Mikey Musumeci Challenges Kade Ruotolo in Historic Title Fight

Mikey Musumeci Challenges Kade Ruotolo in Historic Title Fight
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In one of the most anticipated matchups currently possible in the world of Jiu-Jitsu, we have the clash between two undefeated titans, Mikey Musumeci and Kade Ruotolo. The bout is scheduled for September 6th at the Ball Arena in Denver, Colorado.

Darth Rigatoni, Mikey Musumeci’s nickname in ONE Championship, has already notched up 6 consecutive victories against more or less elite opponents. But what Mikey is aiming for now are two belts in two weight classes that couldn’t be further apart. In this showdown, Mikey is prepared to move up three weight classes to challenge Kade Ruotolo for the ONE belt.

On the other hand, Kade Ruotolo is the current lightweight champion of ONE with an impressive score of 6-0 and at just 21 years old. Being the youngest ADCC champion ever, his skill is unquestionable at any given moment. Additionally, unlike Mikey, he’s accustomed to shaving weight to meet the challenge posed by Mikey.

Given that both fighters are at the pinnacle of the Jiu-Jitsu sport and practically untouchable in ONE, we can say that this matchup is a spectacle even before the fight itself. And it’s safe to predict that the fight itself will be one of the biggest spectacles in grappling history to date.

What’s certain is that fans eagerly anticipate this bout and the moment when Ruotolo and Musumeci will face each other on the big stage, thereby making history. For all updates regarding this fight, you can find them on onefc.com, the official website of ONE Championship.

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