Best MMA Gym Bags 2020 Guide And Reviews

Best MMA gym Bags Of 2019: Your Ultiamte guide With In-Depth Reviews Of the Top Ten Bags

The most important things in martial arts are often taken for granted. It takes years of training and competition to starts learning how the little things impact the big picture. One of the things we take for granted often has to do with MMA training gear. In that sense, hardly anything is as marginalized as gym bags. Despite playing a huge role in a whole host of key areas, gym bags hardly get the recognition they deserve. Any bag would do for transporting your gear, but the best MMA gym bags offer much more than that. There are two ways to really understand how important gym bags are. One is to switch from your everyday bag to a specialized MMA bag. the other is to follow our guide. 

So, what’s the deal with MMA gym bags? Is it really that important to have one of the best MMA gym bags? As you’ll see later one when we go into the defining characteristics of a solid gym bag, you can’t just use anything for an MMA bag. There are plenty of characteristics to consider, from size to material to compartment numbers, etc. to that extent, there’s is a huge supply out there, with everyone claiming to have the perfect gym bag. After thorough research, we came up with no less than 10 best MMA gym bags, enough to ensure everyone is going to find an option that suits them

What Does The Best MMA Gym Look Like? 

In truth, it is not about what an MMA gym bag looks like, but rather how it is built. There are a few key characteristics that you need to consider whenever you’re looking for an MMA gym bag. We took into account several key traits of gym bags to make sure we had a really high standard when putting together our best MMA gym bags 2020 guide.

First up, space. MMA training requires quite a lot of gear. Sometimes, you just don’t have the time to go home in between training sessions in different disciplines. That means you need to carry around gloves, training apparel, shin guards, and many more pieces of equipment.

Next up, it is all about materials. The bag you choose to use on a daily basis needs to provide you with some key traits. You need a bag that won’t retain odors and won’t be a breeding ground for germs. That means breathable specialized materials that are also highly durable.

In terms of design, an MMA gym bag is usually a duffle bag style bag. However, on top of ease of access, an MMA bag needs organization. For that, it needs clever use of space by way of compartments. Moreover, you need different types of compartments (zipped, mesh, big, small, outside, etc.) There’s also the question of ergonomic design, particularly handles and straps.

Finally, we had to consider the price as a factor too. Not everyone can go and buy the latest trendy MMA gym bag, nor does it have to be as good as it is expensive. With an eye on variety, we included a wide array of differently priced MMA gym bags in our guide, with the one common thread being they are the best MMA gym bags you can get in 2020!

Best MMA Gym Bags Of 2020

Our guide today is a particularly rich one offering 10 different MMA bags, all fulfilling the requirements of the best MMA gym bags in 2020. The only task you have is browsing through and choosing your favorite, You could go and acquire it in one click right away, or go deeper and read a complete detailed review of each. Most of them have been tried and tested by ourselves, but we also considered the testimonials of people using them on a daily basis, including professional MMA fighters and grapplers.

Finally, before we begin we have to acknowledge the existence of more than just one type of MMA bag. While we focus on duffel bags today, as optimal for MMA we have to also mention backpacks. Backpacks offer a different dimension to things. In order to do them justice, we also have a complete guide to the best MMA backpacks you can get. If duffel-style bags are more your thing than just keep reading.

OGIO Endurance Duffel Bag Best MMA gym Bags Of 2019 Ogio bag

OGIO has a truly great MMA gym bag offer, so good in fact, that it opens our ultimate guide to the best MMA gym bags in 2020. While the brand might not be familiar straight away, after a taste of their stuff, you’ll soon realize that they only make quality products. What you get with the OGIO Endurance bag is a duffel bag for any occasion.
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The OGIO Endurance comes in two different sizes: 1.0 and 9.0. The first can hold up to 36.8 liters, while the second goes up to 58.3 liters. It comes in black color, with a neon green lining on the inside. While the original design is with a sternum strap, this bag also has the ability to morph into a backpack, making it a hybrid style MMA gym bag. There is a wet/dry pocket with a 360 ventilation gusset, a ventilated mesh pocket, and a specialized crush-resistant Tech-Vault compartment. The material is 3M-tech fabric, incredibly durable, and completely resistant to odor collection and/or germ retention. 

Venum Sparring Sport BagBest MMA gym Bags Of 2019 Venum bagMMA gear and Venum. These two terms are inseparable when it comes to quality gear for training combat sports. Since they really understand the needs of combat athletes, Venum does have a great range of MMA gym bags, two of which feature on our list today. The first one is the Venum Sparring Sports bag, one of the best-priced items 2020 has to offer.
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In terms of quality, you can hardly go wrong with Venum gear. After all, they have been around for years and thrive on delivering exactly what fighters need. The Sparring Sports bag is a duffel-style bag that comes in a black and black color combination. It is available in one size only, big enough to fit all your MMA needs. The material is 100 % Polyester making it ultra-durable and impervious to odors and germs. Apart from the main huge compartment, there are separate side pockets and mesh panels for optimal organization. The padded shoulder strap is adjustable with an ergonomic design. This bag is designed for holding MMA equipment specifically, so all your gear is going to fit perfectly.

Fairtex Equipment Gym Bag

Best MMA gym Bags Of 2019 Fairtex bag

Here we are a real threat. Fairtex made a point of designing an MMA bag that not only fits the requirements of the best MMA gym bags of 2020 but also looks awesome. Their Equipment Gym Bag is areal refreshment among the usual MMA bag design that tends to be darker and more boring. Best designed bag in our guide? You decide!
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The Fairtex Equipment Gym Bag comes in three different color designs. You have the basic gray and black combination but you also have purple and red camo options as well. A nice way to bring a bit of color into your everyday MMA routine, particularly for the ladies. The material is waterproof Nylon, and the bag features heavy-duty zippers. There is a separate wet clothes compartment that’s located underneath the main one. There’s also a mesh pocket, separate shoe pocket, and an earphones plug exit. The bag is 4″x24″x12″ and intended to store MMA gear. The total weight is somewhere around 4 lbs. Handmade n Thailand and with an incredible price for such high quality.

Hayabusa Ryoko Gear Bag

Best MMA gym Bags Of 2019 hayabusa bag

Hayabusa is a much-trusted combat gear brand that also delivers quality over quantity. While you won’t find a wide range of Hayabusa MMA gym bags, you’ll certainly find the best of them. That is, in particular, true for the Hayabusa Ryoko Duffel Gear Bag, the first choice of many professional MMA fighters. In terms of design, the most compact one in our best MMA gym bags 2020 guide.
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Once again, this is a dark themed bag, coming in full black with only white Hayabusa letters on the side. The design is not only a slick one but looks durable at first sight. Of course, it is just as durable as it looks, if not more. The fabric is a signature Hayabusa blend, guaranteeing years of use. Moreover, it is mesh-style material with a tear-resistant inner lining. This bot guarantees durability and complete breathability. There is a huge compartment that fits everything, from shin pads to MMA helmets, along with two big side pockets. Every compartment is fully ventilated and water, odor, and germ resistant. Also comes at a very reasonable price.

Sanabul Hybrid MMA Gym BagBest MMA gym Bags Of 2019Snabul hybrid

Sanabul is one of the most popular brands of today, quickly making a name for itself in the MMA world. They came out of nowhere but really conquered the hearts of fighters with great priced ultra-high-quality products. Lots of options to choose from here, but we started with the Sanabul Hybrid MMA bag, at least for now. After all, it is one of the best-looking MMA bags you’ll lever see.
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As far as versatility goes, you won’t find a more versatile MMA bag. In fact, this bag is great for everything from BJJ to hiking. Comes in black color, and is a really tough one. The material is Ballistic 1200D Cordura Nylon, offering the highest possible performance. This bag is not only resistant to tears, but also to scrapes and abrasions. Certainly one of the very best MMA gym bags in existence. Moreover, it also doubles as a backpack, since it is a hybrid design. That way, you get all the space of a duffel bag with the carrying advantages of a backpack. There are plastic molded mech compartments that are moisture-resistant, keeping everything separate and clean. Furthermore, there are travel locks available for each pocket.

Elite Sports Ventilated Mesh Duffel Gym BagBest MMA gym Bags Of 2019 EliteThe Elite Sports ventilated Mesh Duffel Bag is the best priced MMA gym bag in our guide. It is designed for MMA in particular and offers unbelievable quality and versatility for an incredibly cheap price! Plus, there are different designs available. All in all, probably one of the best options in our best MMA gym bag 2020 guide, particularly if you’re a beginner in the sport.
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Elite’s gym bag is available in gray black and pink and comes in two different sizes medium and large. Once again, it is designed for MMA and combat athletes so it can hold a Gi, gloves, shinpads, and all assorted MMA/BJJ gear. The main compartment is a ventilated mesh one, ensuring no odor retention. It also provides much-needed airflow so that your gear dries quickly. Furthermore, the bag is ultra-lightweight but extremely durable and tough. It is made of military-grade Nylon that ensures longevity. The bag features a shoulder strap that you can switch for backpack straps if needed. Zippers are heavy duty and there are plenty of compartments large enough for different pieces of gear.

Meister MMA Chain Mesh Duffel Bag

Best MMA gym Bags Of 2019 meister bag

We saw Nylon, Polyester, and a bunch of different mesh MMA gym bags so far. Meister’s MMA is another mesh-style MMA gym bag, but unlike anything, we saw before. In this case, it is an innovative chain mesh design that provides some unique properties. Oh, and then there’s the price which is as near to a free high-quality gym bag you can get. When it comes to all the options in our best MMA gym bags guide of 2020, this one is my personal favorite.
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The Meister MMA Chain Mesh bag comes in black color and in two different sizes. The smaller one is the “Classic”  (22″ x 13″ x 13″) while the larger is the “X-Large” (28″ x 15″ x 15″). Both fit all of your MMA needs and work great together and apart. The material is, of course, the real sticking point here. It is a super-strong Chain Mesh that guarantees strength and resilience while allowing for optimum breathability. On top of it all, the bag is really lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear. There are a huge main compartment and zipper pockets on each side to provide you with a great organizational pattern.

Venum Trainer Lite Sport Bag

Best MMA gym Bags Of 2019 Venum Lite bag

As promised, Venum features yet again. This time, though it is the mother of all MMA gym bags, sort of speak. If you really enjoy having the largest bag in the gym, by all means, the Venum Trainer Lite bag is the one for you. Do not be fooled by the “Lite” in the naming, this is one big MMA gym bag!
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Venum’s Trainer Lite Sports Bag is a really big, extremely lightweight, and crazy good MMA gym bag. It comes in four designs, ranging between gold/black, khaki/black, navy blue/white, and gray. Size-wise, at 680 x 330 x 260mm this bag is the biggest representative of the best MMA gym bags of 2020 you can get. The main pocket is large, that much is clear so far, and can fit virtually anything. Separate side and mesh pockets provide even more space along with breathability. The shoulder strap is highly adjustable and designed no to cut into you, regardless of how heavy the bag is. Price is in the mid-range.

KINGTOP Top King Gym BagBest MMA gym Bags Of 2019 Kingstop bag

Kingtop is another brand that is conquering the MMA gear scene as of late. They offer some innovative and top performance products, including the Top King gym bag. This is another big bag with an awesome design and arguably the best pocket and compartment combination of all.
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There are two different color variations on the basic design of the KINGTOP Top King gym bag. One of them is gray and black, with a white Kingtop logo, while the other is green and black with the white logo. both look great and black is the dominant color. The bag’s dimensions are 35x90x35 cm, making it perfect for daily MMA training. Made of high-grade nylon, this bag is impervious to tears and really easy to maintain, as it doesn’t retain any odor. this bag is the best choice for those that are real sticklers about having many pockets to organize their gear in.

Sanabul Mesh Duffel BagBest MMA gym Bags Of 2019 snaabul bag

Let’s end with a bang in the form of one more top drawer Sanabul MMA gym bag. Once again it is a mesh gym bag, completely ventilated, and very versatile in terms of available colors. This bag offers more in terms of size compared to Snabul’s Hybrid bag and is more heavy-duty than any other in our guide.
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Sanabul’s take on a mixed mesh gym bag is a real success. The material here is a unique mixture of mesh hand military-grade 1200D Cordura nylon. It is pretty much a huge bag, with the main compartment larger than most others. It can fit all of your BJJ and MMA gear in there with ease. Of course, the bag has an impressive rate of airflow, given the mesh material. That also means no stench and no germs. The zippers are heavy-duty and virtually unbreakable. Pockets also have a wet/dry design, keeping the moisture of whatever you place in there.  There are two sizes, with the bigger one coming in at 23″ in length. The colors available are black, gray, and pink.

A Key Piece Of Equipment 

As you can see, whether your choice is a duffel or a backpack, an MMA gm bag is a key piece of equipment. Anything but the best MMA gym bags is not going to really help you with your daily MMA grind. After all, it is down to your MMA gym bag to house multiple pairs of gloves, shinpads, perhaps a helmet, shorts, rashguards, antibacterial soap, bottles, mouthpiece, towel, shower gel, and anything else you might need to put in there.

Moreover, one really underrated aspect of MMA gym bags is hygiene. having all your wet and sweaty stuff together is a recipe for disaster. Throw in all the time you spend on the mats daily and it won’t be long before ringworm, or perhaps even staph work their way on your skin. IN that sense, odor and germ-resistant materials that allow air to circulate really do change the playing field. Moreover, specialized compartments that help divide all the wet stuff you have from the dry ones help you with both your longevity and that of your gear.


All in all, you need an MMA gym bag. That much we know. However, you can’t just grab a gym bag from the nearest sports store and hope it’ll rise to the occasion. Instead, you need one of the best MMA gym bags out there, particularly those proven to work. Our 2020 MMA gym bag guide above offers you 10 top-quality options to consider. Whatever size, material, or style you prefer, you’ll find it here.

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