Best BJJ Joint Supplements in 2021 Reviews And Guide

Best BJJ Joint Supplements 2019

Elbows, knees, ankles, wrists, shoulders, spine… You name the joint and I’ll show you a dozen different injuries that can affect it as a result of grappling. To be honest, it’s not just injuries. Injuries are actually the cherry on the proverbial cake nobody wants to eat. Doing any kind of sport puts our joints under stress. In the case of grappling martial arts, the stress is unlike anything else. While other sports, like running, for example, put focused stress on specific joints, in BJJ it’s all around. Without even thinking about injuries, Jiu-Jitsu puts demands on our joints that are hard to comply with.  A stack of the best BJJ joint supplements or even just one carefully picked product might make rolling a much more enjoyable experience for years to come. 

There’s no training BJJ with messed up joints. Wait, there is, actually. If you’re a purple belt or above, you’ve got yourself a favorite joint or two that require some extra attention. A lot of factors play in how your joints work while you’re trying to grapple. Especially if you’re doing so at a high pace and level. Age is a huge factor that is very limiting in itself. Training frequency, rolling style, injuries, and even genetics also have their contribution. Just like you’re probably drinking some sort of post-workout and recovery drinks, and taking vitamins, you need to be including joint supplements. For the average BJJ athlete, the best BJJ joint supplements are not optional. If you’re a competitor and a high-level one at that, they become much more than that. They’re actually the single most important supplement you can have!

Joint Supplements That Work For Grapplers

The way our joints work is actually not that complicated. In essence, our joints are where two ends of our bones meet. At this meeting point, the outside is covered with a capsule. Inside, the bones are connected with ligaments. The motion of the joint is cushioned by joint cartilages, which are often the focus of joint trouble. the outside of every joint, above the capsule, is covered with muscles that allow it to move in a very specific fashion. With joint locks in BJJ, we aim to move the joints opposite of their natural direction of movement. You can see how this disagrees with them.

The trouble with joint supplements, in general, is that there are a lot of fake ones. There are even ones that contain some of the components that work, but not ineffective combinations or doses. With grappling, nothing but the best BJJ joint supplements with a high rate of efficiency will do the trick. For that, you need a combination of a few very potent ingredients.

To begin with, the two supplements we all know are chondroitin and glucosamine. The thing with them is they need to be in a very specific combination and dose to work. They actually work even better when you throw in some Turmeric. Yeah, that stuff does a lot more than just spice up your food. Finally, there’s an ingredient not many people know about in MSM. This organic sulfur-based compound is crazy effective when it comes to connective tissue repair. IF you have a combination of some, or even better, all of the above, you can safely consider the supplement to be high-quality.

Best BJJ Joint Supplements In 2021

Now that you know what you’re looking for, let’s see what exactly is on the market. We’re going to go over some of the very best BJJ joint supplements, breaking down their contents and why they work. All you need to do is choose one and give it a shot. You’ll soon realize that rolling with healthier joints is way more satisfying. You’ll not only feel better but be able to do things your wary joints were preventing you from.

Just remember, we did extensive research and some testing before we decided to make this 2021 best BJJ joint supplements guide. In the guide below you won’t find any “snake oil” type of stuff, promising but not delivering. Every single one of our supplements is top-grade and perfect for the needs of grapplers. You could even go for a combo of two or three of them and stack up for good. Check them out:

RSP Joint Support

Best BJJ Joint Supplements 2019RSP has a supplement out that pretty much embodies all the ingredients we talked about. It is the perfect blend to help resolve joint pain and prevent collagen degradation. Every ingredient is GMP certified and extensively tested, so do not expect any side effects.
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The main ingredients are chondroitin, glucosamine, and MSM in a very carefully balanced ratio. This supplement comes in a bottle in capsule form, containing 180 capsules. It helps alleviate any kind of joint stiffness, inflammation, and even osteoarthritis. It also helps keep your cartilage safe, which is of the utmost importance for grapplers. there’s more characteristic, though that puts this supplement firmly among the best BJJ supplements of 2021. You get the option to subscribe and get it delivered on a monthly, or up to 6 months schedule. If you choose this option you’ll get each bottle with a significant discount too!


Vostok Natural Joint Pain Relief

Best BJJ Joint Supplements 2019This all-natural extremely powerful supplement comes to you courtesy of Vostok Nutrition. This supplement actually goes a bit overboard on supplements, but in a good way. It contains not only the powerful four of chondroitin, glucosamine, MSM, and turmeric but a few more key ingredients.
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The blend of these special ingredients which include Boswellia, quercetin, bromelain, and others allows for the repair of the damaged joints at an incredible level! It is the perfect supplement to help you heal your damaged joints and even hasten injury recovery. OF course, it has a host of anti-inflammatory properties and lubricates joints. Expect an increased range of motion and improved shock absorption. Comes in capsule form with 90 capsules per bottle. A subscription purchase plan is also available.


Chiroflex Turmeric Curcumin Supplement

Best BJJ Joint Supplements 2019If you’re all about plant-only, completely natural products, this one is for you. It contains only turmeric (or curcumin) but in a very potent dose! Actually, the formula is patented by Chiroflex and is one of the best available on the market!
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The power of turmeric lies in curcuminoids, which Chiroflex has identified and used in their top supplement. Over 95 curcuminoids are in this joint supplement. Plus it is highly bioavailable with a great rate of absorption. The supplement comes in capsule form, with 120 capsules per container. The manufacturer guarantees that you’ll feel the first results within as little as 2 hours! 100 % money-back guarantee, even with an empty bottle!


Osteo Bi-Flex Triple Strength

Best BJJ Joint Supplements 2019Osteo Bi-flex Triple Strength is one of the best BJJ joint supplements simply because it contains an incredible blend of ingredients that make your joints feel 10 years younger! They feature a “Joint Shield” technology, kept secret by the manufacturer. Still, they’re more than potent and effective when taken.
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This supplement comes in a container of 120 capsules at an incredible price. There are also packets of 40, 80, and up to 200 capsules available. The claim is that you’ll start noticing a difference within 7 days of taking the supplement. So far, there haven’t been any complaints among people taking it. It provides incredible joint support, cartilage repair 9which many other products do not) and very fast injury recovery. There are no side effects and you can take the supplement daily to help you keep your joints healthy and mobile for grappling.


Schwartz Maximum Strength Joint Supplement

Best BJJ Joint Supplements 2019Once again, it’s glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM time! This time, Schwartz offers a very powerful supplement that relieves joint pain. It is a much better option as opposed to painkillers. There are no side effects, no addictive properties and it actually helps with joint damage in addition to relieving pain.
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This supplement has superior bioavailability and is clinically tested. It is an all-natural, no GMO product, with no artificial ingredients whatsoever. The formula is so potent that it helps with osteoarthritis and even the healing of fractures. For cartilage trouble, it is one of the best BJJ joint supplements of all time! It helps your joints stay lubricated and healthy while allowing them to work at a high pace. Come in capsule form with 90 capsules per container.


Arazo Nutrition Joint Support

Best BJJ Joint Supplements 2019Arzo Nutrition’s Joint Support supplement is also one featuring the top possible ingredients for joint health. It repairs cartilage, improves mobility, and helps protect the connective tissue in your joints.
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The ingredients inside and chondroitin, glucosamine, MSM, and turmeric, along with a few others. The powerful four mean that this is one of the overall best BJJ joint supplements. A huge benefit of taking this supplement is joint lubrication, so much that you might even feel like wanting to do some running again. A 100% money-back guarantee is included. With every purchase, you get 180 tablets and you have the option for a subscription plan. My personal favorite when it comes to joint supplements for grappling.


Zenwise Extra Strength Joint Support

Best BJJ Joint Supplements 2019The final product in our best BJJ joint supplements guide for 2021 is an extra-strong one. The supplement manufactured by Zenwise is an advanced blend of MSM, chondroitin, and glucosamine. There’s also the inevitable feature of turmeric, turning this into a highly potent weapon to battle joint issues.
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Something other products often lack and that makes a world of difference is Hyaluronic acid, present in this supplement. It ensures that your joints remain full and healthy so that they can absorb force better. You get better joint strength and increased mobility which is what grapplers area after. Plus, you get to train pain-free. Subscription plan available for 180 tablet containers at intervals of your choosing.


Grappling Related Joint Trouble

The most abused joint in BJJ is actually one most people do not even consider. It is the fingers of our hands, and often, the toes as well. For grapplers in Gi Jiu-Jitsu, damaged fingers are a fact of life. They often into chronic arthritis at an older age and are a really painful thing to deal with. This is before we even touch on the subject of the toes getting stuck in mat cracks or the opponent’s Gi.

Another potentially crippling joint injury that grapplers face is discussed hernias, which are basically cartilage protrusions along the spine. There are hardly any black belts that haven’t felt the effects of a herniated disc somewhere along the spine. It is also an injury that you can deal with if you get eth best BJJ joint supplements from our guide above.

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best-bjj-joint-supplements-reviews-2019Elbows, knees, ankles, wrists, shoulders, spine... You name the joint and I'll show you a dozen different injuries that can affect it as a result of grappling. To be honest, it's not just injuries. Injuries are actually the cherry on the proverbial cake nobody...