Best MMA Gloves in 2021 Guide And Reviews

A Complete guide with deatailed reviews of the best MMA gloves 2019

If there is one piece of equipment that sets MMA apart from anything else, it is the gloves. Before professional MMA, gloves like that didn’t exist. You either had the 12 oz boxing gloves, or some bag-hitting variation and Karate-style small gloves. But MMA gloves are not just a karate and boxing glove hybrid. A lot of work has gone into designing the optimal gloves for Mixed Martial Arts. After all, you need to be able to do a whole lot of things with them, while also having ample protection for your hands. This is why we compiled a list of the very Best MMA Gloves 2021 has to offer. Time to glove up!

MMA gloves are actually a funny thing. You absolutely need them if you train MMA in any capacity. However, sparring live with them is next to impossible. The fact they’re so small, (usually around 4 oz) means live striking with them has the potential to injure you and/or your opponent. However, they’re essential to preparing for your fight. In that sense, they’re irreplaceable for doing anything else, from hitting pads and bags to grappling with them and doing technical sparring. If you are a pro, nothing but the best MMA gloves 2021 are going to do the trick. If you’re looking to fight in any capacity, amateur or pro, the same holds true. Read on for full reviews.

Key Characteristics 

How will you know if our suggestions really are the best MMA gloves 2021 has to offer? Easy, we’ll take you through the most important characteristics that every pair of MMA gloves needs to have. Knowing what to look for takes a lot of the guesswork out of choosing the best pair(s) for you. Still, instead of having you take time off training to do your research, we did it for you. So just use our best MMA gloves 2021 guide and focus on your next fight!


The material that MMA gloves are made of varies. According to which material is used, you also get significant variations in price and quality. From that aspect, all of our suggestions below are of the utmost quality and best possible price. material wise, you’ll find plenty of choices. The usual ones include leather or synthetic leather. Of course, leather is best, while synthetic leather comes in the form of Polyurethane, Vinyl, and/or Maya. Padding is also something to consider, with foam the best option that provides durability, comfort, and safety.

  • SIZE

Size-wise MMA gloves come in plenty of variations. The key is knowing your own size, which is best if you give a pair of gloves a try. However, if you’ve never worn a pair before, consulting size charts is the absolute next best thing you can do. Usual sizes vary between regular, medium, large, and XL. We’ll offer you a guide on how to measure your fist at the end of this article.


The weight of MMA gloves is usually 4 oz, but it can vary between that and 6 oz. While you can’t really choose the weight of gloves you’ll fight in, you can certainly choose your training gloves. The recommendation is that you go with what gives you the most mobility for grappling. However, if you can pull off 6 oz gloves then try and get those, as they’re better for training and sparring.

Best MMA Gloves For 2021

MMA gloves have come a long way from what we initially saw in the UFc and then, Pride. Even then, there were variations between those two original designs. Today, most popular brands keep finding innovative designs that optimize the performance of MMA loves. All of the supply that’s available, along with constant innovation can really cause a headache as to which the best MMA gloves in 2021 are.

When we did our research, we took all of the above key characteristics in consideration. Not only that, but we got to try out most of the gloves on the list for ourselves. But why stop there. We also got the input of up-and-coming MMA fighters, as well as professional ones. With all that in mind, we’re proud to present you with the truly best MMA gloves 2021 has to offer!

Venum Undisputed 2.0

best MMA gloves 2019 guide: Venum Undisputed 2.0 MMA Gloves

First up, an MMA brand that’s unavoidable. Venum’s stuff is usually all quality, with only the rare hiccup. The Venum undisputed 2.0 MMA gloves are certainly not one of those. In fact, these gloves are the training choice of many MMA world champions, not to mention all other professional fighters. As far as the best MMA gloves 2021 has on offer, these are certainly a contender for the title.
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Why are these among the best MMA gloves in 2021? Well, first of all, they’re all leather. And not just anything, but genuine Nappa leather. They feature a layered design, which allows maximal protection. They’re also the most comfortable gloves in our guide, given that they’re handcrafted. Moreover, The gloves feel soft but are actually really durable. The closure is via an exclusive velcro strap, that’s designed for one-hand pre-positioning. Furthermore, it offers high wrist support, essential for safety. In terms of design, they come in 6 color versions, ranging from black to neo pink. All usual sizes (S-XL) are available as well. 4 oz weight and segmented fingers.

Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis

best MMA gloves 2019 guide: Hayabusa Gloves

Another brand that’s a mainstay among MMA and BJJ fighters. Hayabusa has some of the best gear out there, and they certainly know how to craft a pair of great MMA gloves. The Tokushu Regenesis gloves are Hayabusa’s latest MMA project, available as 4 oz segmented fingers gloves.
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First up, the material. these MMA gloves are made from engineered leather that’s a signature Hayabusa design. They call it Vylar-2 and it is stronger than regular leather. Moreover, their G fabric features X-Static XT2 anti-microbial technology, meaning no germs or odors can call your gloves home. Straps use a Dual-X Wrist Closure system, patented by Hayabusa. It provides maximum wrist support and allows for optimal power production. the gloves are curved in the upper knuckles for an ergonomic feel. The Y-volar design provides an extremely comfortable fit and delivers maximal stability. Available S-XL and come in gray and black.

RDX MMA Gloves (*Best Value*

best MMA gloves 2019 guide: RDX t2GL Gloves

If you’re looking for the best MMA gloves 2021 in terms of both price and quality then these are your best option. The RDX T2GL MMA gloves fall under the category of training, AKA grappling gloves. As such, they are 6 oz and feature semi-segmented fingers. A really high-quality pair of MMA gloves!
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The RDX T2GL MMA gloves are made out of 100 % authentic full-grain cowhide leather. On top of that, the stitching is double reinforced to provide additional strength. The material has a microfabric with moisture-wicking properties and great breathability. In terms of padding, there are two extra-thick foam pads. Apart from the usual one on top of the knuckles, there’s additional foam padding over the wrist joint. Furthermore, there’s shock dissipating gel that further reduces stress upon impact. The strap is a quick closure, EZ type of loop closure. Extra wrist support and a really tight fit. There’s also a Nabla-Palm design, optimized for grappling featuring a thumb sheath. Black and golden black colors and all usual sizes are available.

Everlast Pro Style MMA Grappling Gloves

best MMA gloves 2019 guide: Everlast Pro grappling Gloves

Everlast gloves. Taking into account how successful everlast are at making boxing gloves, it’s no wonder they feature in our best MMA gloves 2021 guide. These are 4 oz regulation gloves, perfect for grappling training, but competition as well. In terms of quality, there’s no need to doubt Everlast gloves, is there?
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Premium synthetic leather is the material of choice for these MMA gloves. The construction of the gloves is such that it guarantees extreme durability and comfort. Plus, they’re highly functional! The padding is also high-tech, featuring the latest foam padding technology. Moreover, there’s a curve to the glove that ensures a tight fit and an optimal ergonomic design. Regardless of how much you sweat, EverDri Technology ensures complete moisture absorption. Straps are Velcro-based, allowing for around-the-wrist wrapping. This guarantees wrist stability and safety. They come in small/medium and large/extra-large sizes. Black and red color designs are also available.

Sanabul Essential MMA Gloves (*New*)

best MMA gloves 2019 guide: Sanabul Gloves

With their brand new pair of MMA training gloves, Sanabul delivers a great piece of training gear. As expected, these training/grappling gloves feature unsegmented fingers and a thumb sheath for extra protection. Despite being training gloves, there are 4 oz gloves, which makes them perfect for fight preparation.
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The Sanabul Essential MMA grappling gloves feature a performance-engineered leather construction. The material is highly breathable, which is a key characteristic of these pairs of gloves. That translates to great comfort and high quality, plus makes them really easy to clean and maintain. The padding is with Durasoft Impact Protection Foam providing unrivaled levels of protection. Hook and loop closure ensures you can put these MMA gloves on even while wearing hand wraps and you’re by yourself. Available in 6 different designs: all black, black/blue, black/green, black/red, metallic copper, and metallic silver. You can get these in sizes small/medium and large/extra large.

Anthem Athletics Predator MMA Gloves

best MMA gloves 2019 guide: Anthem Gloves

Anthem is quickly becoming one of the brands I really turn to, for both BJJ and MMA equipment. These are 4 oz MMA gloves with segmented fingers that fulfill competition regulations. Also a great option for training.
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Once again, the material is leather, this time 100% full-grain cowhide leather of the highest standard. In terms of quality and performance, hardly anything can beat these gloves. They feature triple-density, high-performance PU foam padding for top protection. There’s a Thai-style palm design with a multi-panel construction. The fingers get particular attention, with the focus on maximal protection and mobility. Enhanced palm construction prevents bowing out. The closure is with a wrap-around Velcro, ensuring high wrist protection and stability. Blue, white and red gloves are available, and they come in all the usual MMA glove sizes. Certainly, a pair of the very best MMA gloves 2021 has to offer.

Venum Challenger MMA Gloves

best MMA gloves 2019 guide: Venum Challenger fight Gloves

Just when you thought we were over with Venum, they hit again! There’s simply no way to do the best MMA gloves 2021 guides and not include the Venum Challenger MMA gloves! These are competition gloves first and foremost but may double down as grappling loves as well. however, drinking in the gym with them is not recommended!
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These 40z slim-style gloves are certainly designed for maximum damage. they feature single-finger knuckle pads as opposed to the bigger thicker all-knuckle pads that are common. This means that you shouldn’t train to strike with these gloves, at least not live.  Apart from that, they’re perfect for pretty much everything else. They are leather, high density, and multi-layered for a perfect fit and maximum performance. The Venum Challenger gloves have extreme shock absorption capabilities. They also ensure wrist stability with their innovative high-wrist Velcro strap system. Available in 5 different colored models and all the usual sizes (S-XL).

Combat Sports Pro MMA Gloves

best MMA gloves 2019 guide: Combat Sports Pro Gloves

the final entry in our best MMA gloves 2021 guide is the Combat Sports Pro MMA gloves. These 5 oz training gloves feature unsegmented fingers and a free thumb. This makes them perfect for grappling training. However, they do meet competitive regulations as well, so you can also fight in them.
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The material of the Combat Sports Pro MMA gloves is durable leather. they’re constructed in a way that guarantees resilience and longevity. The open palm design allows unrestricted grappling capabilities. There’s 3/4 inch foam padding over the knuckles, which offer protection for both you and your training partner.  A wrap-around Velcro locking system ensures both easy customization and a tight fit. Colors and designs are plentiful, with a total of 8 different colored models available. In terms of sizes, they come not only in all regular sizes but also in the youth and Junior sizes.

Types Of MMA Gloves 

In terms of types of MMA gloves, there are three that stand out the most. Namely, you have the competition MMA gloves, which are usually 4 oz, and down to athletic commission regulations. Due to tot eh fact they’re regulated, you can easily imitate them by buying the same or a model that has the same characteristics. Then, you have MMA training gloves, which do provide more protection and allow you to get used to working with gloves on. Finally, for all-out striking sparring, you have a whole different category of MMA gloves.

Competition MMA gloves are lighter than training gloves. They also have less padding and a tighter fit. Under most rulesets, 4 oz gloves are the norm, although sometimes the 6 oz ones can make an appearance. Finger segments in competition gloves usually have complete separation, allowing for more mobility during grappling exchanges. Usually made from leather with foam padding.

Training MMA gloves are usually a bit larger than competition MMA gloves. They’re also known as grappling gloves, as fighters often wear them during grappling for MMA training. Segmented fingers are preferable, but are not always an option with these. However, they’re usually 6 oz and have much better padding than competition gloves. Great for light sparring, grappling and bag/pads work.

Sparring MMA gloves really do differ from competition gloves, so we didn’t include any in our best MMA gloves 2021 guide. however, we do have a dedicated article covering MMA sparring gloves in detail!

Measuring Guide

Given that MMA gloves come in different shapes and sizes, you need to know how to precisely measure your palm. This is the first step in choosing the correct size MAM gloves for you, the second would be to choose something from our guide above, and the third to make sure you check out the appropriate size chart.

To measure your palm, first, clench a fist as strong as you can. Then, using any measuring tool at your disposal, measure the distance along the top four knuckles. Continue to include the thumb knuckle and finish below the fist’s curve. It is extremely important you put hand wraps on before you measure your palm if you intend to wear them underneath your MAM gloves.

After measuring, make sure you consult the size chart of the gloves you’re about to purchase. As a rough guide, 7.5 – 8.5 inches mean you’re small/medium and 8.5 – 9.5 inches put you at large. Anything above 9.5 inches will require extra-large gloves.


Whatever your choice of gloves is, you’re certain to get the best MMA gloves 2021 has so far! After this guide, you’ll never wonder which are the best gloves, or what type of gloves you need! Now go grab your training and/or competition gloves and head straight to the gym to give them a go!

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best-mma-gloves-guideIf there is one piece of equipment that sets MMA apart from anything else, it is the gloves. Before professional MMA, gloves like that didn't exist. You either had the 12 oz boxing gloves, or some bag-hitting variation and Karate-style small gloves. But MMA...