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Robson Lima Mau Mau Kimura DVD
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When it comes to innovation in Jiu-Jitsu, people take certain moves for granted. For example, moves like the armbar, Kimura or rear naked choke work so good, that people rarely try to improve them. Yet, there are certain instances where even this highest percentage moves can get better. Thankfully, some people specialize in certain moves so much, that they have to further develop them in order to fit their needs. One such example is the Mau Mau Kimura, a high-level variation on a BJJ classic. The name is down to its founder’s Robson Lima nickname. Lima got so famous for his Kimura exploits, that his take on this move now bears his name. His Mau Mau Kimura DVD is the absolute best resource to discover the secrets of the Kimura lock and all its possible variations.


Robson Lima Mau Mau Kimura DVD
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When you experiment with proven Jiu-Jitsu moves or positions, you have two directions to move in. The first is to go really old school and try and figure out every invisible detail. This is how people like Roger Gracie get so good with moves everyone knows they’re going to do. Another option is to go to a new, innovative direction and try to build on what you already know. A great example here is Danaher’s leg lock system. Finally, you can opt to do both, as Mau Mau did. Whatever the method of choice, if you work long enough, you’ll get a breakthrough. Mau Mau’s Kimura has the best of both worlds – amazing details and positioning from the old school and innovative gripping and finishing concepts. The Mau Mau Kimura DVD is just as valuable for those that thrive doing Kimuras as it is for those just discovering it.

Robson “Mau Mau” Lima

Have you heard of Robson “Mau Mau” Lima? Chances are, you know the name. If not for his Kimura exploits directly, then you know him as a high-level competitor and coach. In fact, he is the #1 ranked Masters competitor in the world. And a large portion of his tournament success comes down to his obsession with the Kimura.

Mau Mau was born in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. He got involved in BJJ as a 12-year-old kid and went through all the ranks of the Gentle Art. Even from an early age, he showed a great desire for competition and real grappling talent. Unsurprisingly, he rose through the ranks fast, capturing championships left and right. Some of his accolades include winning the IBJJF Worlds, IBJJF Pans, the South Americans and plenty more.

Mau Mau is relentless as a competitor and continues to battle hard to this day. Fighting in both his weight class (medium heavy) and the absolute, he wants to stay #1 in the world as long as possible. As with all high-level champions that have their own contribution to BJJ, Robson has the Mau Mau Kimura DVD to give back to the grappling community.

He currently lives in Boston and teaches regularly at “Mau Mau BJJ Academy” as part of GFT.

The Mau Mau Kimura

As a submission, we learn the Kimura lock fairly early in BJJ. In the same context, we continue discovering how we can get it from a different position. The usual Kimura evolution ends with the Kimura trap system, that turns a powerful submission into an inescapable position. Sadly, for most people, the Kimura exploits end here and they never progress past this level of the move.

From an old-school standpoint, the Kimura works so well from multiple positions because it allows you to shift your body weight. this concept is old as the Kimura itself. Namely, your control over an opponent’s shoulder, arm and partially the cervical spine, is so good, that you can move your body around while holding on to it without the risk of failing. If you’re on the bottom, you can move freely to get on top or finish directly. From the top, you can improve position, finish directly, or go into other systems, like back attacks. There’s also the standing power of the Kimura, as a means of preventing double and single leg takedown attempts. Not to mention, it’s heavy use in self-defense.

Form an innovative perspective, you can combine the old Kimura principles, with some modern innovation, like the Kimura trap. Now you have a comprehensive system that’s bound to work. here, you have the control, the submission threat and a bit of trickery to allow you to dominate. And, if you become a true Kimura aficionado, you’ll sprinkle a few your own experiences in there. Now you have something original.  Robson’s Mau Mau Kimura DVD has all of the above, neatly organized in a specific and easy to use system.

Mau Mau Kimura DVD Review

What you get with the Mau Mau Kimura DVD is the Mau Mau Kimura. As funny as this might sound it is true and a real refreshment. With plenty of the new BJJ video instructionals, we often get a whole bunch of unrelated information. This DVD has absolutely no clutter at all. It is to the point, understandable and extremely specific. You’ll learn the Mau Mau Kimura system, and you’ll have to figure out everything else. Which is exactly what a highly-specific instructional DVD should deliver.

As a coach, Mau Mau is hands down one of the very best. The fact that he is talking about his life’s work, makes everything he teaches that more captivating. After all, this DVD is named ” Kimuras As A Way Of Doing BJJ”. Actually, this is exactly what you get – you’ll be able to do “only” Kimuras from everywhere, and you’ll beat everyone with them.

Kimura Counter Attacks

The way these DVD works is in chapters. No elaborate multi-volume combinations with moves scattered across different discs. Plain and simple, you get absolutely everything you need to know in one highly-specific and immensely organized DVD. Conversely, the Mau Mau Kimura DVD starts with a Kimura lock from the first second.

The first few sections address using the Kimura in a counter-attacking fashion. This is precisely how the Kimura trap was born. However, Mau Mau’s take on the Kimura brings innovation to something we already do. It works great against a double or single leg takedown. Speaking of counter-attacks, Mau Mau also has a cure for beating sweeps from the half guard with the Kimura. Includes options against the inverted half guard, as well as the regular one. Details on Mau Mau’s specific gripping and shoulder control feature in each and every chapter, so that the basics get instilled into you.

Double Attacks 

Since Mau Mau is a fierce competitor with plenty of titles to his name, he knows how to play a high-level game. In those terms, he adopted his Kimura system to work against everyone, regardless of rules and presence/lack of Gi. When people know you’re coming in with a specific move, you need to make sure you double or triple your threats.

Starting from the bottom, Mau Mau goes over a Kimura setup that’ll eventually get you one of two things. You’ll either sweep, or you’ll finish the Kimura. The finish might come from top or bottom since Mau Mau has everything covered. Once again, Mau Mau prefers the half guard, as it is way easier and tighter to get to a Kimura position as opposed to the closed guard. MUltiple sweeps and submission options feature in this part of the Mau Mau Kimura DVD.

Top Position Kimura

Mau Mau Kimura DVDThe top position is one of the best spots to hit a Kimura from. The shoulder lock works from almost every position, apart from the mount. Or so we thought. As it turns out, Mau Mau knows how to get you one of his signatures Kimura finishes even from the mount. However, before he shares it with you the first go over the basics. Those basics include attacks from side control, top half guard and even some Kimura trap combinations.

In this part of the Mau Mau Kimura DVD, the focus is solely on finishing. Different positions mean Mau Mau covers different ways of positioning your body and different gripping sequences. All of his methods for finishing are high percentage and have been proven to work against the best.

The 15 Points Mau Mau Submission Chain

Finally, a real gem in this Mau Mau Kimura DVD. Through his vast competitive experience, Robson developed a very reliable system to use in IBJJF competitions. In it, he takes you from the half guard Kimura all the way to finish from.

It all starts from the half guard, with a Kimura on. A sweep to top half guard earns you 2 points and gets you in position to finish if you want to. If you like to gather more points, you get to knee on belly, while keeping the Kimura on at all times. Two more points. The next step is the full mount, where you need to stay for three seconds to get 4 points. At all times, you keep holding the Kimura grip. Once you have mount points, using the Kimura trap system you transition to the back, for a further 4 points. Now you have 15 points and great submission options. Finish with either a rear naked choke or, if you do not want to release the grip, a straight armbar.


Robson Lima Mau Mau Kimura DVD
Techniques List
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When it comes to innovation in Jiu-Jitsu, people take certain moves for granted. For example, moves like the armbar, Kimura or rear naked choke work so good, that people rarely try to improve them. Yet, there are certain instances where even this highest percentage...mau-mau-kimura-dvd-review