Best MMA Sparring Gloves 2021 Reviews And Guide

The Best MMA Sparring gloves guide for 2019 with detailed reviews
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Thinking about giving MMA a try? Switching from grappling to full-out MMA training is hard. Given that you’re comfortable with your stand-up skills, you’re going to need some extra equipment compared to grappling. For starters, you’ll need some safety gear. That means gloves, shin pads, helmet, etc. However, you can’t just go and use whatever you think fits. You need the right training equipment for the right way of training. When it comes to MMA sparring, you need to make sure that before anything else, you have a pair of the Best MMA Sparring Gloves that are available to get in 2021! And we have the ultimate guide for you! 

training MMA is going to be harder than anything else you’ve ever done. Doing something so demanding puts both your body and your mind under a real strain. While you’re fighting, every lapse in concentration can cost you a fight. However, there’s no need to go through the same whenever you train. It is essential that you train as close as possible to the way you’ll fight. Still, sparring in a cage with 4 oz fight gloves on a daily basis is a bad idea. But boxing gloves are also not the answer! Instead, there are gloves that are designed specifically for MMA sparring. So, let’s look at some of the best MMA sparring gloves you can get to help you with both safe and effective MMA training.

MMA Sparring 

If MMA fighting is the hardest thing you’ll ever do, then MMA sparring is impossibly hard! it is pretty much like fighting on a daily basis and with multiple opponents. Granted, the intensity and pressure are far from the same, but the punishment is not that different. So if you need to be smart about fighting, you need to be even smarter about training MMA. That means staying safe first and foremost.

First of all, the main reason you wear gloves in MMA is not to protect your opponent. MMA gloves have the task of protecting your wrists and hands from the trauma of repetitive impact. Training, on the other hand, and sparring, in particular, is different. here, you want to make sure both your hands and your training partners are safe. And, since you’re getting hit as well, you want the other guy/girl to also have appropriate MMA sparring gloves on.

MMA sparring gloves are different from other types of MMA gloves. In fact, there are three basic MMA gloves types: fight gloves, grappling gloves, and sparring gloves. The first two are pretty similar, with just subtle differences in design and weight. MMA sparring gloves, on the other hand, are obviously not the same as fighting. grappling MMA gloves. At first glance, they are quite larger and bulkier, although not to the extent of boxing gloves. next, they’re heavier and they feature an original design, so they allow for clinching and perhaps takedown training as well. One thing these gloves are not intended for is grappling, although it is not entirely impossible to do so with them on. Still, for any and all mitt work, bag work, and standup live sparring, MMA sparring gloves are the only piece of gear to guarantee safety and comfort.

The Best MMA Sparring Gloves of 2021

In terms of the best MM sparring gloves you can get, we really had our work cut out for us. There are so many options out there and they all do a solid job. However, some are simply in a class of their own. All it takes is knowing what you’re looking for in MMA sparring gloves and, of course, knowing where to look. Combining both those efforts resulted in our best MMA Sparring Gloves 2021 Guide, which features nothing but the top choices. Our choices are given even more weight by the fact that they’re the preferred choices of world champion MMA fighters around the globe.

Further along, we bring you some top-priced, high-quality, easy to obtain sparring gloves for mixed martial arts. Whatever your choice is, you can rest assured your wrists and all your training partners are going to be safe. At the same time, they guarantee you’ll get the most out of every live sparring session. Actually, some of them do a great job even n grappling exchanges and will soon become your go-to pair of gloves for MMA training overall. Time to check them out:

Venum Impact Sparring MMA Gloves

Best MMA Sparring gloves guide 2019 Venum Glvoes

Venum is the brand that opens out the best MMA sparring gloves 2021 guide. We already know we can trust Venum with some of the best quality grappling and MMA gear. In those terms, The Venum Impact gloves are truly a pair of top-grade sparring gloves that have virtually no flaws.
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With the Venum impact, you get two main glove designs. One is black, with white sublimated art all over them. The other is the exact opposite, white with black art. Sizes are the common small-medium combination and large, extra-large combination. Both of these sizes guarantee a fit on virtually any fighter. The padding has multi-layered extra quality foam that offers improved shock absorption. The material is premium semi-leather, offering both a top price and incredible durability. The closure is via a double Velcro guaranteeing mobility and stability of the wrist. They’re made in Thailand, which is where the best MMA gloves are produced. Also, featuring is an attached thumb for extra protection.

RDX Cowhide Leather MMA Gloves

Best MMA Sparring gloves guide 2019 RDX Glvoes

The name of these gloves pretty much says it all. The manufacturer is RDX, another huge brand when it comes to combat sports equipment. Similar to Venum, the fact that these are RDX gloves guarantees a quality product. Next up, it is clear that these premium gloves are made out of 100 % natural leather as well.
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The color that is available for purchase is white with gold and black sublimated art all over. On that note, the design is one of the best of any gloves in our guide here. The material is NAPPA cowhide leather that is hand-stitched. In other words, these gloves will last you a lifetime, even if you use them every day. The padding is also innovative, featuring a Tri-slab compressed foam padding throughout the glove. In between each layer of padding, there are sheets of Shell Shock gel to further lessen the effects of an impact. This type of padding offers crazy good shock absorption.

There’s a y-Volar design with a big thumb loop. QD-2 inner lining means there’s no odor retention and the binary E-Z hook and loop strap means they’re a breeze to put on and take off. The design also means you can train grappling with these gloves as well. 7 oz weight and sizes S-Xl.

Combat Sports Max Strike MMA Sparring Gloves

Best MMA Sparring gloves guide 2019 Combat Sports gloves

The Combat Sports Max Strike gloves might come as a surprise on this list. They might not be a fan favorite brand (yet) but they have made an impressive pair of MMA sparring gloves. The design is very practical and they’re also the best-priced pair of gloves in our best MMA sparring gloves 2021 guide.
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The Combat Sports Max Strike MMA sparring gloves are available in three main colors, red, blue, and white. The design has the Combat Sports logo and some black color art on each type of base color. Sizes include the basic small/medium and large/extra large. The padding consists of 2″ molded foam padding which might just make them the safest MMA sparring gloves ever. They are extremely ergonomic guaranteeing maximal comfort. There’s a knuckle hinge design that ensures the glove stays in place while allowing you to grip without restraint. Yet another pair you can wear for grappling as well. There’s a wrap-around wrist strap that offers great stability. Top option for people just starting to train and spar in MMA.

Fairtex MMA Sparring Gloves

Best MMA Sparring gloves guide 2019 Fairtex Gloves

The Fairtex gloves come as 7 oz black gloves that are pretty similar to the Combat Sports gloves. they look awesome, are made of genuine high-quality materials, and offer immense protection. Despite them being on the pricier side, they are a pair of gloves that will keep you safe your entire career.
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The only design you can get in 2021 is completely black, with grey only as part of the Fairtex logo on the top of the strap. Sizes range from small to extra large, just like with any of the best MMA sparring gloves. The material is 100% top grain leather. Padding is high-grade foam and is extra thick. These gloves also feature an ergonomic built-in curve in the foam, ensuring protection even when you’re relaxed. The padding over the knuckles is extra large for extra protection. There’s a full wraparound wristband and hook and loop closure system with added wrist support. These gloves weigh 7 oz and feature a knuckle hinge design as well.

Hayabusa MMA Tokushu Hybrid Gloves

Best MMA Sparring gloves guide 2019 Hayabusa Gloves

We really did not take our best MMA sparring gloves to guide lightly. In terms of brands, we feature every brand that has a legitimate claim to have the best product in this category. Of course, Hayabusa makes an appearance as well. Their Tokushu Hybrid gloves are the top choice of pro-MMA fighters and should be yours as well. I know I love them.
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These 7 oz gloves come in white, with the recognizable Hayabusa logo on top. The inner side and part of the gloves are black, giving them a cool-looking design. The material is definitely original with a special mixture of a bunch of materials. While these gloves are the only non-leather ones on our list, they’re definitely long-lasting and ultra quality due to the patented Hayabusa fabric. The padding is also a combination of different substances, guaranteeing extreme protection and comfort. These gloves are the perfect fusion of performance and protection. The closure is via a Patented Dual-X Wrist Close strap, featuring a Fusion-Zone Wrist Splinting support. If you need any more convincing, these gloves were developed with the help of leading university research.

Everlast Train Advanced MMA Gloves

Best MMA Sparring gloves guide 2019 Everlast gloves

Black, 7 oz, Everlast gloves. For many, this is the description of the perfect pair of MMA sparring gloves and it is not far from the truth. There’s no need to talk about Everlast’s legacy, as they’re the original high-quality combat gear brand. And these gloves are simply a special edition even by Everlast standards.
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The Everlast ‘Train Advanced” gloves are available in S/m and L/XL and come in black. They have anatomical thumb padding that ensures added thumb protection. Padding is with Durafoam specialty foam. It runs the entire width of the top areas, in multiple layers. The closure system is once again with a hook-and-loop strap that’s easy to use even by yourself. The finger loops of these gloves are reinforced, featuring anatomical extra padding over each. The lining is patented EverFresh fabric, resistant to microbes and odor retention.

Things To Know About MMA Sparring Gloves

Now that you know what your top options are when it comes to the best MMA sparring gloves, let’s look at key characteristics. Our guide has nothing but top options and you’ll need to know which criteria the best gloves for you need to meet. We have a few here that’ll help you make up your mind.

First and foremost, since safety is of primary concern during MMA training, we have padding as the main criterion. usually, MMA gloves contain foam padding. If you can, always go for layered foam when you’re choosing to spar MMA gloves. Regular foam is also good, but you want all the protection you can get, remember? In that sense, foam materials can also differ, with cheaper ones offering less protection and durability. Quality foam padding is a must!

The outer material comes next. Most MMA gloves are made out of leather. However, leather can be natural or synthetic. 100% natural leather is always a better choice but can be a bit pricier. In that regard, the type of leather doesn’t make much difference as long as it is natural. It’ll last you much longer though and is easier to maintain and clean.

In terms of weight, MMA sparring gloves usually weigh 7-9 oz. That puts them right in the middle between MMA fight gloves (4 oz) and boxing gloves both youth and adults 912-14 oz). Size-wise, with MMA sparring gloves you want to think the opposite of MMA fighting gloves. You want the tightest fitting, but the largest glove size that you can get, instead of going ultra-tight.


There is one more thing you can do after choosing your pair of best MMA sparring gloves from our guide. Make sure you share this article with your training partners to keep you safe as well. That said, you always need to pay attention to what type of gloves your training partner is wearing. Avoid training with people that only want to spar with fighting MMA gloves and you’ll have a long MMA career with much less trauma.

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