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Renato Canuto DVD
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Passing the guard is a real art form within the art of Jiu-Jitsu. There are plenty of people that prefer to work from the top and utilize passing as their main weapon. Not any of them, are able to pass everyone’s guard though. It takes a special breed of grappler to be able to pass the guard of some of the top guard players of today. There’s actually a simple trick to accomplish this. And, you can learn everything there is about guard passing from one of the world’s most exciting passers – Renato Canuto. We understand that there is a Renato Canuto DVD in the making, and chances are high that’s it’s going to be all about the top game in BJJ. 

Needless to say, if you’ve ever seen Renato Canuto compete, you’ll know why he should e your top choice for guard passing information. He is a true machine from the top, able to pass any guard that’s in front of him. even when it seems that no regular method of passing works, Renato can figure out the way. Having his concepts available is a massive opportunity to get a hang of modern-day unorthodox guard passing tactics. Ever thought you’ll be flipping over opponents in order to pass their guard? Well, if you have the guts to give it a try, the Renato Canuto DVD is going to provide the method!

Who Is Renato Canuto? 

Renato Canuto is a black belt in BJJ, currently fighting under the Checkmat team banner. The Brazilian is one of the most exciting black belts in the sport and is known as a formidable competitor in both Gi and No-Gi. He is a 22-year-old grappler who already has multiple world titles to his name. Renato is currently married to black belt world champion Raquel Canuto.

Renato Canuto DVDRenato began training in his hometown of Sao Paolo in Brazil. His father, Valdir “Tio Chico” is also a black belt and is Renato’s coach. However, BJJ was not Renato’s first encounter with grappling, as he started off with Judo. Later on, he naturally switched over, taking his father’s BJJ classes as a kid. Even as a kid, he showed great promise and talent and did particularly well in tournaments. Rising through the ranks, Renato had the opportunity to work with as some of the greatest grapplers of our time.

Originally, Renato joined the Zenith team under Robart Drysdale as a brown belt. His father went to the Zenith academy to award him his black belt in 2016. It was at Zenith that he met his future wife, Raquel. Not long after, they both decided to leave Zenith and join Leo Vieira at Checkmat.

Now he’s all ready to release a video instructional as well, featuring his trademark guard passing skills. Expect the debut Renato Canuto DVD to be at least as exciting as his matches are if not more!

The Exciting BJJ Style Of Renato Canuto

When talking about Canuto’s grappling style, a good place to start is his overall grappling record. So far, the lightweight has 40 wins, 9 of which are by means of submission. Form an opposite point of view, he has just one submission loss in 13 losses in his rich career. His record speaks in itself about the style Renato has. He is also very adept at grappling under all kinds of rulesets.

Renato Canuto DVDCanuto is one of the best submission hunters in Jiu-Jitsu. He seems to prefer armbars to other submissions but is no stranger to chokes or even wrist locks as well. Always with an eye on the spectacular, he also likes to mix in flying submissions, regardless of his opponent’s skill level or experience. And he gets most of them too! Another insight into Renato ‘s style is his take on stalling in BJJ matches. According to the Brazilian, people stalling are just sore winners. He also doesn’t like people who only execute one game plan throughout their career. There’s nothing exciting in being predictable and Renato is anything but.

The focus of the Renato Canuto DVD is going to be on the top game, but Renato didn’t start as a fan of it. Actually, he preferred the guard, until he got too comfortable there. He went on to study the top game, from takedowns to passes. Today, he is one of the most accomplished grapplers, comfortable in any position during a match. Which makes him one of the most entertaining grapplers in the sport!

Renato Canuto DVD

As he rose through the ranks, Renato spent a lot of time looking at matches of the to black belts around the world. He spent endless hours dissecting their moves and looking to apply them in training in competition. Now, with the Renato Canuto DVD, he offers a way for you to learn everything without spending years doing the research.

Canuto’s style is also heavily influenced by the grapplers he cites as his inspiration. Those include names like  Leandro Lo, Rafael Mendes, Gilbert Durinho, the Miyao brothers, Keenan Cornelius, Caio Terra, etc. Throw in the work he has done with Robert Drysdale and Leo Vieira on top of his father’s lifelong coaching and you’ve truly got a real grappling monster. Not only that but one that can backflip, but one that can hit flying submissions as well!

It’s a matter of Hours when Canuto’s DVD and Digital Instructional will be released. As soon as it’s out we’ll write a full review on it. Till then you can check HERE if it’s out.

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