A Collection Of The Best No-Gi BJJ DVD Instructionals

In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu there are two major currents. One is true to the original roots of the art, emphasizing training in the Gi. On the other end of the spectrum is the No-Gi current, where people wouldn’t get within 10 feet of a Gi. Both have their strengths and advantages as well as merits. That said, the best BJJ practitioners are those that combine both of these disciplines. Since they’re both parts of Jiu-Jitsu one would think training in both is a given. However, there are people that choose to cross-train in other grappling martial arts, like Judo or wrestling, before looking at the opposite BJJ discipline. This causes people to turn to other sources in their quests for the complete study of BJJ. Since digital content is the modern grappler’s learning method of choice, we take a look at the best No-Gi BJJ DVD instructionals available. Whenever you’re looking … Continue reading A Collection Of The Best No-Gi BJJ DVD Instructionals