A Few Very Nasty Submissions From Side Control

The side control position is a position of different opportunities at different times of training BJJ. For the white belt grappler, it is mostly the safe heaven position from the top. Passing the guard to get to side control is as good as getting any submission. At blue belt, it is mostly about staying there for long enough to get to the mount or back. Submissions from side control really enter the frame at around purple belt level. At brown belt, it is all about weight distribution and effectiveness without too much effort. After that, at black belt, side control is just another position where battles for details decide the outcome. What I stated above is just a general idea of what happens from a certain Jiu-Jitsu position as people progress through the art. There are no rules, and white belts might turn out to have a deadly submission game from … Continue reading A Few Very Nasty Submissions From Side Control