Video of The Only Fight that Khabib Nurmagomedov Lost


The footage of the fight which is written to be the only one that Khabib Nurmagomedov lost.

Khabib Nurmagomedov’s victory over Justin Gaethje came to his 29th victory in an equally professional MMA fight. If he does not decide to return, which UFC President Dana White hopes for, he will retire as the only elite fighter in MMA history to be withdrawn without ever being defeated.

It is an amazing result for this great fighter, but it cannot be said that he has never experienced defeats in his life. A video from a combat sambo tournament in which Khabib competed at the age of 17 is circulating on the Internet. It is about the final fight of the Russian sambo championship, in the category up to 68 kilograms. Khabib was defeated in that match by a fighter named Magomed Ibragimov. Unfortunately, due to the frequent name, we could not find exactly what the guy’s further martial arts career looked like, but it is possible that he is the current owner of an 11-2 MMA score (Tapology profile).

What is particularly interesting to see is Khabib’s reaction after his defeat was announced. He first put his hands over his face and then knelt much like after the win against Gaethje. There is no doubt that it was difficult for him and that after that he was even more motivated not to do it again.

Na internetu možemo pronaći još neke snimke s grappling natjecanja, gdje postoje insinuacije kako je riječ o Khabibovom porazu, no ovo je zapravo jedina snimka s nekog pravog natjecanja gdje vidimo kako je to uistinu Khabib. Pogledajte borbu!