Best MMA Shorts

When it comes to the best MMA shorts of 2020, you can pretty much do just about anything with them. Apart from MMA training, of course. Whether it is grappling, running, strength and conditioning training or just going to the beach, you can use your MMA shorts. They’re extremely versatile and serve many purposes. Even when it comes to MMA, they help you with much more than just covering your groin.

The criteria we used to pick the best MMA shorts for our brand new 2020 guide were plentiful. We really wanted the MM short to deliver so we took into account many things. One of the most important ones was, of course, the price. While there are varying prices, we made sure that each hand every pair of shorts below is more than affordable. Furthermore, the materials they’re made of are of the highest grade, depending on the type of shorts. We also made sure we feature at least a couple of pairs from each type. Style, sizes, performance, ease of maintenance, and many more were also key to our choices.


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As you’ll see as our best MMA shorts 2020 guide progresses, just about every major brand makes an appearance. We already know that MMA gear brands like Hayabusa make some great quality products. the trick is finding the high-quality affordable ones. Hayabusa’s Chikara fight shorts are one of the best sellers of all time. They’re very popular among UFC stars for training. They were also the shorts lot of fighters preferred to wear in the octagon before Reebok.
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These fight shorts are available in a white and red combination. They feature the Hayabusa logo in black on the sides which gives the man an even slicker appearance. They’re available in all usual sizes, from small all the way to XXlarge. The shorts feature an exclusive guard locker inner grip waistband system that ensures they stay in place. The tie system has integrated indestructible webbing for a customizable fit. The graphics are permanently fused in the fiber, meaning they will fade no matter how much you wash them. The material is a Multidirectional stretch fabric that ensures these shorts provide maximum movement. As far as type goes, these are hybrid MMA shorts of the highest possible quality.

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tapout performance fight shorts green 305 - Best MMA Shorts 2020 Guide And Reviews

Hard to do an MMA shorts guide and not feature Tapout shorts. many people nowadays see them as something people that are only MMA trolls wear. Still, Tapout is a brand that can deliver an insanely great quality product, much like the Tapout Performance Shorts. These are once again hybrid shorts of the highest possible quality. perfect for anything, from fighting to swimming.
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These MM shorts are available in a really cool design that features a black and green color combination. The recognizable Tapout logo is embedded on the sides in white. Sizes include everything between small and extra-large, covering most people’s requirements. As far as fighting in these shorts goes, you can do it under any organization apart from the UFC, as they’re officially licensed fight gear. They’re made from 100% cotton that comes pre-shrunk. The shorts are resistant to odors and germs and have a built-in ventilation system to ensure moisture doesn’t remain on them. The shorts also feature a four-way stretch system ensuring a maximal range of unimpeded movement from all angles.

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I have to confess, I am somewhat partial to the RDX MMA shorts but my bias isn’t the only reason the feature in our best MMA shorts 2020 guide. They’re truly one of the highest quality product that is also the most versatile when it comes to design. These shorts are the best-priced ones in our guide and are among the most durable hybrid MMA shorts in existence.
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The RDX MMA Fight Shorts come in three different designs. Although they’re simply labeled as blue, green, and yellow, the graphic patterns are much more complex than just single colors. Moreover, they’re fully sublimated and resistant to sweat, moisture, odor, germs, and safe to wash in machines. With size options from XS – XXL there’s enough variety in there to satisfy everyone. Once again, a strong grip waistband ensures a precise and accurate customizable fit. These hybrid MMA shorts are ergonomically designed with mobility in mind, featuring specific athletic cuts. The fabric is not only highly durable but also has elastic properties that allow stretching in every direction. Exclusive T3 stitching further ensure resilience and prevents tearing during grappling exchanges.

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It is time to explore a different type of MM shorts other than the hybrid type. Since hybrids are similar to board shorts in appearance, we switch over to compression, or Vale Tudo shorts for a little while. The first compression shorts representative in our best MMA shorts 2020 guide here are the Meister MMA Crown Vale Tudo Fight Shorts. IF you’re a fan of compression shorts for MMA, then these thick all the boxes.
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Style-wise, these MMA compression shorts come in a black and blue combination. The meister logo features on the lower right portion of the front side of the shorts. Sizes range between 28-41 and there’s a size chart included to make things clearer. The material is Special Lycra Microfiber with double stitching for maximal performance. AS far as applications go, you can do anything in these, from grappling to actual MMA fighting. There is a low profile waistband and leg cuffs that ensure no movement during training/fighting. The design also guarantees a flawless fit, even with a groin protector underneath. There’s even a small drawstring on the inside to provide further adjustment options.

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When it comes to style, there’s hardly any other pair of compression MMA shorts that look better than the Venum Koi shorts. So much so, in fact, that this is the second edition of these top quality MMA shorts. They are extremely comfortable and built for optimal performance inside the cage. Plus, they look awesome and come at a really affordable price. My top pick when it comes to compression shorts, without a doubt.
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The Venum Koi 2.0 compression shorts come in a black and white combination. The graphics are impeccable and of the highest quality. They’re impossible to peel off or fade. The design has a unique take on a Koi fish, drawn on a black background. The Venum logo is present in red across the length of the waistband. The material is a patented Venum blend of 87 % Polyester and 13% Spandex. this guarantees both comfort and softness, as well as maximal durability and resilience. Venum compression technology further guarantees better performance. There’s also innovative dry technology that manages moisture and keeps you dry. The seams are completely ergonomic and there’s an elastic waistband to ensure a perfect fit. Available in all the usual sizes.

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It is time to turn our attention to the final type of the best MMA shorts available in 2020. these are the “classic” board shorts, the original MMA fight shorts. Elite is a brand that delivers a very specific type of MMA gear. They prefer simplistic designs that deliver on performance and quality, rather than overly accentuated aesthetics. Top-quality, great price, and extremely long-lasting MMA shorts.
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The Elite Sports Star Series MMA shorts are board-style MMA shorts that come in half a dozen different designs. Basically, they’re all black MMA board shorts that feature a different colored star on the side where the Elite logo is. The material is 100% Polyester which means they require some attention in the form of handwashing. The 150 gsm fabric is completely tear-resistant, though, and these MMA shorts will last you a lifetime. There’s a two-fold velcro closure waistband that doesn’t chafe. An inside drawstring further helps adjust and secure the shorts for training. There are side slits that run pretty high, allowing for unrestricted movement in all directions. Available in sizes 30-38 (consult size chart for more information).

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The final pair of MMA shorts are also of the board-style variety. However, their original application was as grappling shorts. After proving themselves in that area, they turned out to also be a top pair of MMA shorts, for both training and fighting. I have personal experience with these, as well as seeing them worn by plenty of MMA fighters on a regular basis. the shorts in question are the Gold BJJ Fight shorts, one of the very best MMA shorts for 2020!
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These board shorts come ina black color, with a very stylishly designed white Gold BJJ log n each side. They’re perfect for grappling and are you can even compete in IBJJF tournaments with them. The material is a special Gold BJJ blend that makes this pair of MMA shorts ultralight. In fact, they’re the most lightweight pair in our best MMA shorts 2020 guide. The design allows for movement in each direction and the material has incredible sweat-wicking properties. They are available in sizes S-XXL. The closure system features a drawstring that allows perfect fitting. Extra comfortable, highly breathable, and come with a 100% money-back guarantee.

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MMA Shorts FAQs

One question people often ask is whether MMA shorts are mandatory for training. Of course, they’re not, but they do make a significant difference to your training experience. Still, if you insist, you can train in just about anything.

Washing and hygiene are other common subjects. All of the shorts featured in our best MMA shorts 2020 guide feature sublimated graphics. You can swash them as much as you can and they’ll never fade or peel. moreover, each pair has washing instructions but in general, they’re all safe ogo in both the washing machine and the dryer.

What about pockets? Some MMA shorts do feature an inner pocket for keeping a mouthpiece wor whatever. Still, it is common sense to keep the pocket empty while you’re training. For that reason, most shorts do not have any kind of pockets.

Safety is also the main reason there are no zippers, metal rings or anything that may injure you for your opponent. The closure system is also optimized to keep everything in place and keep the drawstrings and velcro on the inside. Once again, this helps prevent scratches and injuries.

The range of motion is guaranteed with any of the best MMA shorts in our 2020 guide. On that subject, the type of shorts does not affect mobility at all. The closure system and design also make them stay firmly in place, although compression shorts are the hardest to accidentally slide off.

Finally, groin cups. Each of the best MMA shorts either has special designs that help keep groin cups in place, or they feature a built-in groin cup. That said, make it a point to always wear a cup, whether it is training or fighting.


Whichever type of MMA shorts you prefer wearing, make sure you have the very best version of them in your MMA gym bag. After all, it is much easier to pick up a pair of any of the best MMA shorts of 2020 and not have to worry about them giving way, tearing, or fading. Our suggestion is to always go for quality over style, but we made sure we included both as much as we could in the guide above. The rest is up to you!

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