George Lockhart Nutrition & Weight Management System DVD/EBook

George Lockhart and Leith – Nutrition and Weight Managment System. When nutrition for combat sports is the subjects there’s an endless pool of information available. It is very easy to get completely lost in the sea of fad diets and nutrition plans and end up in worse shape than you started. To be honest, there are only a few names worthwhile in terms of nutrition for grapplers. Mike Dolce and Johne Berardi have proven they’re methods work, but there’s one name that is simply on top of the list. George Lockhart is a top class nutritionist that has arguably, the most simple and effective approach to nutrition for Jiu-Jitsu in the world. ON SALE:George Lockhart Nutrition And Weight Management System DVD/Book/E-Book Use Checkout Code “FIRST15” to get 15% OFF on ALL Products George Lockhart is the nutritionist of many MMA and athletic standouts and boasts a … Continue reading George Lockhart Nutrition & Weight Management System DVD/EBook