The Few Joint Supplements For BJJ Worth Your Time

Joint Supplements For BJJ
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There are numerous reasons why people opt to use supplements. They’re actually a part of everyday life for most modern people anyways. However, grapplers actually do have a real need for some supplements, at least if they want to optimize their health and performance. The trouble with supplements is, that there are countless products out there, and only a few of them actually work. And, when the reason for taking certain supplements for BJJ is a really specific one, even less of them work. One great example is joint supplements.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is probably the one martial art or sport in general, for that matter, that stresses the joints more than any other. While some other sports disciplines might be more difficult than BJJ on certain joints, none are as demanding on all the joints in the body as Jiu-Jitsu. Plus, grappling also affects all the joints in your spine, making joint health a truly crucial topic. the math is simple – if you train BJJ, your joints are going to get a beating. the more you train, the more strain you place on your joints. This means they’ll need all the help they can get. Proper stretching and recovery, massages and of course, certain supplements for BJJ.

The joint supplements for BJJ athletes that are supposed to make joints unbelievably elastic and durable are plentiful. If you check out any supplement shop you’ll get a bunch of products claiming they’re the best. If you try to use Google to clear it up, you’ll only end up more confused. Depending on which source you choose to believe, you’ll either end up using just a few supplements, or all of them. Let us clear up all the confusion and help you with this crucial BJJ issue.

How Joints Work 

The way joints work is truly complicated and we’re not here for a medical lecture. I’ll try to make it as short and understandable as possible, in order to move on. after all, the topic is on the best joint supplements for BJJ.

Supplements For BJJA joint is a dynamic body part that is expected to remain active throughout our lifetime. Joints are actually the spots where two bones meet each other. They’re surrounded by a protective wrap that is filled with a specific fluid. Inside a joint, ligaments hold the two bones in proximity, as well as determine the direction for movement. The main work in the joints is done by cartilages. they are the cushions that allow the two bones to interact without causing immense pain. They’re also the one spot that suffers the most as time goes by.

For people that train BJJ, joint cartilages age much faster. The added demand means you spend your cartilages at a higher rate, making them really thin. or, in the case of vertebrates, making them prolapse and cause all sorts of trouble. Ligament damage and capsular bursts are usually a result of trauma and we’ll skip over them here. So, the only way joint supplements for BJJ athletes can actually help is by affecting the cartilages in our joints.

The Supplement Scam

The trouble with supplements for BJJ which are supposed to help with a joint is the same as with all other popular supplements. Supplement production is a business and works o a business model. That model uses marketing as it’s the utmost best tool for profit. If you believe the marketing, all supplements can do everything you want. In terms of sports supplements, they all increase strength, size, and cardio while helping you lose fat. Yet, people taking them are still overweight and/or lacking in one or more of these qualities.

With joint supplements, the focus is on effectiveness. While they all claim to work miraculously, some go even further by aiming to work faster than others. That, right there, is the first indication that you need to skip over a certain supplement. Joint recovery via supplementation is a long process, requiring correct scheduling and dosage. So, if you truly want to improve your joints, reduce the clutter and pay absolutely no attention to marketing.

Joint Supplements For BJJ

The usual prescription people get in terms of supplements for BJJ damaged joints is chondroitin plus glucosamine combo. let me be blunt – this doesn’t work. Nor do all the shellfish, or shark fin or other dumb shit people try to sell. They are all as effective as Rhino horn, and we all know how good that is.

Moreover, going for a single joint supplement is also not going to bring you any tangible results. You need to combine your supplements in an optimal fashion. You also need to know the correct dosages. and, finally, you need to give it months to work, or maybe even make it a permanent thing. That is the only way to see good results in terms of joint pain and range of motion.

Anti Inflammatories

Supplements For BJJ Joint HealthFirst up are the things that can help you reduce inflammation. Every time you use your joints, there’s a certain level of information that follows. With grappling, this information is that much more pronounced. Among all the supplements for BJJ athletes out there, the only one that does wonders for inflation is fish oil. It has an undeniable positive effect on information, while also having a host of other benefits. Some of them actually help joints, in particular, making fish oil the first thing you should reach for.

If you do not have it, or can’t get it for some strange reason, Omega-3 fatty acids are the next best thing. Fish oil has ample quantities of them, so they should be your second choice for an anti-inflammatory agent.

Specific Supplements

The stuff that works, won’t work as good on its own. Remember that whenever you’re looking into supplements for BJJ, especially those for joint health.

You need to start with glucosamine. It is a compound that naturally occurs in cartilage and it is effective as a supplement. the thing is, it works slowly and it doesn’t really improve things very apparently. This is why you need large doses of it as well as patience and discipline. Give it a year and combine it with the following stuff for best results.

MSM is arguably the one best supplement for joint support. AKA methylsulfonylmethane, this supplement has undeniable positive effects on your joints. It actually helps alleviate arthritis symptoms much more obviously than any other in this bunch. Now imagine how better it works paired with the correct supplements to accentuate its potency.

Hyaluronic acid is a somewhat surprise contender here. It helps your joint cartilage recover and keeps your joint fluid levels optimal. This reduces the impact joints get during training, making them a lot more durable. If you’re really in trouble, consider getting some hyaluronic acid shots directly in your affected joint. Otherwise, stick to oral form.

Curcumin is also something you should consider. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties as numerous studies show. the reason, why it works great for your joints, is that it also has anti-arthritic properties.

The Absolute Best Supplement

Do not forget that there’s one supplement out there, that works better than anything else. Just tap early and do not let your joints get hyperextended. It is easy, it is the cheapest of them all, and it is going to keep you healthy for long. Throw in the supplement combo we outlined above and you’ll be training BJJ well into your 80’s, just like Helio.

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