Best MMA Focus Mitts 2020 Guide And Reviews

MMA fighters have quite a hard journey. In many aspects, MMA is a new sport with some unique requirements. For one, finding the balance between training the different disciplines is a huge task. Furthermore, connecting everything so that it makes sense and has a purpose is a whole different challenge. Of course, there’s the strength and conditioning puzzle to solve as well as answer nutrition questions. However, in other areas, MMA fighters have things laid out for them. One such example is striking training, particularly anything related to boxing. With boxing, you need a solid coach, a pair of good quality sparring gloves, and some focus mitts to hit. The first one, finding a coach, is down to you. We already have a guide on MMA sparring gloves, and today, we also discover which the Best MMA Focus Mitts are. 

Striking is a very wide discipline that allows for a lot of different ways of training. Shadowboxing is the easiest one to do, and one you can do everywhere. Then, there’s working on bags: heavy, light, attached, speed bags, etc. Finally, the best way to crisp up your technique is by hitting pads. In fact, not just hitting pads, but rather focus mitts. Pads are more of a Muay Thai training tool, as they’re larger and allow kicking as well. Focus mitts help with precision, footwork, coordination, speed, and plenty of other qualities. If you have a great coach that knows how to use mitts, you’ve solved half of the puzzle. The second part is finding the best MMA focus mitts that you can get your hands on. That’s where our 2020 guide comes in!

Defining Characteristics

Before we head to see which are the very best MMA focus mitts of 2020, first we have to know what focus mitts are. More importantly, we need to understand what they’re made of and which characteristics define them. After all, they are an important and very versatile training tool. And, the first thing you need to take in consideration is the possibility of more than one persona wearing them. That means you need to make sure you have a universally great pair of mitts, in order to get the best possible training.

First up, understandably, is the material mitts are made of. The goal of mitts is to receive strikes, which means constant impact. Moreover, it means constant exposure to sweat and cleaning chemicals and materials. Since the material also has a big impact on price, figuring out the best focus mitts that are affordable is not easy. In that sense, leather is unbeatable. However, in the interest of price, synthetic leather is the preferred choice compared to natural leather. Still, we have examples of both in our 2020 guide below.

Next up is the shape. Focus mitts are training tools for precision and finesse, not raw power. that means that shape plays a huge role. Speaking of shape, both the shape of the inside and the shape of the striking surface are important. Curved mitts are always a better choice than straight ones, for example.

Finally, there’s comfort and fit as the least important criteria. Once again, this is important for both the person wearing and the person striking the mitts. After that, design, color, stitching, and similar aspects can also attribute to deciding on which the best MMA focus mitts for you are.

The Best MMA Focus Mitts in 2020

We went on a real quest for this one. It turns out, when people discover a pair of MMA focus mitts, they tend to work them to death. In the cases of those that choose a pair of the best MMA focus mitts, that means just one single pair for their entire career. So, apart from a couple of options, we had at our disposal, we really had to search hard to gather information on which focus mitts actually stand up to the mantle of “best in 2020”.

Our guide below features not just some of the very best MMA focus mitts available in 2020, but also the best-priced ones. Investing in some great focus mitts is always a great idea, but when you can get the highest quality at cut prices, why not go for it? Our guide here thicks every box, from materials, comfort, and fit, through variety in design, all the way to the best possible price.


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Kicking things off is a pair of ultra high-quality Sanabul focus mitts. As with all her other MMA gear, Sanabul delivers a perfect pair of training mitts. They cover all their bases, from the material to design and comfort. At the same time, they offer a professional grade product at an extremely affordable price! The top choice of plenty of pro-MMA fighters around the globe!
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First up, let’s check out the variety. In terms of design, these focus mitts are available 6 different color combinations, all based on a basic black foundation. Options include all black, black/green, black/red, metallic blue, metallic silver, and metallic copper. This takes care of just about everyone’s taste. Furthermore, they feature a hand-shaped design, constructed to fit the natural curve of the hand. The padding is made from ultra-light Santec foam, capable of superior shock absorption. The material is high quality, ultra-durable leather, easy to clean and maintain. The handle is via a Half Ball Palm Grip, guaranteeing an injury-free experience. An adjustable wrist strap provides adjustment properties as well as increased breathability.

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Fairtex sure knows how to make MMA and boxing gear stand out. So far, anyone that has bought a Fairtex piece of gear is set for life, that’s how high quality their products are. Still, the Fairtex Contoured MMA focus mitts are in a class of their own. Their construction is the result of modern technologies and they contain premium materials. Not to mention how affordable they are.
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The Fairtex Contoured MMA focus mitts come in a total of 7 different designs, bringing lots of variety to the table. According to your taste, you can get black/red, blue/black, red/white, white/black, pink, yellow, and red/black versions. All of them are handmade in Thailand, which is the golden standard when it comes to focusing on mitts. The mitts are extra light, yet capable f absorbing insane amounts of impact-derived shock. The foam padding is perfectly layered so that it provides the perfect striking surface. The material is synthetic leather, and there’s a protective hood over the fingers so they do not get caught by accident.  These are by far a pair of the best MMA focus MItts you can get this year!

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81CdRs IUhL. SL1500  1024x832 - Best MMA Focus Mitts 2020 Guide And ReviewsIf I had to choose one pair of MMA focus mitts to use until the end, I’d choose these without a moment’s hesitation. First up, they are an RDX product, which pretty much guarantees quality more than any other pair. Secondly, they’re one of the coolest looking pairs in our best MMA focus mitts 2020 guide! Oh, and did I mention they’re virtually indestructible?
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These RDX focus mitts are ones that are easily recognizable. This is down to both the shape of the mitts, as well as their design. They come in just one combination of colors, but it is so well thought out that you do not need a different one. the combination of colors is black, white and red. The material is 100% cowhide leather, featuring mesh surfaces at strategic points. Padding is nothing but Tri-Slab Supremo shock EVA foam, reinforced by the inclusion of Shell-Shock gel. There’s EZ closure technology with a custom grip that ensures ease of use. The entire construction is ergonomic and provides a great grip as well as las optima shock dispersion. The cherry on the top comes in the form of CoolX mesh technology with moisture-wicking properties.

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The Pro Impact curved MiItts are another great option for everyone. They’re a particularly great fit if you’re just starting out and you’re getting your very first pair of focus mitts. They have a slick design, great shape, offer great adjustment properties, and are the best-priced ones in our guide. Plus, they are as highly durable and sturdy as a pair of mitts can get!
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With these mitts, you get quality and performance at just a fraction of the value. In every sense, this is the best possible deal you can land. The designs these mitts are available in are all black and a red/black combo. The material is extra durable genuine leather, scratch-resistant. there’s a natural curve to the shape, following the natural shape of our palms. The padding is thicker than most, with around 35 % more padding than usual focus mitts. Shock absorption is of the highest possible level. Hook-And-Loop closure ensures the perfect fit and plenty of adjustment options. Sweat-resistant and easy to keep clean.

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These pair of mitts come different from every other we have in our best MMA focus mitts 2020 guide. They are awesome options if you really want a challenge in your training, offering both variety and safety. The one thing that really makes the difference from generic focus mitts is the shape they come in.
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The Cheerwing MMA focus mitts are available in blue, red, and yellow, as well as a “blood” red and white combo. The dimensions are 8.66″ x 7.09″ x 1.18″ and the shape is similar to a pear. They weigh only about 7 oz, which is extremely light and easy to hold for extended periods of time. The material is high-quality PU leather, extremely durable, and comfortable to wear. There’s a hook-and-loop closure system at the back, allowing plenty of adjustments. the mitts are extremely easy to put on and take off without anyone’s help. Moreover, the shape provides an increased challenge during training, bringing even more variety to your striking preparations.

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Focus mitts, whether for boxing or MMA are impossible to search for, without stumbling into Everlast. They are both one of the oldest boxing/MMA gear brands and one of the most renowned ones. Their name is a guarantee for quality on its own, but still, we had to do a full review of their EverGel Focus Mitts. A huge plus is that I have access to a pair of them on a regular basis, so I know them inside out!
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First up, materials. The Everlast EverGel boxing focus mitts are made out of a special blend featuring 95% Polyurethane and 5% Polyester. As far as durability and scratch and tear resistance go, they’re comfortably miles before any rival. On top of it all, they feature a highly specialized Mantis shape, with extra padding around the wrists. this guarantees both comfort and safety and opens up plenty of additional training options. The design is simple yet stylish, with a combination of black and yellow. EverGel technology is at the heart of the padding, guaranteeing a one-of-a-kind striking surface. In addition, EverCool technology provides breathability, comfort and makes hygiene extremely easy. This pair of mitts really do make a convincing case for being the best of the best MMA focus mitts of 2020!

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61TOfIZUcL. SL1000  - Best MMA Focus Mitts 2020 Guide And Reviews

These focus mitts are very special pairs. Their design is a throwback to the original focus mitts of the golden era of boxing. Still, as retro-looking as they are, they feature nothing but a state of the art premium material. On top of that, given the style, they’re also available at an unbelievable price! Quality, performance, and style, all in one place.
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There’s no way you can make a retro style pair of focus mitts and not use genuine cowhide leather. As far as materials go, it doesn’t get more premium than that. Moreover, it is the thickest leather of all the mitts on our list coming in at 1.3 mm. The padding features a full IN impact minimizing foam that extends to the wrist area. A double hook and loop support strap system makes holding and maneuvering the mitts extremely easy. A foam-padded finger hood is also there, along with a very cool stitching pattern, reminiscent of old focus mitts. All of this durability, quality, and style comes in at a weight of just 15 oz per focus mitt.

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Mitts Or Pads? 

So, now we arrive at a very important question – should you get focus mitts or Thai pads? The answer here is very simple – you need both if you want to effectively train MMA. However, if you need to start somewhere, or at least choose which to get first, I’d recommend focus mitts. And not just any, but the very best MMA focus mitts of 2020!

Thai pads are usually much larger and thicker than focus mitts. In most cases, they also come with a straight striking surface. They also come in much thicker than focus mitts. The reason for this is the intended use of Thai pads – for overall striking. That includes not just punching, but also kicking, elbows and knees. That makes them very versatile, but also less precise. If you want to train lots of different types of strikes and train for power then Thai pads are great. However, if you like to really learn, or improve your striking, you need to start specializing. And there’s nothing better than focus mitts to do that.

While Thai pads allow you to train a lot of different types of strikes, focus mitts allow you to train different aspects of just one kind of striking – punches. In that sense, they’re awesome to get you going if you’re just starting, or get to the next level of striking. Working with focus mitts requires precision, pacing, footwork, hand-eye coordination, speed, and agility. Not to mention the ability to string together combinations along with counters and defensive maneuvers. All in all, they allow you to train the finer aspects of striking, which are those that actually make a difference when you’re in the cage.

Value For Money
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