Jiu Jitsu Guy With No Takedown Skills in a Street Fight – FAIL

Takedowns in BJJ are something that most schools don’t practice at all. The main reason for that may be the BJJ rule set which allows you to pull guard without penalty. But takedowns are definitely something that you should train in your BJJ class.

In this video we can see probably Jiu Jitsu practitioner trying to take down his opponent with some weird ways. It’s obvious he had no takedown skills at all and  we can say he was lucky that a big guy had no intentions to hurt him. Well, just don’t be this guy. You will look silly.

Watching this fight we can see that smaller guy lacks Distance management, situational awareness, hand positioning, verbal deescalation, common sense etc. He’s missing all Gracie Jiu Jitsu Basics for these situations.
And from the perspective of a BJJ practitioner we’ll cover only three major mistakes that smaller guy did and they will include a self defense aspect of BJJ.

The first mistake was that smaller guy got into a fight at all. As a BJJ practitioner the first lesson you should learn is to avoid fights and don’t fight if you don’t have to. This situation was easily avoidable, although, we don’t know what caused the fight, but we can see that big man had no intentions to fight at all. Even when he was able to punch the smaller guy he was just pushing him away.

Second mistake – No Distance management. Smaller guy didn’t manage the distance at all. He could easily get punched once he started threatening as threatening is usually a trigger for someone to make a first move. And he could easily being in a knockout in this situation.

Third Mistake – Hand positioning. Once you find yourself in a situation like this the last thing you want is to have your arms in your pockets, or holding a phone in your hands, etc. Your arms should be in front of your head to be ready to defend yourself. And, also, your hands should keep the attacker at a safe distance so you have time to react on a first punch or kick or any kind of attack.

If you want to see how this should really work in a street fight check it HERE as this is a very good example when small guy takes on a much bigger opponent.

You can also check in a video below how it should really look in a street fight. You can see a small guy taking down a big bully.

Small Guy did Double Leg Takedown on a Big Bully

Or you can check how effective good takedown can be in a real situation. Judo guy was attacked by some hooligan but he managed to resolve the situation as fast as possible.

Judo guy attacked and slapped by hooligan in the Super Market. Watch his reaction!

Or check this video where difference between both guys is huge but the small guy still manage to double leg this big bully.

Small Guy Takes Down a Big Bully


  1. Homeboy’s lack of takedown game is the least of his worries in terms of street survival. Guy has no distance management, situational awareness, postural readiness, hand positioning, verbal deescalation or common sense.

  2. Finally some common sense about street fighting. I always bring a gun and a knife to all of my fights. Distance, Stance, and Hands smh. Btw it is too easy to walk away.

  3. Hmmmmm I think that the guy should of walked away or at least given him a good chin shot no point trying to use bjj in the streets not with someone that size never know what there carrying either

  4. It took him a while but he still got the fight to the ground. The guy only out weighed him by 60-70 pounds. Either way I hope this guys instructor sees this and chews him out for not walking away like he should’ve.

  5. The older guy had time to punch him and he didn’t. 1 hit from that guy that boy would of been knocked the fuck out. Kid let those free seminars go to his head. Smh wearing FSU SHIRT. Needs to take that off.

  6. My opinion the little guy was the aggressor the big dude said just leave. Little guy wanted to fight. That’s why his buddy filmed it. Also no take downs but he did finically get him down. He was lucky the big guy didn’t punch him. He should be thankfully. Any way seemed harmless enough. Learn from the error. One learn takedowns better and 2 learn to control yourself and walk away. You’ll hopefully learn that before u get beat

  7. The problem wasn’t his take down strategy. He broke the first rule of streetfight: “Only fight, if you really have to.”

    He could have just walked away. He WANTED the fight and should be banned from any BJJ school for that.

    A skilled and trained fighter knows he can kill with bare hands and therefor should be humble in every aspect of life.

  8. Was the smaller guy a real bjj practitioner? Or some fan boy who watches ufc thinking he can do mma out on the streets? Anyways he threw a right hook to the big guys dome and that was a fail too. Eventually he took him to the ground with people trying to break it up. Looked like he was going for side control. If he did study bjj must be White belt. At least blue belts would have figured out other take downs instead.

  9. Actually, after watching it again, the skinnier guy threw the first punch. That was seconds after the big dude butted heads with the other guy.

    After things started, Skinny Guy tried and failed to go for a double leg takedown at least four times, and did it entirely wrong each time. It’s like he was trying to wrestle Big Dude rather than finesse him down with leverage.

    Granted, Skinny Guy got Big Dude down and on the bottom of side control, but that was another mistake. You never go to side control with multiple people in play. Knee on stomach is the better option. An argument could be made for top mount control, but unless your hooks and head control are on point, expect to get bench pressed.

  10. Like Joe Rogan says, people who don’t train martial arts are very inefficient when it comes to actual fighting. I think that’s what happened there. A trained person will know some things, distance being one of the most important. And then an objective, like a punch or maybe a takedown. Or how to stay away of the fight.

  11. Most of these guys that take a bit of jujitsu talk a lot of crap. And by the way deescalation tactics were not invented by jujitsu ” players” real violence is not a” chess game” there are plenty of martial arts that are just as effective . I have been studying martial arts for 11years and going and I can’t tell you how many little punks like this go looking for trouble.
    This guy probably has 4 months tops of training . Also jujitsu is from Japan not Brazil so stop kissing Gracie ass street fighting is not MMA . A large Bowie knife to the gut will stop all that shit real quick.
    Don’t get me wrong it’s always good to use whatever works and jujitsu is one of the best but it’s not the end all and be all but these guys that just practice jujitsu and go around picking fights like this punk are gonna get a rude awakening when that foolish head gets bounced of the pavement and there is no ref and no corner man to clean the blood of the little colorful shorts they like to wear.

    • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is not Ju-Jitsu. When you call Jiu Jitsu 5 times Ju-Jitsu it’s obvious how much you know what are you talking about.
      Gracies proved everything that had to be proven. From Gracie challenges to first Ufc’s and later BJJ proved itself. It just can’t be denied no matter how much some people tried to deny it. YOu won’t see many fights where some good BJJ-er lose some street fight or something. why? Because BJJ WORKS and you can’t say that for a lot of other martial arts and fake martial arts. MMA proved what martial arts are woking and BJJ is one of them.


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