MMA Pro Tara LaRosa (39) vs Sexist Internet Troll Kristopher Zylinski

Tara La rosa MMA pro vs Kristopher Zylinski

If you missed a story about internet troll Kristopher Zylinski claiming no woman can beat a man, check it HERE. Everything was set and done for Anna Dempster to fight Kristopher, but she suffered an eye injury, so he had to pull out. After that she was replaced by Sarah Patterson, another Female MMA fighter, who also suffered an eye injury. As McDojolife had a backup fighter, Tara LaRosa, former Bodogfight Bantamweight champion, jumped in.

Tara gladly Jumped in a fight Against sexist Internet Troll Kristopher Zilinsky after Sarah Patterson got Injured. She jumped in to prove that Woman vs Man makes sense no matter what people think about it. Especially Woman vs Untrained Man and as we could find out Kristopher Zylinski is completely untrained in martial arts.

On Facebook Event page Tara LaRosa wrote:

“A friend tagged me in on the search for a replacement and I responded as a joke… welp, I guess shit got real, so here I am! I feel like I should say something like “hey, hold my beer for a second” or “hey y’all, watch this” in my best redneck accent. It fits. I’m part redneck. So, I guess… here we go!”

“If you don’t know me, I’ve been training in martial arts since 1995. I got into Shotokan karate in hs, and then got involved with Judo in college. I placed 2nd at collegiate nationals in 2001. Shortly after, I started training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA (which was referred to as NHB back then). 
I had one amateur fight and my mom got scared, and said you’re moving with you’re auntie and uncle in Bel-Aire… wait no, that was Fresh Prince.”

“So I had an ammy fight Nov 2001, then went pro in April 2002. I’ve been training and fighting ever since. 
If you want more, check wiki. Also, I’m on twitch almost every weekday from 2:30-5:30pm, so come in and ask me anything! Follow me on twitter for better interaction, I’m not very good at FB lol 
Welp, that’s me! …so, here goes nothin’!”

About Tara LaRosa

Tara LaRosa (39) is an American Female MMA Pro Veteran and grappler and she was competing in BodogFight. She’s fighting since 2002 and she was the first BodogFight Bantamweight, 135 lbs, Champion. She’s 22-5 in MMA. She’s also a Purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu under Royce Gracie and Brown belt in judo.

Tara LaRosa also used to compete in grappling tournaments.She’s the mutliple Fila Grappling World Champion and Multiple Naga Grappling World Champion.

Tara La Rosa Internet troll kristopher zylinski

You can check Tara LaRosa MMA highlights in a video below:


Tara LaRosa vs Kristopher Zylinski Fight Prediction

According to some of Kristopher’s High School friends he never took any martial art lessons. He’s probably taking some MMA lessons now, but it’s hard to say if that will be enough. It’s hard to say because Tara LaRosa is an MMA Pro fighter with a lot of experience behind her and almost 30 professional MMA bouts.

Kristopher Zylinski is a man and he’s probably stronger than Tara, but chances of him winning are very slim. Let’s say that female punches and kicks are a lot weaker than men’s, but we predict that the main problem for Kristopher will be Tara’s Grappling. And we all know that in Grappling smaller person can win against much bigger opponents. We could witness those scenarios, even when two Jiu Jitsu trained people fight.

We predict that Tara LaRosa will take down Kristopher Zylinski to the ground in the first minute. After that she will have an easy time submitting him or putting a ground and pound over Kristopher.

The only chance that Kristopher Zylinski have is some early lucky punch. The punch that will knockout Tara and make him victorious. Chances of him knocking out Tara are very, very slim, so we predict that fight goes to Tara by a huge margin. Let’s say that the odds are around 90:10 in Tara’s favor.

What do you think who will win this? Is there any chance that someone untrained like Kristopher Zylinski can beat a trained and experienced MMA Pro fighter like Tara LaRosa?

Kristopher Zylinski’s Opinion on Women vs Men fighting

As a reminder here is what Kristopher Zylinski said about Women vs Men fighting. He didn’t have any good words for females in Martial Arts.

99% of woman are too weak Krystopher Zyllinkski woman are too weak Krystopher Zyllinkski woman are too weak Krystopher Zyllinkski woman are too weak Krystopher Zyllinkski

The fight will take place on Saturday, January 6, 2018. For those who can’t attend the fight There will be an online stream at McDojoLife Facebook Page.

Donation of $1000 will be given to Tara LaRosa regardless of the fight outcome and bonus from Go Fund me.

We’ll share the livestream on our WEB SITE so, Stay Tuned!

FIGHT VIDEO – Female MMA pro vs Internet Troll Kristopher Zylinski

LIVE STREAM – Female MMA Pro vs Internet Troll

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