The current ADCC 2024 Line-up! Contenders and Invitees Post European Trials.

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As we know, there are three ways to qualify for the ADCC championships. The first way is to win the previous ADCC title. The second way is to impress the organizers with your career record, performances, and super fights, which may result in you receiving an invitation. The third way is to win a gold medal in the ADCC trials/qualifying regional tournament.

Under 66kg division

We have a newcomer from Russia, Gairbek Ibragimov, who gained recognition for his victory over Fabricio Andre in the AIGE grappling promotion.

77kg Division

The ADCC 77kg division was filled with top-tier competitors like Oliver Taza, Davis Assari, Tarik Hopstock, and Natan Sap. However, it was Tommy Langaker, an ADCC Veteran from Norway, who emerged as the winner after securing 4 submissions in 6 matches. Langaker’s improved performance this year on the mats suggests that he could be a real threat in the ADCC 77kg division.

88kg Division

In first place, Taylor Pearman from England won all six of his matches, six of which were won by leg locks. Pearman had an outstanding performance throughout the tournament, which included a submission against the favorite Adam Wardzinski in the semi-final round.

+99kg Division

The champion here came out to be the Scottish BJJ brown belt and world champion in powerlifting Mark Macquen.

Womens Divisions

At under 55 kilos, Margot Ciccarelli from Italy showcased her improved No-Gi skills with a dominant performance, defeating ADCC veteran Julia Maele in the Semi-Finals.

Aurélie Le Vern, weighing below 65 kilos, became the first person to represent French Guiana at the World Championships. This was just three weeks after she won gold at the IBJJF European Championships.

At the trials, Nia Blackman from the UK won gold in the over 65 kilos category. She is a brown belt but already one of Europe’s rising stars.

Panel picture of Gold medalists with their names and profile pictures at the European, Middle East and African ADCC trials 2024 in Zagreb, Croatia.

The confirmed invitees for the ADCC 2024 World Championship

Cover picture of ADCC 2024 world championships competitors.

66kg Division:

Diogo Reis(Brazil), Owen Jones(England), Dorian Olivarez(USA), Ethan Thomas(Australia) and Gairbek Ibragimov(Russia)

77kg Division:

Kade Ruotolo(USA), Jozef Chen(South Africa), Elijah Dorsey(USA), Kenta Iwamoto(Japan) and Tommy Langaker(Norway)

88kg Division:

Giancarlo Bodoni(USA), Santeri Lilius(Finland), Jacob Couch(USA), Izaak Michelle(Australia) and Taylor Pearman(England)

99kg Division:

Kaynan Duarte(Brazil), Luke Griffith(South Africa), Paul Ardilla(USA), Declan Moody(Australia) and Marcin Maciulewicz(Poland)

+99kg Division:

Gordon Ryan(USA), Heikki Jussila, Dan Manasoiu(USA), Josh Saunders(Australia) and Mark Macqueen(Scotland)


Yuri Simões(Brazil)

Female Athletes:

Ffion Davies(Wales) under 60kg, Amy Campo(USA) over 60kg, Margot Ciccarelli(Italy) for 55kg, Aurélie Le Vern(French Guiana) for below 65kg and Nia Blackman(UK) over 65kg.


Except for athletes, it is worth mentioning the name Dima Murovanni, BJJ coach of 4 ADDC 2024 trial medalists:Margot Ciccarelli, Marcin Maciulewicz, Taylor Pearman and Jozef Chen.

Dima Murovanni a brazilian jiu-jitsu coach with his 4 students and ADDC 2024 trial golden medalists Margot Ciccarelli, Marcin Maciulewicz, Taylor Pearman and Jozef Chen.
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