BJJ Black Friday: Best BJJ Gear On Sale

BJJ Black Friday BJJ gear sale

It is our favorite Friday of the year once again! The one time in the year when all those “too expensive to even look at” Gis, rashguards, etc become readily available for all! The only thing is, figuring out how to get them before they all sell out! That’s where we come in. In this article, you get the best possible deals for the best possible BJJ Gear available out there! Ladies and gentlemen, it is BJJ Black Friday once again, and it is time to stock up on gear!

Time to let loose and get all the gear you’ll need in the year to come. The concept of Black Friday might not be the most popular one, but it is cost-worthy, to be honest. IN a martial art like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu where quality gear is important, it makes even more sense. Quality gear is expensive, and prices are cut in half for BJJ Black Friday. This is the opportunity to get all the genuine stuff at cut prices like never before! From rashguards through finger tape all the way to the best BJJ Gi’s. Let’s look at some BJ Jgear that’s on sale today!

Quality BJJ Gear At Unbelievable Prices

When you train BJJ, you quickly figure out that BJJ gear is everything. It is simple, there’s n real BJJ training without the right gear. Even if you train No-Gi, you’ll at least need a pair of shorts to train and you’ll soon figure out that board shorts won’t cut it. That said, those that train everything, need gis, rashguards, spats, shorts, etc just to fulfill the basic needs for training. Those that have been training for a while need to go even further, looking at various support gear then, there’s BJ Japparel and accessories that grapplers simply can’t do without.

To be honest, sales take place throughout the year for different reasons. However, nothing can beat BJJ Black Friday and the opportunities it presents for acquiring top-quality BJJ gear. It is important o focus on the good stuff if you want your gear to last. Moreover, all the gear that’s approved for the competition is now also readily available. The best thing about it is that prices are so low, you can even double up on some items without reaching the normal value of one of them!

The BJJ Black Friday BJJ Gear Sale Of 2019

What exactly will you get here? Well, we made sure to scour the internet for the best possible deals of nothing but the best quality BJJ Gear. In order to make browsing easier, we divided the BJJ Ger int different categories. Each of them includes several products that are otherwise on the expensive side. Moreover, our list has everything you need to get through the next few years of Jiu-JItsu training! Some of the items are essentials, others are supportive gear while some are purely there for fun.

Venum Elite Classic BJJ Gi

BJJ Black Friday BJJ gear sale Venum Elite Classic Gi

Kicking things off is the Venum Elite Classic BJJ Gi. AS the name suggests this is a real classic and will last you for years. This Gi is 100% cotton and is one of the best for beginner and seasoned competitors alike. Moreover, this Gi is approved under all competition rules and is extremely durable. Now available at a cut-price and in two different color designs: black and blue. It comes in all usual sizes ranging from A0 to A5 and is a great fit for both men and women.

Hayabusa Pearl Weave Light Gi

BJJ Black Friday BJJ gear sale Hayabusa Perl Weave Gi

For those on the hunt for a lighter weight Gi, we have the Hayabusa Pearl Weave. Yeah, you can have a Pearl Weave and a lightweight Gi in one item. In other words, you get a top of the line lightweight Gi that’ll never tear or give way. The perfect combination. This Gi is available in a whole bunch of colors, from the usual black/blue /white all the way to things like olive green and grey. Sizes range between A0 and A5. A 450gsm pearl weave guarantees durability, with strategic reinforcements along with the common stress points. 100% certified for competition (not all colors).

War Tribe Women’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi

BJJ Black Friday BJJ gear sale War tribe Womens Gi

Before we hed off to explore different types of BJJ gear, let’s look at a Gi option exclusively for the ladies of BJJ. The War Tribe Women’s BJJ Gi is ultra-lightweight, extremely stylish and available in black and white colors. Ther are also four sizes available, from W0 to W4. Moreover, this gi has simple embroidery and multicolor stitching to make it a very original piece of gear. Extremely durable and IBJJF legal, this is the perfect Gi to go for during BJ Black Friday. Quite expensive on all other days of the year.

Hayabusa Metaru Charged Jiu-Jitsu Shorts

BJJ Black Friday BJJ gear sale Hayabusa shorts

IN the department of BJJ shorts, we’\ll kick BJJ Black Friday off with The Hayabusa Metaru Charged Shorts. These are IBJJF approved, so you can wear them both in training and in tournaments, Moreover, they double as awesome swim shorts too! The colors available are according to belt ranks, featuring designs from white to black. The size ranges between 30 and 38 (waist) covering just about everyone’s needs. The shorts are unisex, made out of extremely durable and comfortable fabric. An essential piece of No-Gi equipment available at an unbelievable price!

Bad Boy Men’s Legacy Evolve Shorts

BJJ Black Friday BJJ gear sale Bad boy Shorts

Here’s an option that I’m opting for this BJJ Black Friday. The Bad Boy Legacy Jiu-Jitsu shorts come in black or blue color. They feature a really cool design, particularly the black ones. Sizes offer the usual range, from small to XXL. They’re 100% Lycra, machine washable, extra quick to dry, and built with 4D stretch fabric. In other words, they’re comfortable to wear and will last for years. The design features sublimated graphics, meaning the color will never fade or peel off. One of the best possible BJJ Gera deals this Black Friday!

Sanabul Essentials Long Sleeve Rashguard

BJJ Black Friday BJJ gear sale Sanabul Rashgaurd Ranked

We’re now in everyone’s favorite department when it comes to BJJ Gear. Yes, even all you Gi nuts out there love to get yourself a brand new rash guard, even if you’re going to hide it under the kimono. The first option you should go for this BJJ Black Friday is the Sanabul Essentials rashguard. This is a long-sleeved rashguard that fits everyone’s needs. It is IBJJF approved, meaning you can wear it at both Gi and No-Gi tournaments. Plus, that takes care of the coloring, so you know which design to choose form. Interestingly enough, there’s also a red belt one included if you’re feeling naughty. The sizes are the usual, the material is extremely comfortable, pus provides compression to improve performance. One of the best rashguards for Jiu-Jitsu out there, period.

Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Rashguard

BJJ Black Friday BJJ gear sale Under Armout rashguard

Thre’s no mistake with an Under Armour rashguard! The thing with them, as all other Under Armour gear is that they’re usually very expensive. Of course, what you get is pure quality, but still, it is not affordable for everyone. Well, Black Friday is the one day when you can get yours, choosing from 16 different color designs and sizes from XS to 5XL. This is a Short sleeve rashguard, perfect for training and even competing, although not under IBJJF rules. In other words, this is one for No-Gi grapplers that would like to add a legendary rashguard in their collection. Available at a cut price! 

Red Plume Men’s Grappling Spats

BJJ Black Friday BJJ gear sale Spats

Some p[eople love them, some people hate them. I personally wear them both in Gi and No-Gi training. That said, the best spats you can get this BJJ Black Friday to start with the Red Plume Men’s Grappling Spats. What you get are several very unique and awesome looking designs. There are three available at the moment, each of them with a different design. Sizes are in the usual S-XL range,. The spats are soft, breathable, with new four-way stretch technology and sublimated graphics. They’re easy to wash and dry and do not retain odor. In the spirit of Black Friday, you get this piece of BJJ Gear with a cut-price AND free shipping!

Women’s Pressure Grappling Premium Spats

BJJ Black Friday BJJ gear sale Womens Spats

Since we covered the men, it is now time for some female-only BJJ gear. Once again we have a real winner in terms of spats design. The Women’s Pressure Grappling Premium Spats. The designs are impossible to describe, so click the link and see all 7 for yourself. IN short, they’re multi-color, sublimated graphics spats that are specially designed for grappling. The fabric is ultra-soft, stretches in four directions and doesn’t cause any irritation. The seems are reinforced with flatlock stitching, making these spats extremely durable. Size range between XS and XXL.

Ultra Flex Knee Braces

BJJ Black Friday BJJ gear sale Ultra Flex Knee Pads

Those that are still lucky to train without knee pads can freely sip over this. Or decide to invest in their future, the choice is yours. Speaking of early investment (or fairly good knees) the first choice ar the Ultra Flex Knee Braces. They come in two sizes, medium and large, and in three different colors (red, blue and black). They’re a key piece of BJJ gear for training, providing support and compression to your knee. It wicks moisture, has thermal stabilization, breathable fabric and superior comfort. Great for reliving tendonitis, arthritis and chronic pain. Protects from mat burns as an added bonus.

Shock Doctor Ultra Knit Knee Support

BJJ Black Friday BJJ gear sale Shock Doctor Knee Brace

For everyone that’s needs heavy-duty knee support BJJ gear, Shock Doctor’s Ultra Knit Knee Support Braces are an unrivaled choice. The brace comes in three different versions, depending on how bad of an injury you’re nursing. You can have two medium support options or a heavy-duty one that includes hinges. Sizes on all of them range between small and extra-large. They come in a pack, with an ultra knit compression and a breathable weave pattern. They fit anatomically and are designed to be worn for extended periods of time. Moreover, a dual wrap allows you to adjust the brace perfectly to your own anatomy. Usually very expensive, but the perfect thing to get for yourself this BJJ Black Friday!

ProDefeda Mouthguard

BJJ Black Friday BJJ gear sale ProDefenda mouthguard

When it comes to essential BJJ gear, there’s no training or fighting without a solid mouthguard.  The ProDefeda Mouthguard is an awesome choice to help protect your teeth, gums, cheeks and even neck while grappling. It is available in two colors, black and white. This mouthguard is a double-layered one, provides an extra grip and is custom-fit. It provides extreme levels of protection, with air holes for an even better fit and breathability. You can fit it perfectly to your anatomy via the boil and bite method, which is described in an accompanying manual. Top of the line shock absorption and a crazy low BJJ Black Friday price tag.

Impact Custom Professional Mouthguard

BJJ Black Friday BJJ gear sale IMpact Custom Mouthguard

The Impact Custom Professional Mouthguard is the perfect mouthguard for all combat sports. This is the one that you need to be hunting for on BJJ Black Friday, given its quality. It has awesome designs, more than 50 in total, ranging between plain colors or stuff like the American flag. 100% fit guaranteed. You first get a dental mold via mail, that you send back to a professional dental lab where they make the mouth guard especially for you. The shock absorption is at the maximally possible level, and it features an integrated breathing system that guarantees enough oxygen. BPA free and made in the USA.

Hypnotik Pearl Weave Premium BJJ Belt 

BJJ Black Friday BJJ gear sale hypnotic belt

There’s no way you can train Jiu-Jitsu without a belt on. Given how much time it takes between belts, you really want a quality one, and Hypnotic has some of the best ones! Their Hypnotik Pearl Weave Premium BJJ Belt is really one of a kind, coming in at 1.5 inches wide and in an extremely durable pearl weave. The Hypnotic label is embroidered and the shape and color stay intact a lot longer compared to other belts. All adult color belts are available as are all the usual sizes (A0-A6).

Fuji BJJ Belt

BJJ Black Friday BJJ gear sale Fuji Belt

If you want to opt for simplicity this BJJ Black Friday than the Fuji Belt is the one for you. Here, you’ll find a quality belt that comes in incredible variety. Both kids and adult belts are included here, in all possible sizes, from M0 to A6. The colors are very vivid, and the belts are made out of extra high-quality cotton. Durable, and costs next to nothing compared to other BJJ gear, even on BJJ Black Friday!

Adidas Response Earguard

BJJ Black Friday BJJ gear sale ADidas Ear Guards

Whether you want to wear headgear during training or not, you absolutely need to consider it if cauliflower ears are not your goal. A top piece of BJJ Gear to start with is the Adidas Response Earguard. Given that it is Adidas made, BJJ Black Friday is the perfect moment to acquire ono f these. Quality comes guaranteed to do durability and ease of use. The headgear features a four stripe design, extremely shock absorbing foam layer, and cool color options. In fact, there are a dozen different options, all very adjustable in size. Ear protection is via molded plastic caps.

Cliff Keen E58 Headgear

BJJ Black Friday BJJ gear sale Cliff Keen Headgear

If you want to really explore regular and weird color choices, then Cliff Keen E58 Headgear is what you need. This is a simple ear protector, once again with a four-way strap system. Double width ear guards and low profile straps are the main makings of this piece of BJJ gear. The real value though is in how many different options there are. For a fraction of the regular price, you’ll get the chance to choose from 40 different color designs, plain-colored or with themes.

Elite Sports Black Mesh Backpack

BJJ Black Friday BJJ gear sale Elite Backpack

There’s no point in gathering all the BJJ gear in the world if you haven’t got a bag to transport it in. Why use common gym bags when you can get specialized Jiu-Jitsu backpacks and bags? After all, that’s why BJJ Black Friday is all about! The best one you can get, by far, is the Elite Sports Black Mesh Backpack. This drawstring backpack has a very slick design, with ventilated panels to ensure no odor retention. The material is ultra-tough, yet very lightweight. The fabric is Cordura which is high-grade ballistic 1200 Denier and comes with heavy-duty reinforced zippers. YOu can freely get two Gis inside, plus NO-Gi gear and all assorted BJJ gear you usually carry with you.

Hayabusa Ryoko Gym Duffel Bag

BJJ Black Friday BJJ gear sale hayabusa Duffel bag

Our second option is a duffel style gym bag, fro those that are not fans of backpacks. To that extent, the Hayabusa Ryoko Gym Duffel Bag is an obvious first choice. the bag usually costs a small fortune, but now is the time to get it, and be done with bag and be done with BJJ gym bag research for good. It will last you a lifetime, easily, give the high-quality material and integrated ventilation system. There are huge central storage and a bunch of added pockets, plus two water bottle pockets.

Johnson & Johnson Coach Sports Tape

BJJ Black Friday BJJ gear sale Johnson Sports Tape

This is a piece of BJJ gear that you’ll surely need in Jiu-Jitsu. If you train with the Gi, I can pretty much guarantee this. So, BJJ Black Friday is the top opportunity to stock up on some ultra-durable finger tape. to that extent, Johnson & Johnson Coach Sports Tape is number 1. It is tight, it is breathable and it comes in 10-yard rolls. The width is 1.5 inches and it comes in white color. It provides both injury recovery as well as support for everyday gripping. One of the finger tapes with the best adhesive properties ever, yet very easy to take off. Extra great price!

PowerSplint Finger Tape

BJJ Black Friday BJJ gear sale Power Splint Figner tape

IF you’re looking for something a bit more heavy-duty, PowerSplint Finger Tape is a great option. IT is thinner (1.3 inches) compared to the previous tape, but comes in longer rolls (44feet). You do not need to use scissors for this one, as it is extremely easy to cut with your hand.s that’s a very practical thing for grapplers. The best part is, that this BJJ Black Friday, what you get are three 44 feet rolls of this tape with every purchase.

Karma BJJ Gi Back Patch

BJJ Black Friday BJJ gear sale BJJ Patch

Finally, let’s move away from essential and even supportive BJJ gear for a while. Why not add some cool stuff into the mix, since everything is so affordable. Oen such example is the Karma BJJ Gi patch. This extra-large patch is perfect to place on the back of your Gi. It can both be ironed on or sewn on. The design features the Shaka hand gesture, embroidered along with things like “keep on rolling” and “Brazilian Jiu-JItsu”. The patch has an inch diameter and is extra durable.

“Eat, Sleep, Jiu-JItsu, Repeat” T-shirt

BJJ Black Friday BJJ gear sale BJJ T-Shirt

Another thing to look into is BJJ T-shirts. Yes, there are countless options out there, but oen that’s universally liked is the “Eat, Sleep, Jiu-JItsu, Repeat” T-shirt. It is simplistic in design, with a black background and white letters. Sizes range from Small to 3Xlarge and the shirt is 100% cotton. machine washable, with printing that’ll never peel and an athletic fit.

Hurry Up!

Ther’s no point in waiting, as BJJ Black Friday is very fleeting. Moreover, lots of people are looking into high-quality BJJ gear that’s otherwise not readily available. To that extent, you need to make your choices and click away in order to ensure you get what you want. However, there’s no need to grapple with anyone for it, as you’ll be doing plenty of that with the gear. I’m off to get a few things for myself. happy shopping!


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