Best MMA Spats 2020 Guide With Reviews

Today, we’re all about the best MMA spats of 2020. What we’re going to do with this article, is trying to tackle some of the most common questions about MMA spats. For starts, are they just a fashion statement or legitimate training gear? Furthermore, we’ll discover if all spats can double as MMA spats, to you need something specific. Finally, we’ll dive deep into the world of the spats themselves dissecting what they’re made of, what they offer, and what the drawbacks are. Finally, we’ll be looking at a selection of the very best MMA spats available to get in 2020, with in-depth reviews of each pair. 

MMA is a worldwide sport that has tens of thousands of practitioners. That means that you get roughly double that number of adverts that offer MMA specific gear. Some of that, if not most, is not worth a second look. Granted, the marketing is flawless, but once you get into the gear, you’ll know the truth. Our best MMA spats 2020 guide is the opposite. We did thorough research and made sure to include only those compression pants that are tried and tested in the gym. Moreover, it’s not just our account, but also those of pro and amateur MMA fighters that helped us arrive at our top picks. Have at it!

Fashion Or Performance Enhancing MMA Gear?

Performance-enhancing drugs area major controversial subject in MMA. Of course, just like in any other professional sport we can’t use them in MMA. However, performance-enhancing gear is perfectly fine to use in training. In fact, if you’re not using it, you’re not going to be on the same level as your opponents. the major problem here identifying which pieces of MMA gear are actually going to help your performance. Conversely, the subject today is also one that creates a lot of controversy and debates within the MMA community.

For the ladies, it is pretty much the norm to see them training in spats. Nowadays, it seems that men are also warming up to this. However, the one major question that always seems to arise is whether spats are just a fashion thing, or they really help performance. As far as fashion is concerned, modern compression pants and spats certainly provide the option to make a statement. In lots of cases, this is also the only thing they’re capable of. However, with the best MMA spats of 2020, the situation is different.

The power of wearing spats while your training MMA is not just in the protection they provide as a direct barrier. There are two more very important performance aspects. First up, the best MMA spats offer thermal regulation, by wicking moisture away. This means they keep you cool in summer while helping you retain heat in winter. Finally, there’s, arguably, the most important performance quality of spats – compression. Compression equates to improved blood flow, more efficient movement, reducing injury potential and much faster recovery. Starting to sound like the real deal, doesn’t it? Only if you get the very best, and luckily, we have them lined up for you below.

Best MMA Spats in 2020

When it comes to the best MMA spats, there’s one reality you need to face. You’ll need more than a pair if you’re serious about training MMA. Luckily, we got the best possible prices in our best MMA spats 2020 guide. Moreover, they are all quick dry and very easy to wash. That means that you can try and get away with just one pair. However, a couple will more than do the trick, or even more if you like to train multiple times a day.

The spats we have for you below are the choice of many MMA fighters around the world, both professional and amateur alike. In the name of variety, we also made sure to include as many different designs as possible. Furthermore, there is also lots of variation within some of the designs as well. OF course, every possible size is also covered, as well as the specialized male and female MMA spats. All in all, this guide is the most comprehensive one on the subject of MMA spats.


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There are plenty of reasons why the TSLA Compression Pants are among the best MMA spats of 2020. They have the looks, they have the quality, they are high performing and they’re also not expensive to get. As far as design variety goes, they are tied in the first place, given how many different designs are on offer. A top pick among many MMA fighters!

Let’s start things off with versatility. First up, the TSLA Compression Pants are available in 9 different sizes. That covers just about everything, ranging from XS to XXL. Furthermore, there are 33 different colors and graphic designs. They feature both plain colors, as well as many different camo designs. They fit perfectly, with your preferred size usually providing a really tight compression fit. The material is a mixture of 87 % Polyester and 13% Spandex with exceptional elasticity and an enhanced range of motion. moisture-wicking technology means you have thermal regulation and no retention of odors or microbes. Extremely durable and resistant to tears and abrasions. Ventilation works by way of two-way air circulation, allowing for very quick time dry properties.

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Sanabul’s gear is becoming a mainstay in most MMA fighters’ gym bags as of late. There’s a great reason for this, as they do provide extremely high quality for extremely low prices. As much as it may sound impossible, they manage to pull it off. The Sanabul Base Layer spats are one of the pairs of spats I personally own, and I can attest to their superiority when it comes to MMA training.

The Sanabul Base Layer compression spats come in two different design options – black and grey. I( own the grey ones and can assure you that the color won’t fade or crack regardless of use. Sizes range between XS and XXL, once again providing options for just about anyone. The material is a signature blend of Polyester, Nylon, and Spandex making the ma premium product. These spats provide extreme moisture-wicking properties and reduce sweat significantly. Thanks to the material, they also provide the best thermal regulation of all spats in our guide. The spats have 4-way stretch technology that provides elasticity. As far as durability goes, 5-thread 2-needle stitching means they’ll never give way!

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Elite Sports are a premium brand that usually has pretty well-priced gear. Surprisingly, their compression pants come at one of the best possible deals ever! At an unbelievable price, you get design variety, extra-high-quality, and modern construction. This one is for people that like to keep things simple, at least when it comes to design.

The Elite Sports Compression Spats are available in half a dozen different colored variations. The design is one of plain colors, so the variations come in the form of full black, white, red, blue, purple, and grey spats. The spats are machine washable and the color is guaranteed not to fade or crack. Sizes range between small and XX-large. The material is a lightweight, top-quality combination of Polyester, Nylon, and Spandex. This translates to 4 way stretch properties, that provide great compression and aids circulation. Endurance-wise, multi-panel construction and high-density flatlock stitching ensure an extended lifespan. The dual waistband also guarantees no slippage even during grappling exchanges. Designed for high performance and extreme comfort. Thermal regulation included.

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Hypnotik kara brand that is predominantly a Brazilan Jiu-Jitsu gear manufacturer. However, given how big a part of MMA Jiu-JItsu is, all their gear is more than fitting for this type of training as well. That means that these spats have a dual purpose – you can train MMA in them, as well as train, or even compete in BJJ. They are of the highest quality and come as the best-performing ones in our 2020guide.

It is reasonable to think that compression spats designed for BJJ are going to be considered among the best MMA spats of 2020. If you’re looking for a durable pair of spats built to last, these should be your first choice. They are designed with performance in mind and can withstand anything, from extreme moisture to any kind of tears or abrasions. They come in all the usual sizes and four different designs. The designs feature the BJJ belt system, and these spats are clear for IBJJF tournaments. The material is 88% Polyester and 12 % Spandex, delivering elasticity and endurance at the same time. They’re also extremely lightweight at only 220gsm. A great choice for someone looking for only one pair of spats to train in. Machine washable and quick to dry.

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Perhaps an unusual choice at first glance, but nonetheless one of the very best MMA spats you can get in 2020. Zipravs compression pants come in design for men only. They offer plenty of variety, sharing the number one spot with the TSLA Compression Pants. However, design-wise, they offer a lot more in terms of graphics. [expander_maker id=”1″ more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

As you might have concluded, these spats are all about design. The reason they focus on that so much is that they have quality covered. After all, a Polyester – Spandex combination that features reinforced flatlock stitching removes all doubts about endurance and performance, Moreover, there’s anti-odor technology, as well as a smooth hand extra soft feel to these spats. The material provides 4-way stretch elasticity allowing for a complete range of motion without restrictions. The moisture-wicking system is state of the art, keeping sweat away with ease. machine washable and very quick to dry. This lightweight pair of spats come in an extended size range between S and 4XL. As far as design goes, 27 different designs offer just about anything, from plain colors, through color combinations all the way to signature sublimated full-picture graphics.

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We arrive at the ROAR MMA spats, a personal favorite of mine. AS much as I like my Sanabul compression spats, I love these more! It probably has to do with thermal regulation properties, as they’re really important for me. Cold winters and warm summer mean training is anything but easy, at least when I’m without MMA spats. And these are certainly some of the best MMA spats out there!

You can’t beat the design of the Roar MMA spats, even though there might not be as many different options as with other spats in our 2020 guide. However, they offer some of the slickest designs, all of them MMA specific. The quality of the graphics is ultra-high, with no chance of it fading. 16 different designs also offer plain color variations for those looking for simpler options. Sizes range between small and extra-large. The material is a patented Roar blend, offering extreme 4-way elasticity and optimal compression. The fabric allows for sweat evaporation which helps with thermal regulation. The skin stays dry and the muscles remain warm allowing you for extended periods of high-level performance. Available in both male and female variations.

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Anthem Athletics never fails to deliver when it comes to MMA training gear. Their MMA spats are designed specifically for Mixed Martial Arts training and offer an amazing array of performance-boosting properties. Given the quality of the product, these are the highest priced spats in our guide. However, we offer you an incredible cut-price deal right here!

15 different designs and 5 different sizes mean you’ll find a pair that you’ll like for sure. The designs range between plan colored, hex camo, and viper, with many different color combinations among them. Sizes include everything from small to XX-large. The material is lightweight, ultra-durable, and provides immense compression. This is down to multi-panel construction and high-density flatlock stitching. Graphics come fully sublimated, so they’ll last as long as you wear them. A dual-lock waistband ensures a great fit and prevents slipping. Also provides moisture-wicking properties.

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Wrapping things up, a pair of spats designed especially for the ladies of MMA. Sicchic’s women’s MMA compression pants are stylish, come in different designs, and have an incredible price. Perfect for any kind of training, but designed specifically for MMA and grappling.

Half a dozen different colored designs provide just enough variety to keep the ladies interested. Combinations include black and green, black and pink, black and white, black and brown, black and blue, and black and purple. They are all stylish and completely sublimated. Durability is also guaranteed, thanks to a very special 97% Polyester & 3 % Spandex combination. Extreme moisture-wicking properties, no odor retention, and very efficient thermal regulation are also huge caveats of these spats.  Double-tap stitching further guarantees endurance and durability. Available in sizes between extra small and extra-large.

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The Best Vs. The Rest

What makes a pair of spats the best MMA spats of 2020 is a combination of several things. You can rank them according to importance any way you want. but you’ll end up with the same ones regardless. These crucial properties of MMA compression pants are what sets them apart from all the wanna-be imitations out there.

The first and, arguably, the most important thing is fit. There’s no point in wearing spats if they’re going to baggy, is there? That said, how a pair of spats fit you is definitely key. In that regard, spats need to stay extremely close to your skin. There is generic sizing, but you should always consult size charts as well. lengthwise they should be above your ankles. There’s also the point of spats being too tight and actually stopping circulation instead of aiding it.

Next up, seams. If your seams can’t withstand the exertion of MMA sparring, particularly grappling the spats are certainly not one of the best! Flatlock stitching is the best for two reasons – it is strong and it does not irritate the skin. If you’re really into extra durable stitching, the overlock seams area also great, but they’re bulkier and might cause irritation.

Ventilation is also a given when you have a pair of the best MMA spats for 2020. If you feel like you’re in an oven while you’re training, you need to upgrade your spats. Breathability and moisture-wicking, as well as thermal regulation, all depend on ventilation. The key role here is the choice of material. Microscopic holes in the fabric allow for air to flow, helping you stay cool or warm and prevent the build-up of microbes.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to be fashionable or not, you need MMA spats for optimal performance. If you get any of the best MMA spats of 2020 you get not just a top performance boost but also as many fashion options as you can think of. Every pair of spats above has been tried and tested by MMA fighters and grapples and is guaranteed to provide you with an invaluable piece of MMA training apparel.

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