No-Gi Bow And Arrow Choke Variation From Eddie Cummings

No-Gi Bow And Arrow Choke
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It is great when you can figure out how to use BJJ techniques in both Gi and No-Gi. IN all honesty, this works fairly easy when it is a No-Gi technique you’re trying to apply it to Gi Jiu-Jitsu. The reason for this is that No-Gi training is done with the bare minimum of rashguard and shorts. This means that you can only grip bodyparts instead of clothing. So when you take most moves to Gi training, they not only work but might even end up better with the Gi. However, this link usually only works one way. Because taking a Gi specific move and adjusting it to fit No-Gi needs is extremely hard. Some would argue that it is even impossible. Well, it is possible for Eddie Cummings who has an innovative take on a No-Gi Bow And Arrow Choke. 

The bow and arrow choke is one of those chokes that everybody does. Even if you do not like it, if you have the chance to get it, you’ll go for it, no questions asked. IT is definitely one of the most potent weapons you can use in BJJ. At least with the Gi. Trying to get a No-Gi bow and arrow choke seemed contradictory until now. Since the collar of the Gi is the main choking surface, it seemed redundant to even attempt the choke without it. Well, there’s no one better than Danaher’s very first prodigy, to dispell this myth and offer a crazy effective and unexpected choke.

We all know Eddie Cummings as one of the most potent (if not the most potent) leg lockers of all time.  “The Ashi Garami Seminar DVD” is a complete leg locking video instructional, containing key information on finishing, and more importantly, defending, high-level leg locks.

The Gi To No-GI Route

In all honesty, people that train with the Gi usually decide to give No-Gi a try. Most academies that are Gi based also have a No-Gi program, or at least dedicated open mat days. While the other way around is much less common, sometimes No-Gi grapplers do decide to try rolling with a Gi. For the second category, the transfer is much easier. While they’ll get annoyed at first because of all the extra handles, it’s easy to get the hang of it. One big reason for this is the fact that most No-Gi techniques are going to work with them without any adjustments.

No-Gi Bow And Arrow ChokeWhen it comes to Gi grapplers that try to dabble in No-Gi, there’s a lot more frustration at hand. For one, there’s much less control than with the Gi, which completely changes the rhythm of rolling or matches. No-Gi rolls are faster paced and much more “chaotic” compared to those in the Gi. On top of that, a whole host of techniques are completely useless. Gripping is a major one, as all the usual Gi grips are not available. Certain positions like lapel guards or collar/sleeve based submission are also out of the question. At least at first.

What happens after a while of making this transition, is that you start replacing your favorite Gi based moves. The real challenge is to find a successful way of modifying Gi moves for No-Gi. This requires a lot of experimentation and re-adjustments until things start to click. The No-Gi bow and arrow choke is a great example of a move that nobody could adopt until the Wolverine figured it out.

The Bow And Arrow Choke

The reason the Gi bow and arrow choke is such powerful weapon is due to two main factors. The first one is positioning, which allows you to completely restrict how your opponent moves. Secondly, the finishing mechanics of the choke are really strong because of the rotational nature of the movement. On top of it all, the collar is a great gripping point, both for control and for strangling. So, a solid No-Gi bow and arrow choke needs to focus on overcoming these two great obstacles.

One of the best benefits of the bow and arrow is that you do not need to be close to your opponent to finish. You actually need the space in order to have a wider range of motion. The control comes from the fact that you have your legs around the opponent while also holding on to their bent leg. This completely takes away the opponents ability to base and posture, meaning you have complete control.

The strangle itself is due to the depth of the collar and the direction of pressure. The collar goes across the opponent’s neck catching one carotid artery, while your wrist takes care fo the other. As you go for the finish, you need to actually pull your elbow back so that your arm drags the collar deeper across the neck. This results in a rotational choke that is way more powerful than just a straightforward squeeze.

No-Gi Bow And Arrow Choke

No-Gi Bow And Arrow ChokeFor the No-Gi bow and arrow choke, you actually start in an unexpected position. Unlike its gi counterpart, that begins from back mount, the No-Gi bow and arrow choke starts from the mount. Actually, it uses another highly efficient No-Gi attacking position known as the gift wrap. Whether you the gift wrap from the mount, or via a different route is entirely up to you.

No-Gi Bow And Arrow ChokeForm the basic gift wrap, you want to make sure you have the trapped arm as tight around the neck as possible. This is going to be your main choking tool later on. The second key thing you need to address at this point is the placement of the opponent’s second arm. You’ll need to have it bent and place their wrist as close to their own trapped arm as possible. YOur far side leg is going to then go over this arm in order to trap it. As you position your leg pay attention to placing your calf under the elbow of the trapped (choking) arm. This is instrumental in the success of this choke.

No-Gi Bow And Arrow ChokeNext up, all it takes is for you to get your other leg under the head and you cross it on top of the other leg. Make it a point to cross the legs the correct way if you want the No-Gi bow and arrow choke to work. Now you’re in a position to grab the leg, which takes care of the positioning issue compared to the Gi. Finishing the strange requires a motion from your legs, rather than your arms. While you need to pull their trapped wrist as tight as possible, the choke is a result of a leg extension.

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