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Finally! “The Ground Marshal” is back with another high-level grappling instructional. The ultimate BJJ coach, Neil Melanson just released a brand new DVD. The head grappling coach at the Blackzilians team continues on his journey to spread his unique guard concepts. Following the ” Ground Marshall Guard” Neil Melanson DVD and it’s a success, the focus is once again on grappling from the bottom position. Melanson goes even further into his system with his latest digital release branded “Advanced Guard Systems”.

Neil Melanson – Advanced Guard Systems DVD / DIGITAL / Combo (DVD+DIGITAL)
Advanced Guard Systems – Neil Melanson Instructional Techniques List and Free Videos

Neil Melanson Advanced Guard Systems
Techniques List

Neil Melanson is the creator of the most effective Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Catch wrestling hybrid. Every single Neil Melanson DVD instructional has the team of catch wrestling brutality entwined with the technical efficiency of BJJ. The coach that is responsible for the emergence of stars like Vitor Belfort, Randy Couture, and Chael Sonnen among others, now shares all of his deep knowledge with everyone. Why settle for a standard guard game when you can go for the “Advanced Guard Systems” release? After all, a Neil Melanson DVD is never ever a bad investment.

Catch Wrestling For BJJ

The reason why Neil Melanson is one of the top grappling coaches of today is his unique approach to things. The world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is an ever-evolving one and people never stop adding to the art. However, not everything is as good as advertised.

With a Neil Melanson DVD, you get exactly what you expect. No nonsense explanation of innovative techniques that are not limited to the principles of BJJ only. After all, BJJ is the melting pot of the best of all grappling martial arts. Catch wrestling is the most aggressive wrestling style out there. Instead of just plain takedowns and pins, catch wrestling has a rich submission arsenal that completely changes the game. Namely, catch wrestling is an art that has a sadistic strain to it. Causing utter discomfort and panic in your opponent is often as important as getting the submission. This makes it the perfect counter-balance to BJJ’s technical and fluid style.

The real mastery in this Neil Melanson DVD is the connection of Catch wrestling and BJJ principles from the ground. Fighting off the back is a defining trait of BJJ, but throw in the submission principles of catch wrestling and you get the Advanced Guard Systems release. Coach Melanson’s pedigree speaks for itself, something you can check for yourself by acquiring his previous digital releases.

Neil Melanson DVD Review: Advanced Guard Systems

The “Ground Marshall Guard” Neil Melanson DVD is where Neil laid down the foundation of his guard game. Some basic positioning concepts, high-level submission details, and the unique Irish Clear System are just some of the most notable chapters. Now, with the “Advanced Guard Systems,” Melanson opens up a black hole of knowledge to change your game forever.

Irish Collar Basics

Coach Melanson kicks things off in his recognizable style. He explains everything in high details and keeps the chapters per DVD down to a minimum. The Irish Collar system is a simple yet extremely effective one, especially for No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu. Expanding on his previous attacks, Neil adds in a few basic ways to engage with your opponent. Initial engagement is the most important part of playing a bottom game, as that’s where everything starts. Not wasting any time, Melanson jumps straight into submissions. A cool triangle option, mind-blowing guillotine details and an original submission from the closed guard wrap up the first volume.

The Overhook Closed Guard

Another volume of another guard. But not just an unrelated guard variation. Remember, coach Melanson likes to work with systems, so this is just a continuation of the first volume. In typical Neil Melanson DVD-style, everything is connected and goes back and forth. That is if you somehow manage to fail with great submission options like the reverse Kimura. that is one submission that nobody is going to expect from you, especially from the closed guard.

The overlook guard opens up a little bit more space than the Irish Collar, meaning sweeps enter the frame along with the submissions. However, this is catch wrestling with BJJ, so nothing ends with just a position. Every sweep coach Melanson demonstrates ends in a chain of submissions that connect all the ADvanced Guard Systems perfectly.

Overhook Guard To K-Control

Do not let the names full you. You won’t find K-control in any other DVD release out there. That is part of what makes Melanson’s style so prolific. He sticks to the basics again, submitting with triangles and armbars. He goes on to connect the overhook guard system with the K-control, a very simple yet controlling guard. Beautiful Kimura options are3 right there for the taking, along with a multitude of other torturing options.

K-Control Magic

The final volume in the series is dedicated solely to K-control. This is the one volume of this Neil Melanson DVD instructional that is worth the purchase alone. It is genius how coach Melanson keeps things simple and organized, yet brutally effective and painful. He likes to base things on principles and concepts that actually work.

K-control opens up into a multitude of directions. The thing is that we’ve all been in the position as grapplers, just never thought much about it. Melanson now demonstrates the true value by opening up avenues of attack in literally every direction. After all, once you have your opponent’s posture it’s not hard to hit a triangle, armbar, Kimura or a crazy catch wrestling submission right away! Yeah, there’s stuff in there like the dorsal fin shoulder lock that’ll leave you breathless. To finish on a high note, wrap your brain around this – there’s a heel hook setup from the closed guard. Yup, going to k-control once again!

Step 1 – pick up the Advanced Guard Systems Neil Melanson DVD. Step 2- go through all the material carefully and at least a couple of times. And finally, step 3 – dominate everyone in the academy and at a tournament.

Neil Melanson – Advanced Guard Systems DVD / DIGITAL / Combo (DVD+DIGITAL)
Advanced Guard Systems – Neil Melanson Instructional Techniques List and Free Videos

Neil Melanson Advanced Guard Systems
Techniques List

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