Best MMA MouthGuards 2020 Guide With Reviews

The most recognizable piece of protective equipment for MMA is easily a mouthguard. Well ok, it’s right up there with MMA gloves, and perhaps MMA shin protectors, but it’s still in the top 3. All joking aside, MMA mouthguards have a very serious role. There’s not live training, nor competing without on, it is as simple as that. However, a  mouthguard does more than just protect your teeth from getting smashed. They protect the gums, tongue, cheek, and even have an important role to play in preventing concussions. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Apart from all the cool, and, well, not-so-cool designs, you need to make sure your mouthguard is one of the best MMA mouthguards available in 2020. And we have them all lined up for you right here. 

There are two main aspects that people usually consider when it comes to choosing an MMA mouthguard. One is style and the other is protection. Unfortunately, this is exactly the order people choose them in, which is reverse as far as common sense goes. If you want to be smart about it, choose a high-grade protection mouthguard and proceed to customize the looks if you do not like them. Still, when compiling our best MMA mouthguards 2020 guide, we did consider style as well. So much so, in fact, that below you’ll find the widest possible variety of mouthguard styles possible, including customization options. Now, you can have the best possible protection while also keeping up appearances.

Levels Of Protection

It is important to go over some basic MMA mouthguard details before we move on to the guide itself. If you feel you already know everything there is about the subject, feel free to proceed directly to our Best MMA MouthGuards 2020 guide. If not, pay close attention as the levels of protection are among the main selection criteria for high-level MMA mouthguards.

The very first thing that comes to mind with mouthguards is teeth protection. The main role of most mouthguards is the direct protection of the teeth against trauma. The way mouthguards achieve this is by absorbing the shock of most impacts.

Next up, protection of soft tissues. This means tongue, cheeks, gums, lips, etc. The protection of the best MMA mouthguards extends to just about every structure in the mouth.

Something people do not commonly perceive with mouthguards is jaw protection. As you’ll see later on, there are some mouthguards that cover both the upper and lower portion of the jaw. The main aspect of protection here is for the jaw joint. This is accomplished by engaging your jaw to clamp down on the mouthpiece.

Speaking of biting down on your mouthpiece, this also allows you to extend protection to your brain. Now, a mouthguard is no replacement for MMA headgear, but it is a great addition. Once again, biting down is what makes the difference.

Last but not least, there is your neck. The force of impact travels throughout the structure of your head, and this includes the neck. Mouthguards protect your neck by engaging the muscles and by preventing the force from spreading.

Best MMA MouthGuards in 2020

The main goal with this best MMA mouthguard guide was twofold. First, it was to provide the absolute maximal protection gear for the best possible price. Second, we focused on providing as much variety as possible, to make sure there’s something for everyone in it. To that extent, you’ll find all types of mouthguards, as well as numerous colors and custom designs.

In terms of types, there are different aspects to consider when categorizing the MMA mouthguard. One possible way of categorizing them is by dividing them into those that only cover the upper jaw and those that cover both. Furthermore, you have a pre-set mouthguard,s custom mouthguards, and boil and bite. The difference between custom fit and boil and bite ones is in the level of customization. Boil and bite ones are down to you, but you do have a lot of leeways since you can repeat the process. Custom mouthguards are molded by dentists and are the top of the pops when it comes to choosing the best possible one for MMA training and fighting.


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The first entry in our best MMA mouthguard 2020 guide is the SISU MAX mouthguard. Sisu is a mainstay among mouthguards and if you’ve ever had one, chances are it was made by them. I’ve had several, including this one. If you’ve never worn a mouthguard before then you should most definitely start with this one.
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The SISU Max mouthguard is a rather thin mouthguard, which has nothing to do with the level of protection it offers. On the contrary. Despite being up to 30 % thinner than other mouthguards (coming in at 2.4mm) The SISU Max is made with the latest shock-absorbing technologies. It features Diffusix technology that distributes force in an optimal manner. Being very slim, this mouthguard makes talking and breathing really easy. It is also 100% customizable, making sure it offers an ultra-slim profile. Designs include 6 different colors, from charcoal black to snow white. There’s also a basic and NextGen version, with the second one offering some crazy levels of premium, warrantied dental protection.

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As far as the absolute best MMA mouthguard goes, Shock Doctor’s Gel Max Mouthguard gets my vote. It offers awesome protection, features innovative gel technology, comes in a variety of designs, and even has a very special and unique feature that sets it apart from every other one in our guide.
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What’s the thing that sets this mouthguard apart from every other in our guide, and in general? Before we get to that, let’s talk about some of the most important characteristics first. Shock Doctor is a renowned brand that offers professional dental protection. There are Gel-Fit liner technology and a silicone mold that forms specifically to your anatomy. A heavy-duty Exoskeletal Shock Frame provides protection to every tissue associated with the head and neck. Made from high-grade silicone with special channels, this mouthguard is breathable and extremely durable. There are 7 different color designs and two sizes: adult and youth. The unique aspect is that the Shock Doctor Gel Max comes in 6 different flavor variations – including raspberry, fruit punch, mint, lemon, etc. Hard to beat that!

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Venum’s Predator mouthguard is a next-generation mouthpiece designed for every aspect of MMA training and competition. The area this mouthguard excels in is shock management. Instead of focusing on blunting impact, this mouthguard manages to completely neutralize it. It is truly one of the best MMA mouthguards of 2020!
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If you look in your MMA gym bag, or at it, you’ll see at least one Venum product in there for sure. If that’s not a testament to their quality, then I don’t know what is. The Predator mouthguard comes in more than a dozen different designs, featuring different color combinations. The frame is a Next-Fit gel one, offering both comfort and a great fit. In terms of protection, the multi-layered advanced absorption construction, help disperse even the hardest impacts. Furthermore, there’s an engineered breathability system, allowing for non-restricted airflow. High-density rubber further adds to the protection capabilities of this mouthguard. Easy to customize and comes with a storage case.

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Damage Control is a name that does inspire confidence, at least when it comes to protective MMA gear. This is one of the best mouthguards ever built, according to a majority of professional MMA fighters.  Features a great American flag design and is unrivaled when it comes to comfort.
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Damage control is actually the only brand in our best MMA mouthguard 2020 guide that’s focused solely on making dental protection gear. The design features the American flag but in a black and white combination. Damprotech technology ensures the highest grade protection and shock absorption possible. moreover, the soft shock-absorbent material provides comfort while wearing it, on top of the ability to withstand enormous amounts of force. Comes with a practical case for storage and transportation. There’s also a $15,000 limited dental warranty included.

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One more trusted brand when it comes to mouthguards is Redline Sportswear. This is a custom-molded mouthguard that will conform to your teeth like no other. It is lightweight and feels like it is not there. The design is simple yet stylish and the price is the best in our guide. My personal preference out of all the best MMA mouthguard of 2020.
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Half a dozen different color designs bring about just the amount of variety you need with a mouthguard. Basically, the design features a black outer surface and a different colored inner one. It comes in one size only but is fully customizable to fit anyone. There’s a dual-layer design, lined with gel that provides extremely sound protection of all assorted tissues. Furthermore, the materials are 100% FDA approved and BPA, latex, and PVC free. There is a carry and storage case that comes free with every purchase. Also comes with a free clip-on Carabiner for convenience. A 100% refund policy is also in place.

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I have no personal experience with an RDX mouthguard, but I’m definitely thinking about getting one. This is a heavy-duty mouthguard, with the goal of keeping you safe from any kind of harm from impact. This one is a no-nonsense mouthguard for those that favor performance overlooks.
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Despite the performance being the main focus of the RDX MMA mouthguard comes in 5 different colored designs. Moreover, the construction is a highly ergonomic one, designed to fit the anatomy of your mouth to perfection. Sizes come in the form of adult and youth (under 12 years old). A Poly Gel latex-free gum shield ensures the maximal protection of the teeth. Shock absorption comes courtesy of gel fit lining and Acrigel padding to cushion the molars. An anti-microbial carry case comes with every purchase. A tri-flow perforation system is there to ensure unrestricted airflow and alleviate breathing. A boil and bite-style mouthguard, easy to customize.

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This mouthguard is the epitome of variety, at least when it comes to designs and colors. A whopping 45 different designs are available, featuring both different colors and even graphics. The most expensive entry in our best MMA mouthguards guide, but more than worth every penny.
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Material wise, the Impact Custom Pro MMA mouthguard is made with a BPA free rubber blend that is specially handcrafted in the USA. Works by custom fitting, which does have a few more steps than boil and bites. However, the result is a much better fit. After ordering you get a Fit Kit within 1 business day. You take the kit, make an impression, and mail it back (already paid for). Based on your dental impression you’ll get back a mouthguard designed specifically for you. The mouthguard is 6-7 mm thick, allowing for maximal protection. There are an integrated airflow system and some of the best-looking graphics ever, the likes of fangs, flags, jack-o-lantern, unicorns, etc.

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41HpZFQez6L. SL1001  - Best MMA MouthGuards 2020 Guide With ReviewsThe last option for dental protection we included in our bet MMA mouthguards 2020 guide is the Sanabul Mouthguard. As the name suggests, you get a boil and bite one here, so molding is down to you. The simplest design in this guide, but also one of the highest quality products available.
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There are three colors in which the Sanabul Boil And Bite Mouthguard are available. You can get it in bright green, orange and red. There are also different adult and youth sizes available. This simple mouthguard is designed for optimal airflow, allowing you to talk and swallow without difficulty while wearing it. It is extremely durable and very easy to mold. You can boil it as many times as you need until you get the fit just right. Inexpensive, easy to maintain, and a great backup option to have in your backpack.

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Using And Molding A MouthGuard

While it may seem very straightforward, using an MMA mouthguard does require some directions. One aspect is how to use it in terms of getting maximum protection while still being able to breathe and not think about it. The second is preparing your mouthguard for its very first use.

As previously mentioned on a few occasions, always make a point of biting down on your mouthguard. This may be difficult at first, but you’ll have to make it a habit as it makes all the difference. Biting down is going to make a unit out of all the moving parts in your jaw and head, making them much more resilient than on their own. This is precisely why you need to make sure a mouthpiece has the correct thickness and protection level. It is also the reason you need to make it as custom for your jaw as possible.

The way a mouthguard conforms is down to type, before anything else. As you already saw in our best MMA mouthguards 2020 guide, we offer both set and customizable ones. When you get a mouthpiece you need to boil, you need to make sure you do it right. Boiling it is as simple as following packet instructions. Or, even simpler, put your brand new mouthguard in a pot of boiling water for up to a minute and a half. Cool it immediately under a cold tap or in a bowl of ice water for a couple of seconds. Lick your lips, place the mouthguard in bite down and press on the outside to mold it. Cool it one last time for about a minute in cold water and you’re done. Oh, and if you mess it up, you can always repeat the process.

In Summary

Whether it is grappling or striking training, you need to make sure you’re wearing a mouthguard while you’re training. Wearing a high-quality one during fighting inside the cage is non-negotiable. Any of the best MMA mouthguards will do perfectly, but we also offer as much variety as possible to provide you with options. that way, you can merge style and design with protection and comfort for an overall excellent experience.

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