Top 6 Exercises Andre Galvao Uses to Improve His Jiu-Jitsu

Andre Galvao strength workout for jiu jtisu
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Despite being an excellent athlete in Jiu-Jitsu, Andre Galvao’s muscularity and physical strength are in enviable shape even at the age of 38.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Andre Galvao?

OK, some weird things have happened to Andre lately, as an altercation with Gordon Ryan and a slap, but the first thing that comes to my mind when we think of him is that he’s almost invincible in grappling, and then his physical appearance, muscle, and strength.

Shortly after he became the Black Belt in BJJ, he competed in the categories up to -77 kg, and after that, he became a heavyweight who competes up to 94 kg, and after 2016 in the +100 kg divisions.

While many will say that “juicing” is responsible for his form, we still think that, in any case, a lot of workouts are the key to his strength and power.

In the video below Andre explains his 6 main exercises that are the key to his strength together with the Electrum Performance coach. Andre also explains why he loves those exercises for Jiu-Jitsu

  • Front Squats

“What I like from this exercise is that you work with your quads, your lower back, posture, and core. This is something that I use in order to finish a takedown or having a good posture inside of the closed guard. Also, to have a good posture while I’m passing the guard. Not only that, the legs are important when you play guard as well.”

  • Sandbag Carries

You can lift any kind of object with this exercise. In the case of a sandbag, it works on your overall strength, and especially on isometric squeezing power.

  • Negative Pull-Ups

“This exercise really helps my grips. You grab the bar, step up, and you’ll work only on your way down. Super slow with a really strong core. Every time I do this exercise I feel like my grips are getting really strong.”

  • Deficit Reverse Lunges

As squatting is really important in grappling this exercise will go further into hip flexion while working on your glutes at longer lengths.

  • Clean Pull

“You pull and let the weight go down. The thing that I like about this exercise is that you work with your legs, your core, your lower back, and your pull.” As you can see every workout that I do work with my grips.”

  • Bench Press

“In Jiu-Jitsu we press toward our legs, and over our heads, but the normal bench press will get you stronger in both ways. When somebody is in side control I need to press and explode to escape. I need a press to get my underhook, so we always need the press.”

Andre Galvao’s famous quote:

“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.”

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