Highlights: Watch Mica Galvao’s Stellar Fashion Return At Europeans 2024

Highlights: Watch Mica Galvao's Stellar Fashion Return At Europeans 2024
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After being suspended for a year Mica Galvao made a triumphant return at Euros 2024. He secured the title of 2024 Jiu Jitsu European Champion after a series of highly challenging matches.

In the video below where Galvao’s Euros highlights are shown, he shares his experience and strategies which were changing frequently during the matches. He shares how he managed to adapt his mid-fight strategies to turn the tide. At one point he decided to transition from attacking the opponent’s back to targeting the arm cause he figured out that his opponent was “hard on the neck”. Galvao Emphasized the importance of adaptability in matches and the need to swiftly change strategies to win against his opponents.

In the semifinals, Galvao described how he managed to respond very quickly to the opponent’s tactic while evading several submission attempts. At the same time, he explains how he managed to counter the attacks with the submission of his own for the win.

In the finals, Mica faced Andy whom he never fought before. Galvao expressed excitement about his opponent while stating he knew the fight was going to end in a quick submission from any side. He said he knew they were all just going fo attack and there was no way the fight would go to distance.

After a short but intense match, Galvao was the one to earn the victory via armbar submission earned him the title of European Champion.

Check out the highlights in the video below:

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