Best MMA Backpacks 2020 Guide With Detailed Reviews

Time to dwell in the world of MMA backpacks for a while. backpacks never seem important until you get a really good quality one. From that point on, two major things always happen. First, you regret not having looked into the best MMA backpacks before. next, nothing but the very best is going to do the trick for you in the future. And it doesn’t just have to do with style and appearance. From how it feels when completely full, to the storage space and specialty materials, MMA backpacks are really a category of their own. Now, it is time to see which of them are the best among the best. 

When it comes to training MMA, people can get away with anything while transporting their gear. I even know a guy that’s constantly carrying all his gear in a Wallmart type plastic bag, just slightly bigger. However, if you really want good organization, good hygiene, and something that won’t strain your back all day long, you need to look into good quality backpacks. And no, as you’ll see in today’s best MMA backpacks 2020 guide, it doesn’t have to be a backpack that screams MMA! You could choose an MMA backpack that won’t turn heads, meaning it can double as a daily or travel backpack with ease. Whatever your preference might be, we got you covered with our guide to the best MMA backpacks available in 2020!

Backpack Or Gym Bag?  

The first thing that springs to mind when you think about packing for MMA training 9or a fight) is space. In that sense, many people instantly start with”a backpack doesn’t have enough space to store everything”. When you think about MMA gear, this is not an unreasonable thing to worry about. Different types of gloves, protective gear, shorts, rashguards, towels, shin guards, helmets, perhaps even a Gi… The list is huge. What kind of a bag could possibly fit everything, allow for an organizational system, and not allow damp and dry clothes to mix?

One answer that comes to mind is a duffel bag. And it is a correct answer. Duffel-style gym bags are a great way to keep everything in one place. In terms of MMA duffel bags, there are a bunch of them out there. However, they have their drawbacks, particularly if you’re of the neat and organized variety. First up, duffel-style bags do offer a lot of space, but usually, in just one huge main compartment. When it comes to additional pockets, they are usually small and won’t fit anything bigger than a water or shaker bottle. Moreover, they have the signature strap that goes over the chest. This places the weight over just one side, leading to strain on the spine, regardless of how good the strap system is.

The easiest way to solve this issue is by switching to a backpack. But not just any backpack. specialized MMA backpacks offer everything you might ever think of. First up, they have at least two, sometimes more big main compartments. That means you can keep used and clean clothes away from each other and training gear. Moreover, backpacks feature ways of extending their compartments so that they surpass even duffel bags. Plus, they feature ergonomic designs that divide the weight in a way that makes them feel weightless. And, if you really have to have a duffle, there area transformer backpacks out there that double as both!

Best MMA Backpacks 2020 Guide And Reviews

Below you’ll find the most comprehensive guide to some of the very best MMA backpacks available this year. You’ll also find that we did our best to satisfy everyone’s taste. Namely, there are backpacks in this guide that feature different sizes, different shapes, and plenty of different designs. All of them are built especially for MMA, though. Performance, hygiene, and functionality are key qualities each entry in our guide possesses.

There’s also another aspect we need to touch on before we start with the reviews. Many modern-day fancy sports backpacks are more expensive than all your MMA gear put together. This is not something that’s useful to MMA fighters. Apart from being highly specialized for MMA, all the backpacks in our 2020 guide also come at the best possible deals. Until such a time that any of these MMA backpacks goes on sale (which we’ll immediately report) these deals are by far the cheapest and most valuable ones you can get!


61NvhafyrOL. SL1000  - Best MMA Backpacks 2020 Guide With Detailed Reviews

Kicking things off, we have the Twins “Special” MMA Backpack. This backpack has one of the simplest designs out there. It features a lot of space and has a very practical organizational system. Moreover, it comes with a guarantee of quality and the best possible price ever! One of the few in this guide I have direct, and very positive experiences with.
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If we could find one “drawback” on this backpack, it is the lack of variety. At the moment, the Twins “Special” MMA Gym backpack is only available in one design. It comes with a black base and a bright green color. However, it offers performance qualities most other fancy looking backpacks clearly lack. For one, it is specially designed for MMA training and has special compartments for specific gear. In that sense, you have different compartments for shin pads, gloves, damp gear, dry and clean clothes, and more. It is 40 cm wide and 60 cm high, with a depth of 30 cm. What’s key here is that the height can expand up to 80 cm in just seconds! The backpack is extremely durable, water-resistant, and has specially designed ergonomic straps that protect your spine.

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81js1aOCOUL. SL1500  1024x1024 - Best MMA Backpacks 2020 Guide With Detailed Reviews

Easily a leader, even among the best MMA backpacks of 2020. The Venum Challenger “Xtreme” MMA Backpack is the bigger, tougher, and better brother of the Venum Challenger basic backpack version. It is basically an MMA backpack on steroids and one that won’t get you in trouble with the USADA. Plus, we got an unimaginably good deal for you!
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I must confess to not having a personal experience with this particular backpack. However, it is the first on my shopping list, the moment I need a new one. One thing that’s always a guarantee with Venum as a brand is a variety. the Challenger Xtreme MMA backpack is available in 10 different designs, featuring the likes of all black, black/grey, khaki/black, navy blue /white, and many more. There’s even a special “red devil” issue of this immense backpack. The material is 100 % polyester, durable, easy to clean, and virtually impossible to tear. the bag can easily convert to a duffle bag if you decide you need a change. So, it is basically a two-in-one. Other key features include a hidden MP3 player pocket with a headphone opening, an insulated cooler compartment, a micro-fleece pocket, and the most modern weight-bearing design possible.

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71iTnsvoW5L. SX425  - Best MMA Backpacks 2020 Guide With Detailed Reviews

This is a backpack intended to meet your most basic MMA needs. it doesn’t offer the high performance of the Venum Challenger Xtreme, for example, but it also comes at the best price of all the best MMA backpacks in our 2020 guide. The Fairtex MMA backpack is a great first backpack and maybe an irreplaceable backup MMA backpack.
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Fairtex is also a brand that’s been throwing a lot of weight around lately. They do have some real quality gear on offer, and this backpack is probably their best edition. This backpack is 2″ high, 16″ wide, and made from heavy-duty nylon. The constriction is one built to last and durability is this backpack’s best quality. It is safe to say it’ll last you your entire MMA career. It has a huge main compartment, which has two parts. this means there’s more than ample space in there to store and divide everything. Moreover, there are additional mesh and electronics pockets throughout.  The backpack is available in a red or purple camo design, ora blue and black one. Top price guaranteed!

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81M74DEcijL. SY606  - Best MMA Backpacks 2020 Guide With Detailed Reviews

This one was a surprise contender among the best MMA backpacks of 2020, I must confess. Ring to Cage is a brand that has some great MAM gear, but they’ve never before ventured into the bag and backpacks category. it seems, though, that they struck gold with this particular backpack. One reason for this is probably the fact that it can serve as both an MMA backpack and a duffle gym bag.
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The Ring to Cage backpack is available in only one design, featuring black and grey, with red, seems along the borders. The construction, however, is a thing of beauty. This backpack has the ability to almost double the capacity in just seconds, and/or switch between a backpack and a duffel bag. All you need to do is unzip a zipper and clip a strap on or off. There’s one huge central compartment, accompanied by several smaller side compartments. The backpack is made of heavy-duty material, guaranteeing durability. there is a whole host of additional pockets for water bottles, electronics, valuables, etc. The dimensions are 1 width x 14 length x 19 height. After converting the dimensions change to the following: 11 width x 14 length x 27 height. The largest capacity MMA backpack in our 2020 guide without a doubt!

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s l1000 - Best MMA Backpacks 2020 Guide With Detailed Reviews

We arrive, at last, at my personal favorite. While this backpack was designed primarily for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, it more than fits the needs of MAM fighters. I’ve got one, and I could not be happier with it! It has ample space to fit everything, feels light as a feather, and looks better than any backpack I’ve worn before. Certainly my top pick!
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The Gold BJJ backpack is available in two main designs – a grey and yellow, and an all-black one. The bag was built specifically for BJJ and MMA training. The material is extra durable high-grade Nylon with reinforced heavy-duty stitching. There are two huge compartments, one of the waterproof and sweatproof. This is where you can keep your sweaty Gi or other damp MMA gear and apparel. There’s also a great belt protector pouch, which, if you don’t have a belt, can be used to store a variety of MMA gear. There’s a specialized shaker bottle pocket on the outside, large enough to house even 1-liter bottles. This is the only backpack that comes with an unlimited 100% money-back guarantee. Not that you’ll need it.

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41IO54qaTdL - Best MMA Backpacks 2020 Guide With Detailed Reviews

Finally, one more transformer backpack to finish our best MMA backpacks 2020 guide. This time, it is a bag by Revgear, another renowned MAM gear brand. For those looking to avoid bright colors and go for performance and simplicity, it doesn’t get better than this. A bag that is becoming increasingly popular with MAM fighters across the globe.
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Of course, as the name suggests, this backpack’s main quality is in its transformative properties. It is very easy to convert it back and forth between a backpack and a duffel bag. the material is heavy-duty polyester, meaning it is built to last. The interior of the backpack has a special Nylon lining, ensuring quality and durability. The backpack is huge, with a large main compartment and a slightly smaller secondary one. There are Nylon webbing straps when in backpack mode. When you transform into a duffel, you simply attach a strap and join the two backpack straps together into a grab handle. The backpack is 27″ long x 12.5″ wide x 13″ deep. It comes in black color, with the white Revgear logo on the sides and on one of the straps. Great price included!

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Important Characteristics  

Before heading off, let’s look at some of the important characteristics of the best MMA backpacks. These are the properties we used as standards when deciding on each and every backpack in our guide. These include important aspects like the capacity of the backpack, materials it is made of, how easy it is to carry when filled to the maximum, number of compartments, style, design, and more. All in all, it is safe to say we thought of everything. More importantly, all of the backpacks above more than fulfill each of these prerequisites.

So, space. To put it simply, if there’s not enough space in a backpack for shin guards and a pair of MMA gloves then you shouldn’t use it for MMA. There’s no point in having a special aMMA backpack that can’t handle the basic needs of MMA fighters. So, ample storage space is the number one thing to look for in MMA backpacks.

As cool as organizing a backpack might sound, it doesn’t come second. Comfort is key given that you’ll be spending a lot of time with that backpack on. Since it is a backpack, it also doubles down as a great travel bag too. That means lots of gear, for long periods of time on your back. If the design isn’t anatomical and puts your spine and back under stress, get rid immediately!

In the realm of materials, we chose as many different backpacks as possible. However, the common thing all materials of our featured MMA backpacks have is that they do not retain odor, repel moisture, have built-in ventilation systems, are sturdy, durable, and easy to keep clean.

Finally, there’s the stuff like enough compartments, style, color, etc. All of these are important but they are not the defining characteristics of the best MMA backpacks. Still, in the name of variety, we included as many different options as humanly possible.

Closing Arguments 

Whether you are a duffel bag or a backpack guy or girl, you simply need a backpack. Backpacks are easier to carry around and are much more useful for daily life on top of MMA training. That said, when it comes to the best MMA backpacks, they need to be a lot more than just a regular backpack. All of the options above offer unique and great qualities. Moreover, they come at some of the best possible deals for 2020! Make sure you choose wisely, as they’re so durable you’ll most likely need only one for your entire MMA career!

Value For Money
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