More Convicted Sexual Predators in Rickson Gracie JJGF Federation

Sexual predators Rickson Gracie Team
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Not long time ago we were writing about DAVID ARNEBECK. Convicted child molester who is a Rickson Gracie Black Belt. But what happened now is that TY Gay revealed two more sexual predators in Rickson’s team. There were not many Rickson Gracie students who accused David Arnebeck, Rickson Gracie JJGF Federation. The one that did it publicly was TY GAY. You can check his statement calling Rickson Gracie a fraud HERE

Ty Gay made a video on this matter and we bring you the most interesting stuff from that video:

TY GAY on Rickson Gracie, JJGF, Scott Naugle and Romolo Barros:

Most guys know that I called Rickson Gracie out, I asked him to set me straight. He posted the picture with him and David Arnebeck. Arnebeck is convicted for touching kids unappropriately. He took a plea deal. He said that he was too drunk to remember.

So, they didn’t make a statement. Four days into it, and there is no statement. I messaged everybody in our Gracie Jiu Jitsu Black Belt group and nothing. Everybody was in there and no one said nothing except Pedro Sauer on the fourth day.

I’ve idolize those guys, these old G’s, for a long time, like 20 years. Pedro Sauer, Rickson Gracie, Rorion Gracie, Royce Gracie. You know, all got the superheroes right? So, it was really nice to have Pedro Sauer to stand up and to be on my side. He’s got six daughters so, he understands very well. In fact, on the first deal they changed their whole Association, where all their instructors have background checks. We should all have that too. So, people like David Arnebeck can’t teach people. Pedro Sauer also has eyes in the sky now so, he’s making sure that he have video cameras everywhere like I have. Also even in the private rooms, just not in the bathrooms obviously.

TY Gay on Rickson Gracie Statement on Convicted Child Molester David Arnebeck:

Let’s talk about the JJGF and Rickson’s statement. Global Jiu-Jitsu Federation or the JJGF made the statement and reads like this:

‘This statement is in regards to my association with David Arnebeck. I take full responsibility for allowing Mr. Arnebeck to continue his membership in the JJGF. Considering the final court ruling that he was permitted full unrestricted normal contact with minors, which declares that Mr. Arnebeck was not to be considered as a danger to minors or to society and that I know him, his wife, his daughter and his work as a Jiu Jitsu instructor for fifteen years, I decided not to impose further penalties on Mr. Arnebeck other than those already given by the court. In doing so, I took the personal position that people who demonstrate the will to change and to pay for past mistakes should not be ostracised and excluded from society. Rickson Gracie’

So I do believe in jujitsu. I believe that Jiu-Jitsu is the great reformer. I believe that if you Give Jiu-Jitsu to Alchohol or Drug addict and you can reform them. Anything, almost anything. I say almost because not sexual predators. They are touchy-feely. Every position in Jiu Jitsu is invading someone’s space. The rest of Rickson’s Statement:

‘However, as of today, the JJGF is adopting a zero tolerance policy towards sexual misconduct.’ -Rickson Gracie

So? What does that mean? That means that they DIDN’T HAVE have a zero-tolerance policy to sexual misconduct until now. Until the Internet started to crush them.

They’ve Known for this guy David Arnebeck and two other guys too for several years. This makes me dissappointed. Guys in JJGF should fire your publicists. What are you thinking? Who wrote this statement?

I get it. They’ll lose a but of money. These guys maybe have a couple of schools and schools has to pay like $500 a year to be an official team and then you can pay them $200 if you’re black belt for your certificate. And I think a little patch on your back and your belt to make you an official JJGF Black Belt.

I’m pretty sure Rickson was the guy who was pretty angry on Rener and Ryron Gracie because they were giving up belts online and that brings up to another great point. We can make videos about people doing online Belt curriculum. Or we can make videos about fake Black Belts or we can dojo storm fake black belts. Or kids that get promoted by somebodies else black belt system of Jiu-Jitsu that they made up. I get it, I was upset too.

Rener Gracie, Ryron Gracie and Rorion gave me my Black Belt and Rener Gracie made a video about guy in Canada ripping him and Brian Ortega off of $10.000. I think that’s important.

TY GAY talking ironicly in Reners name:

You can’t be a fake black belt. You can’t rip us off. We’ll post your picture and let everyone know about you.’

Why am I then getting so much blow back for calling out sexual predators?

I had several my Jiu-Jitsu brothers and black belts under Ryron and Rener Gracie also and others who contacted me like, you should never question Rickson, you should close up shop. One guy told me, you shouldn’t be getting money out of Gracie name.

One guy who will recognize him self told me that Rickson is the living reincarnation of Budha. 

Rickson Gracie is probably a great guy, whatever, but he’s not a superman. We can’t put these pepole on pedestal like this. it’s cultish. Obviously these guys don’t care about sexual misconducts until the Internet was crushing them.

Rickson Gracie is all about pressure. But I don’t think he planned this kind of pressure, right? It’s not just Rickson’s fault. It’s problem across the board.

So, David Arnebeck was one guy that Henry Atkins and Brandon Hetzler told Rickson and JJFG about two years ago and Rickson and JJFG, basically, did nothing.


There’s another guy I wanna call out or bring to your attention… Half of Hawai notified me about this guy. He’s in Hawai, Honolulu. His name is Romolo Barro and he’s Rickson Gracie Black Belt

If you look at Romulo Barros’ criminal record he is convicted of First Degree sexual Assault:

Romolo Barros Sexual Predator

Romolo Barros is convicted for sexual harrasment for three different girls. I’m not calling these girls out because they’re survivors and I feel for them. He had to pay to institution for three of them. He had a warrant for his arrest.

Romolo Barros sexual harrasment

Romolo Barros has BJJ school in Hawai and he’s running tournaments. BFJJ Manoa Academy.
Romolo’s school name is Hawaiian freestyle Jiu Jitsu / BFJJ Manoa Academy.

Romolo Barros BJJ Academy - BFJJ Manoa Academy

One guy told me, ‘hey Ty, look at Big Pharma, Big Pharma kills 50,000 people. Who’s going after them? And then he asked me, ‘Would you rather be ra**d or dead?”. WHAT?

Romolo Barros is a bad dude in BJJ community and I don’t care for his stuff and about anything he’s doing:

Romolo Barros convicted sexual predator

People can be reformed but not sexual misconducts. And this is why.


If we keep turning the blind eye on this we’re creating an environment for predators sp they can continue molesting kids. NO!

It can’t just be about money. We’ve got to make sure we have a code of ethics here.

Another sexual Predator Scott Naugle

I want to call out another guy and sexual predator Scott Naugle. My Facebook Friend. How’s going dude? You’ve been stalking me lately because you were worried knowing what I’m gonna do.

Scott Naugle BJJ sexual predator
Scott Naugle

Chris Saunders gave him a BJJ Black Belt. I don’t think he knew about his record.

Chris saunders
Chris saunders and Scott Naugle

We should all check these people. It’s not like I’m gonna close my eyes for $500 per year.

Scott Naugle is teaching BJJ in Maryland. It’s called Leverage Jiu Jitsu.

leverage Jiu Jitsu marylin - Scot Naugle BJJ Academy

Don’t confuse it with Todd Safer’s Leverage Jiu Jitsu school in Ohio, which is awesome.

Here is Scott Naugle BJJ Academy in a picture Below:

Scott Naugle Sexual Predator Academy

This is a Public Record. Scott Naugle was convicted with felony, aggravated sexual battery – less than 13. And the same thing, different charge. Sexual Battery Severity: 2

Scott Naugle Convicted sexual predator

Scott Naugle aggravated Sexual Battery

Ty Gay’s conclusion on sexual Predators in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Problem is when new people that come to Jiu-Jitsu don’t know about these guys.
If you committed any sexual crime you should not be allowed to teach this beautiful art. You’ve lost your privileges. You can’t be guilty on aggravated sexual battery on someone less than 13 years old.

So, If you’re survivor of sexual assault or sexual battery or any kind of weirdness like that, you’re not alone. We’re not gonna forget about you. We have people here behind you. We’re not just let sexual predators and child molesters run rampart throughout our community. We’re gonna call these guys out. We’re gonna call all weirdos out. And we’re Gonna Stand up for all survivors. If you’re a white belt or you’re a Black Belt Stand UP. We’re gonna stand up. We need everyone to stand up now.

All you predators we’re coming for ya! Bet your a$$.

I have been silent for over a month about the Rickson Gracie/JJGF statement in regards to sexual predators.Big thank you too Pedro Sauer whom without I am sure no statement would have been made on the eighth day.I was going to stay quiet as long as the JJGF publicly outed and made examples of sexual predators in their organization.Although they have taken the sexual predators off of their registry, they have done absolutely nothing to expose these dangerous predators to our community.I have a pretty nasty cold and I haven’t been getting much sleep over this whole situation, so I apologize for not being able to control my emotions as well as I probably should.I would also like to apologize to all of the BJJ News outlets, I understand that there are some of you that want exclusive access to this video but I didn’t think that it would be fair to play favorites so I’m just going to post this on my page and let you guys determine what you want to do.To Henry Akins and Brandon Hetzler thank you so much for trying to expose these predators years ago and for having my back through this whole situation.To all of the survivors: There are people out here who have your back.To of the sexual predators: Your time is up, we are going to expose all of you.JIU-JITSU Community please stand with us to expose sexual predators in our art, and SHARE THIS VIDEO.

Posted by Ty Gay on Thursday, January 18, 2018

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