Man Gets Humiliated by a Female BJJ Fighter [VIDEO]

A BJJ practitioner finishes a person with a Rear Naked Choke (RNC) submission.

Recently, an intriguing video featuring an untrained individual daringly challenging an accomplished BJJ practitioner. This incident sheds light on the tendency of inexperienced individuals to underestimate the technical expertise and skill required in grappling. Despite a considerable weight disadvantage and the practitioner being a woman, she fearlessly wagers that she can take down or submit the man within a minute.

In this video, you can notice their levels of skill differ by a mile. Knowing that he is well above her weight class while also being physically stronger, the man tries to grab her, possibly to force his way to victory. However, as previously menitioned, the woman’s skillset is far beyond the man’s.

They entered the clinch, but the girl managed to break free and reach a dominant position.

They get into a clinch position and the man tries to get a hold of her. She evades and slides around his grip giving her a dominant position. She proceeds to trip him onto the ground and successfully takes his back, which was a big mistake on his hand. The man leaves his neck unprotected which enables the woman to easily set up a choke. She then gets the rear naked choke, and it is unclear what happens next since the video ends there.

A BJJ practitioner finishes a person with a Rear Naked Choke (RNC) submission.

The video itself is less than 25 seconds long. This means that the woman fulfilled her promise of beating him in less than a minute. In this fight she was the winner, leaving the man most definitely humiliated.

It is fascinating to witness her winning this unfair matchup. This encounter serves as an example of how in Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu physical strength and size while being a great advantage, does not guarantee victory on its own. Bear in mind that the female individual showcased in the footage possesses exceptional combat expertise. It is imperative not to imitate the deeds depicted in this video.

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