Scott Naugle, Sex Offender and BJJ Black Belt Arrested, Police Reports

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Scott Naugle, the founder and a coach of Leverage Jiu Jitsu in Fulton, Maryland,  is convicted of sexual battery of a child less than 13 years old. As we previously reported Scott Naugle is one of the three Rickson Gracie JJGF Black Belts convicted of sexual harassment. You can check the story at THIS LINK.

Scott Naugle is BJJ Black Belt who’s training with Gracie Family since 1997. He got his Black Belt From Chris Saunders. On February 7, 2014. he was promoted to First Degree BJJ Black Belt By Chris Saunders. And Scott is the first person to be promoted to BB by Chris. Chris Saunders was the first American who got his BJJ Black Belt From Rickson Gracie.
Scott Naugle is also first degree Black Belt in Judo.

As you can see in documents below Scott Naugle is convicted of Aggravated Sexual Battery of Less than 13 years old.

scott Naugle Convicted sexual harrasment

Scott Naugle convicted for Sexual Battery

The reason why he was arrested is that he failed to register as sex offender. He didn’t register as Tier 3 sex offender. And this is what that exactly means in-state of Maryland.

“People on this tier level must remain on the list for the rest of their lives…
The law regarding the sex offenders list is retroactive. That means that anyone who was convicted of these crimes before the date the law went into effect in the state of Maryland must register. There are no exceptions.
Offenders must register within three days of being released from community supervision. If the offender is given jail time for the offense, he or she must register prior to release from prison. He or she must also register three days prior to moving from the state of Maryland.
The law requires that registrants report at various intervals during their tenure on the sex offense list… Tier III registrants must report every three months to assure their profiles are up-to-date.

Howard County Police Report

So, Naugle was convicted in 2003 of sexual battery of less than 13 years old in a different state than where he’s now. After he was convicted, he was ordered to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. That was the part of his sentence. But, probably, in order to avoid the shame that comes with his sentence, he left the state and came to Maryland.

Soon after he was arrested he was released from Howard County Center on $25.000 bond and he’s forbidden to have contact with anyone under the age of 18. He’s also obligated to register as a sex offender in Maryland registry within three days of his release.

Police are also asking anyone who may have been victimized or is aware of victimization by Naugle or have any information to call 410-313-STOP or email the police [email protected]

If you check Scott Naugle’s Leverage Jiu-Jitsu Academy Schedule it’s visible that he teaches students of all ages including children and teenagers. He’s also offering private lessons, probably to anyone willing to pay no matter of their age.

As we can see Scott Naugle is forbidden to have contact with anyone less than 18 and it was about time. People like Scott should never teach anyone again and not just kids. We believe that there is no place for people like him in our BJJ Community.

We’re are still waiting for Rickson Gracie’s JJGF statement about Romolo Barros and Scott Naugle’s case. They are both convicted of sexual transgressions and we’re left to see what JJGF will have to say about this.

As a reminder. In a case of David Arnebeck Rickson’s Jiu-Jitsu Global Federation (JJGF) released a statement on their status about child molesters and sexual predators in their federation. They said that prior to accepting anyone they will do a check of those people criminal records. Probably they forgot or didn’t want to check the rest of their team? We can just assume what’s going on but the time will tell.

Mike Stewart Jr. wrote a text about Scott Naugle’s Arrest on his Facebook profile:

“Black belt instructor and owner of Leverage Jiujitsu Scott Naugle was arrested last night for failing to register as a tier 3 sex offender. All of this is now public record. Much respect to the MD state police and Howard county police for bringing a convicted child molester who evaded the system for years to justice. This guy should never be around kids again, yet I know some people will still sympathize with him which is sad and disgusting

If you don’t think sexual predators and child molesters should be teaching Gracie Jiu-Jitsu then please share this post.”


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