Yuri Simoes Collar Drag vs Travis Stevens – Breakdown

ADCC champion Yuri Simoes dis a takedown on Judo Olympic silver medalist, Travis Stevens in BJJ super fight at Fight 2 Win Pro. Yuri was also able to win against Travis Stevens by Split Decision.

Taking down Judo Olympic medalist is probably one of the hardest takedowns to achieve in any grappling martial art. Especially, grappling martial art that uses GI like in this case.

He used a collar drag which is a common and very effective takedown in BJJ. It’s also very effective in all grappling martial arts with GI.

It’s usually done so that you can get a cross-collar grip and the opponent has no grips. Then you immediately go for collar drag. You have to block their far leg with your closer leg to your opponent and come up quickly for a single takedown. If you fail to do it, you can pull open or half guard, as u usually, you have a good angle to continue attacks.

The difference between effective of Collar Drag takedowns grappling martial arts with gi and Judo is that leg grabs in Judo are illegal. And that’s maybe something that Travis Stevens didn’t get used to as much as he did with all other collar takedowns.

Check the breakdown of Yuri Simoes’ Collar Drag takedown!

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