Best Boxing Shoes 2020 Guide With Reviews

One of the all-time greatest MMA fighters is without a doubt, Georges St. Pierre. the UFC star had a great run as one of the best champions in the sport, and he retired on the back end of a string of victories. His style wasn’t always the most entertaining but it was by far the most efficient. One thing that Georges did, which made him different from other fighters of the time, was training. GSP always trained each discipline of MMA with the best coaches. In BJJ he worked with John Danaher well before anyone knew anything about him. In boxing, he used the services of the legendary Freddie Roach. He also trained every single martial art of MMA in the original gear and setting. When it comes to boxing, that means headgear, gloves, and boxing shoes. And we have a shortcut to all the best Boxing Shoes of 2020! 

Training with the right gear can make a huge difference. Although training boxing in boxing shoes might not seem like it is a good idea for MAM fighters, the opposite is true. Footwork is really an art form and is just an integral part of striking as punching is. The best boxing shoes offer you much more than just footwear. They provide ankle support and safety as well as play a huge role in comfort. Boxing training should be just that – boxing training. Even if you’re training for the cage, you should first learn boxing by itself and then integrate it into your MMA gameplan. It is what GSP did, anyway.

The Role Of Shoes In Boxing Training

When it comes to the fundamentals of the art of boxing, footwork is key. Remember the first-ever class you took in boxing? I mean formal class, of course. How to stand and then jab is the very first thing you learn. The next thing is how to move forward and backward. As silly as that may sound right now, that is the foundation of Muhammad Ali and Dominic Cruz-like footwork magic.

That said, when it comes to generating power with punches we also learn that we need to use our hips and drive from the floor. There we go with the feet again. It is clear that the feet playa pivotal role in boxing, and any striking martial art for that matter. This is precisely why boxing-specific footwear was developed in the first place. And today’s best boxing shoes are light years beyond what was originally worn by boxers.

One thing that always catches the eye is that boxing shoes are actually boots of a kind. Although the height varies due to needs, they still reach high up the ankle. The original intention of boxing shoes was to protect the boxers’ feet and ankles. Due to the complex footwork of boxing, there’s a lot of strain on the feet and ankles. This, in turn, leads to lots of injuries, which is precisely why boxing shoes are of high variety. Moreover, they help prevent slipping on wet mat surfaces. You can see how a pair of the best boxing shoes might not only help you become better at striking, but also eliminate unnecessary risks to your MMA career.

Best Boxing Shoes

Having a pair of the best boxing shoes of 2020 is going to make your boxing training a very different experience. And I mean that in a positive manner. Boxing shoes make workouts much more efficient and certainly more enjoyable. Footwork really changes the effectiveness of your boxing technique. It impacts both your offensive and defensive game, as well as your ability to react. And the one thing that impacts footwork efficiency more than anything is boxing shoes.


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First up a real boxing classic. These boxing shoes are as close to the traditional design as possible, while still featuring innovative designs. The Ringside “Undefeated” boxing shoes also have another huge advantage over others. They can easily double as both boxing and wrestling hoes of the highest quality, meaning you’ll need less equipment when training. The perfect combination!
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The Ringside “Undefeated” boxing/wrestling shoes are available in two different designs. The first one is all black, while the second features a stylish white and grey combination. Both are made from a patented leather Vinyl and have a high-top ankle. The laces run to the very top, allowing for maximal support and protection of the ankles. There are also mesh panels spread though, ensuring airflow and optimal breathability. The soles are made of high-grade rubber that is specifically designed to prevent slipping. These boxing shoes are extremely comfortable and light to wear, offering both protection and unimpeded movement. Sizes range between US 2 and US 13, and the design is unisex. By far, one of the best pair of boxing shoes ever put together!

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Rival’s High Top boxing boots are the perfect blend of functionality and style. There’s no escaping the modern vibe with this pair, as they look just as cool as they perform. These high-top boots are built for protection first and foremost, but also feature one of the most modern soles deigns among the best boxing shoes of 2020!
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The Rival RSX One High Top Boxing Boots are available in full black color. However, they come in two distinct varieties when it comes to the Rival logo and the color of the inside surface. These varieties include either a lime or orange color, providing a real sense of style to this pair of boxing shoes. The material is non-other than cowhide suede, meaning they’re virtually indestructible. There’s also fully ventilated mesh integrated into the material. The mesh sock liner ensures maximal breathability and unrestricted airflow which helps keep the feet cool. The sole is thin, extremely flexible, and durable. The insole features an ergonomic design that guarantees superior cushioning and arch support. The ankle support of the shoes is also second to none. Available in 5 different adult sizes.

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Otomix is a brand most MMA fighters won’t recognize. Still, when it comes to the best boxing shoes, they’re the leading expert! In fact, Otomix has been making top quality boxing shoes for the better part of 3 decades. Their “Stingray” line of boxing shoes is arguably their best product in the field so far! These shoes are the first choice of plenty of the highest-profile pro boxers, and our preferred choice as well.
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When it comes to variety, the Otomix Stingray boxing shoes win by a landslide. They come in a total of 10 different very stylish designs. From plain grey, through bright blue all the way to red camo and pink black combos, you’ll find pretty much everything style-wise. In terms of performance, these boxing shoes really raise the bar extremely high. The material is extra quality suede, guaranteeing comfort, and very lightweight. Actually, these are the lightest weight boxing shoes available in 2020! At the same time, they provide superior support and protection of the angle, while also providing an unlimited range of motion. The sole is all rubber and built for optimal traction, so you can rest assured you won’t slip. Available in sizes 7-13.

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614gI 6u41L. UY395  - Best Boxing Shoes 2020 Guide With ReviewsYou can’t really go wrong with Adidas gear. Whether it is daily apparel or specific training gear, they have some of the top quality products. Unfortunately, they also have the highest prices too. Well, we managed to discover a couple of Adidas products that deliver amazing quality at a fraction of the original price. One of them is the Adidas KO Legend 16.1 boxing shoes.
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These are the first low-top boxing shoes we see today. Well, the second, as the Otomix is basically somewhere in between high and low top boxing shoes. The Adidas KO Legend boxing shoes are available in white color, with the mandatory Adidas stripes in bright orange. The sole is also bright orange, giving the shoes an all-around cool design. The upper part of the shoes is made from a patented soft synthetic material that guarantees breathability and sturdy shape. The rubber sole is the real singer in these boxing shoes. It is made of sturdy rubber, with pivot circles in the outsole. As far as optimal performance goes, it doesn’t get much better than that. A breathable mesh tone completes the genuine Adidas experience. available in sizes 6.5 – 12.5.

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61mNl7wFoaL. UY395  - Best Boxing Shoes 2020 Guide With ReviewsBoxing shoes. Lonsdale. Makes sense without even having to write anything else. Still, we’ll cover the details of the Lonsdale contender boxing boots. Quality, performance, style, a top-rated brand, and everything else you might think of are embodied in these boxing shoes. Arguably the best among the best boxing shoes of 2020! From structure to design, every little bit of these boxing shoes is simply perfect.
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The Lonsdale Contender boxing boots are a pair of fully laced mid-top boxing shoes. They are available in black and white, and a signature white, red, and blue combination. Sizes range between 7 and 12 US. The shoes have a high profile ankle collar, padded for maximal protection and comfort. There is a gripped sole, made from a patented Lonsdale rubber, completely slip-proof. The real value in this pair of boots is in the ankle support, coming via a quilted collar that laces up all the way. The best-priced product in our guide, and the best deal, considering the highest level of quality!

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The penultimate entry in our best boxing shoes 2020 guide is the ASICS JB Elite boxing shoes. Similarly to the Ringside shoes, these can easily double as both wrestling and boxing shes. That makes them a perfect fit for MMA fighters. Plus, they’re available in more than 10 different designs and are among the most affordable pairs of boxing shoes in our 2020 guide.
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Speaking of all the different designs, the ASICS JB Elite boxing shoes are by far the most colorful in our 2020 best boxing shoes guide. All of the designs feature more than three colors, and all the different combinations you can think of. There’s even a “Glow” design that you need to see for yourself. The material is 100 % Synthetic, offering a high level of protection. At the same time, there are integrated mesh panels on the upper part, ensuring airflow and easy hygiene. The soles are made with the latest technology in split style design. They’re 100% non-slip rubber. These boxing shoes fall into the mid-range category, with an integrated lace garage. sizes range from 4 to 15.

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Finally, another product to wrap our best boxing shoes 2020 guide up. As I previously stated, there are a couple of pairs of  Adidas boxing shoes that are very affordable and present awesome deals. The second one is the Adidas Box Rival II boxing shoes. Just like the very first entry in our guide, these are high-top, classic-style boxing shoes that are often the choice of pro boxers in the rings.
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These Adidas boxing shoes come in black and grey and black and light onyx combinations. The inevitable Adidas stripes are on the sides, in the same color as the soles. The rest of the shoe is black, giving a slick and stylish design to these boxing boots. They fasten with the help of laces that run to the very top of the boot. That means that you can fully adjust the tightness and the support level for your ankles. The outsole features a genuine Adidas design, allowing for easy movement and pivoting while providing a great gripping surface. The upper portions have mesh panels for ventilation. The shoes feature a unique torsion system that makes sure you’ll never roll your ankle. Available in all regular sizes.

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Things To Consider

In case you might be wondering how we decided on which are the best boxing shoes of 2020, we’ll share our criteria with you. In fact, these are not just our criteria, but commonly accepted criteria that are considered the gold standard. The one thing we focused on that might not always be at the forefront with others is the price. After all, there’s no point in spending a fortune on boxing shoes when you’re getting ready to fight in MMA. Instead, you want quality and high performance at the best possible price. And we provide just that with our best boxing shoes 2020 guide.

A few things to keep in mind when looking at boxing shoes are the height, materials, support, performance, and size. There’s of course price, but we already have that covered, as well as tyle, which is down to you. In terms of height, there are two main types of boxing shoes – traditional (high) and low top. Both serve specific purposes and are very popular. Higher ones provide alto more ankle support, though while low top boxing shoes are more common for shadow boxing and bag work.

Boxing shoe materials are usually different for the sole and the upper part. Soles need to be stiff, mostly leather or rubber. the goal here is for the leg to both be able to move effortlessly and still have a certain level of grip. The upper material is mostly a mixture of leather, suede, and synthetics, mostly in the form of Nylon.

Ankle support is down to the height of the shoe and the laces. The higher the laces go, the better and more adjustable the support is. And, as far as sizing goes, always consult the size charts and you’ll be fine.


While you might not associate boxing shoes with MMA training and your success in the cage, you certainly need to consider them. After all, boxing and wrestling are stapling arts of MMA, and there’s no success without mastering key aspects of them. Wearing the best boxing shoes can actually help you in both these MMA departments. In the guide above you’ll find high, mid, and low top shoes that are either boxing specific or fit both the needs of wrestling and boxing. At the same time, they come at the best possible prices, meaning there’s no reason not to grab a pair straight away!

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