UFC 262 Video: Andre Muniz Breaks Ronaldo `Jacare´ Souza’s Arm in the First Round

Andre Muniz Breaks Jacare's Arm
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Four minutes into a fight between Jiu-Jitsu legend “Jacare” and Andre Muniz was enough for Muniz to take the Jacare’s back and submit him with an armbar.

After a “lightning-quick” double leg takedown from Muniz Jacare managed to get up on his feet but leaving his back exposed.

Muniz took advantage of it to jump on Jacare’s back. While it seemed that Jacare will be able to shake him off of his back near the cage Muniz managed to trap Jacare’s arm under his armpit and break it.

The loud sound of the arm snapping was heard and it was all over.

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